Requirements for Civil Marriage: with a Foreigner, Step by Step and MORE

All decisions made throughout life are important, however, the decision to marry is one of the most radical. In this article, all the Requirements for Civil Marriage.

It is important that a special place be assigned for that important moment, that is why this content shows the best places for the ceremony to take place, and you can also obtain more information about civil marriage.

Requirements for Civil Marriage

The Civil marriage It is very important and at the legal level it is the only valid one. The requirements to carry out this act are much simpler than those needed for a symbolic marriage. These are documents that contain personal information, details, permits are also requested, and other requirements requested by the notary.

Below are the Necessary requirements for civil marriage:

Requirements for getting married for the first time

This section lists the Requirements requested to carry out the marriage by civil for those who are getting married for the first time. Each of them is shown below in this list:

  • Each of the parties must provide personal data and official identity document, with a copy.
  • Document that proves that both parties are single.
  • Some document certifying that the marriage is not being carried out by force, but that it is carried out voluntarily.
  • The request of the notary.

These requirements are important and must be recorded, otherwise it may cause a delay in the process or the cancellation of the marriage act. Once the process is complete, the date for the ceremony will be assigned, it is very important to be on time.

Requirements for marriage with minors

In Colombia it is possible to marriage between minors or the case that any of the parties is a minor. Applies only to people between 14 and 17 years of age.

If the marriage to be carried out is in this category, it is necessary that the minor party has permission from their legal representatives, that is, both parents (legitimate, extramarital or adoptive) must agree to the act of marriage.

The Requirements for Civil Marriage are mentioned below:

  • Requirements mentioned above.
  • Document that certifies the authorization of the legal representative.

Requirements for civil marriage with one of the absent parties

In the event that the marriage is to be carried out with one of the two parties absent, that is, unable to attend the act, it is necessary for the person who is absent to present a power of attorney before a notary public, proving that the person is getting married Of their own free will, and not by obligation, other requirements must also be entered, such as:

  • Requirements mentioned for marriage for the first time.
  • Document proving the fault and stating that the act is carried out of its own accord.
  • Singleness certificate, if applicable.

Requirements for marriage a second time

In the event that a person is to marry for the second time, it is necessary that in addition to providing the main requirements, include those that are presented in the following list:

  • Present the birth certificate of the previous spouse.
  • Certificate of first marriage.
  • Divorce certificate.
  • In the event that the former spouse has died, you must provide his or her death certificate.

It is important to comply with the Requirements for Civil Marriage.

Requirements to marry a foreigner

To carry out a wedding with a foreign person, it is essential that the parties provide the following requirements for civil marriage:

  • Present the birth certificate of the Colombian party.
  • The foreigner must provide the birth certificate, duly apostilled. If you have another language, you must submit the corresponding translation.
  • Corresponding entry permit or visa.
  • Also present the passport and identity card.

The documents presented should not be issued for less than three months. It is important to meet each of these requirements, in order to carry out the marriage without complications.

Requirements for marriage, if you have children

There are two cases, children in common or children of another union. In the case of children in common, it is necessary that the interest to legitimize them be presented in the marriage application, and also include the birth certificate of each child.

When it comes to children of another union, the Solemn Inventory of Assets must be presented, to protect the assets of the children. In the event that the child is of legal age, they only need to present the birth certificate.

Solemn Inventory of Goods

This inventory has the purpose of protecting the assets of the children and can be managed in two ways, the first is with a Family Judge, where a lawyer is in charge of making the corresponding request. It can also be done through a notarial procedure, where the notary makes the request before the judge.

Sites in Colombia for Civil Marriage

Regardless of whether it is a civil or church marriage, the place to carry out the act is a very important factor. There is nothing more special than the wedding day, so it is important to choose the ideal place.

Among the Requirements for Civil Marriage, is the place of the wedding. Here are some of the best places to get married:

Barichara – Santander

If the couple has their tastes related to history and architecture, significant ancient sites, this place is the one for the wedding. This site was declared a cultural heritage of Colombia and It is the ideal place for the best experience with the love of your life.

It has beautiful landscapes for the best photo sessions, it also has many attractive places, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels where the guests and the couple can enjoy themselves in a great way.

Villa de Leyva – Boyacá

Another of the most beautiful and attractive places in Colombia, without a doubt, is Villa de Leyva, where the couple can enjoy a beautiful ceremony, in a place with a colonial appearance full of beautiful landscapes.

This place stands out for its romantic aspect, attracts many couples, and awakens romance in seconds. It is an ideal place if you want to carry out the wedding outdoors where the bride and groom and Guests will be able to have a great experience with love.

Pereira – Risaralda

Colombia is full of beautiful landscapes, lovely, attractive places and ideal for such special moments, such as marriage, whether for civil or church.

Pereira is a unique and special place, with a temperate climate, where people claim to get the best coffee in Colombia. It is full of mountains and valleys where you can have a great experience, it has cozy hotels, beautiful restaurants and other attractive places that will make your wedding a very special day.


Cartagena, It is one of the most attractive and touristic places in Colombia and Latin America, has great cultural riches and the most beautiful and special places to perform a marriage act.

If the bride and groom want their wedding to be truly unforgettable, this is the ideal place, it has exotic and colorful places, emblematic sites and famous architecture. It is important to note that Cartagena, It is part of the heritage of humanity.

Step by step for Civil Marriage in Colombia

One of the most important steps in life is to make the decision to get married and start a family, that is why it is very important to know how the process to get married in Colombia is carried out. Below are the steps that the bride and groom must follow to carry out a civil marriage:

  1. To begin, the bride and groom must make sure to collect the requirements.
  2. The bride and groom must contact the corresponding notary’s office and go to the notary.
  3. When they meet the notary public, they must draw up a document, where they must provide the personal data of each one.
  4. Must present each of the requested documents.
  5. Then they must choose a date for the marriage and follow the directions given to them.

For more information enter here.

What is a Civil Marriage?

Marriage is a union of two people through a type of formality or modality, where it is manifested that both become one or that they are tied to each other.

In this sense, civil marriage is the union of two people that is legally established and is valid in society and at the level of law. It is held before a judge in accordance with what is governed by civil law.

This significant act is registered in a document that has legal validity everywhere and despite the fact that symbolic marriage represents a very important act, before society the one that has the most value is the civil one.

To carry out this process, it is necessary for the bride and groom to comply with a series of steps or requirements established by law. In this act, marriage with a foreign person, divorced, with children in common or from another union or with a widowed person is allowed.

Follow the steps indicated in the content of the article for a successful civil marriage.


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