Requirements for Criminal Records: on the Validity, Importance and MORE

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Next we will talk about one of the most requested documents, to be able to carry out any other type of paperwork. One of the papers that can not be missing in the list of requirements to do travel or work errands. In this case we mention the requirements to obtain a criminal record in Argentina.

The criminal record are those requirements that you cannot miss, if you think about traveling and touring the world, so keep your concentration and write down the documents that you will need to get the papers or, you can also save the steps you must follow to request an appointment.

These and many more tips and advice, you can find them in the following words of the article. Therefore, stay reading the article and find the answer to many of your questions, about the requirements or steps what you should follow to get such an important document, such as a criminal record.

Criminal Record Requirements

How to get a criminal record is one of the most important procedures you should know.

This is due to the fact that this type of document is one of the most requested to carry out other types of procedures. Especially, if you think about traveling, you will need these papers

For this reason, requesting and obtaining this type of document is easy and simple.

In addition, it is a process accessible to all citizens Argentina, since the procedures for criminal records, which have been established, are very basic.

Inclusive, it is also accessible to people who do not have Argentine nationality, but they had been living in the country for a while

It should be noted that citizens who have the nationality of one of the Mercosur countries also have the same facility to get their papers, due to an agreement between the organization and the country.

So these criminal record requirements that you would need to have, to get the documents, are the following:

  • Be over 16 years of age, to apply for them.
  • Present your original ID, if you have Argentine nationality.
  • Likewise, you must present the original ID, if you do not have Argentine nationality, but do have one associated with the Mercosur countries.
  • Photocopy and original of the passport, if you are a foreigner and do not have a nationality associated with Mercosur.
  • Fill out and submit the background request form.
  • Deliver proof of payment, made by the procedure.

Nevertheless, if you are a minor, the procedures may vary a little:

  • Submit the original format of the birth certificate.
  • Be accompanied by one of the tutors, for the day of your appointment.
  • That same companion must also carry their ID.
  • In the case of presenting with a tutor, he must bring a document that endorses his tutoring.

Documents for the process

In addition to the requirements for criminal records, which will be requested to carry out this application, you must also provide the following documents:

  • A valid identity document, such as identity card, passport or certificate of nationality.
  • The application form for a Criminal Record Certificate.
  • In the case of being a foreigner with a nationality associated with Mercosur, you must present your DNI.

Finally, once you have these documents and the requirements for a criminal record ready, you can start with the application process.

How is the process to request a Criminal Record?

This process has been made very accessible and easy for the citizens of Argentina, since the process has been automated and is available via on-line.

However, the possibility of processing criminal records in person is still maintained; for what you have at your fingertips three modalities to obtain the antecedents.

Face-to-face form
  1. Check if there is a National Recidivism Registry office near your home.
  2. Request a turn of attention through the website or go directly to the headquarters.
It is important to note that you have to schedule an appointment before, so that you can process your diligence.
Via online with AFIP code
  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Access the AFIP website and enter with your data.
  3. Click on «My services».
  4. Adhere service «National Recidivism Registry».
  5. Select the service «Administrator of Fiscal Code Relationships».
  6. Complete the National Recidivism Registry form.
  7. Specify the urgency with which you need to complete the procedure.
  8. Choose the payment method.
  9. You will receive an Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP) in your email.
  10. Make the payment of the procedure.
  11. Once the payment has been made and the period of time you have specified (step 7) has expired, you will receive an email with the link to download the document.
Via online with Banelco
  1. Enter the website of National Registry of Residence.
  2. Validate your email, before proceeding with the process.
  3. An email will come to your account. (Check the Spam, if you can’t find it the first time).
  4. In that email there will be a form which you must fill out with your personal data.
  5. When you have answered the form, you will receive another email with the steps to pay for the procedure.
  6. After the payment is made. You will receive a third email.
  7. This email will have the link, with which you can download the criminal record.

Requirements for Criminal Records: Validity

The validity of the criminal record is variable, since it depends on what you need it for.

In the first instance, this document only It is valid for five (5) days, after it is issued.

Nevertheless, this validity may change depending on the establishment where you are going to present it.

There are institutions or procedures that request the criminal record with a maximum age of 3 months, so in these cases, its validity is greater.

Therefore, the validity of the background will depend on the institution, that is, a document that you have taken 2 months ago is useful for some procedures, while for other proceedings, you will need a more recent criminal record.

What is a Criminal Record?

We have spent much of the article talking about the requirements for a criminal record, its validity or its process, but we have not yet dedicated a few words to explain what a criminal record is. So, below we will explain what the criminal record is about.

A criminal record is a proof of all the convictions to which you have been sentenced. That is, it serves as a record of all the cases or crimes to which you have been convicted.

Likewise, it also serves to register or verify that you have not been convicted to no sentence. These types of documents are requested to travel or process many errands, since it is a measure to analyze your attitude.

What is its Importance?

Mainly, the criminal record serves as a verification certificate, to verify the absence of criminal charges against or, on the contrary, to show the existence of criminal charges.

Likewise, it is a document required to carry out many procedures, especially those that are going to be carried out to leave the country.

These papers are also requested when you want to get a job, especially if it is in the area of ​​health, education and security.

In conclusion, the criminal record is an indispensable document for citizens, since They are the key to being able to process other types of legal processes. In addition, they also serve as a kind of certification to verify your criminal conduct, and check if you have received a sentence or not.

Likewise, they are very easy to obtain documents, since you only need an identity document to be able to request them. Likewise, they are also some papers that foreigners can take out, even if they do not have Argentine nationality.

Now, another thing that is worth highlighting is the validity of the documents, since, officially have a duration of five (5) days, but unofficially, for other institutions, it can have a duration of three (3) months.

Finally, if you are interested in obtaining this type of document, you should gather the requirements for obtaining a criminal record and continue with the process of the procedure.

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