Requirements for Ecuadorian Nationality: Steps, Costs and MORE

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Most of the nationality procedures are long, tedious and confusing processes; since many diligences must be carried out and be aware of a large number of legal documents. For that reason, to make your task a little easier, we gathered information on the subject and wrote this article on the Requirements for Ecuadorian Nationality, which we hope can be of great help to you.

In the following lines you will find information and data on the costs involved in processing Ecuadorian nationality and the steps to be followed to complete the procedure. In addition, we present some aspects that you should consider, once you have finished with the process. Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining the nationality of this country, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What are the Requirements for Ecuadorian Nationality?

The first step to carry out the process is to know the requirements for Ecuadorian nationality. When you know the documents with which you must comply, it becomes easier for you to develop yourself in the development of obtaining nationality.

Now, before starting to develop the information of the article, it is important to highlight that this process only applies to foreign citizens, with a certain time of residence in the country, who want to have Ecuadorian nationality. If that is your case, these are the first requirements that you should have at your disposal:

  • You must have a turn for the Naturalization process, which you must generate through the website of the Foreign Ministry of Ecuador.
  • Count on him Nationality Application Form by Naturalization Letter. The same must be requested and completed in the respective Zonal Coordination.
  • Have a active and continuous residence of at least three years in the country.
  • You cannot have been absent from the country for a maximum period of 180 days per year, during each of the first three years after the residential VISA is issued.
  • Have 18 years old.
  • In the case of minors, they must count and have the consent of legal representatives (They can be your parents or legal guardians, depending on each case).
  • Birth certificate original (It must be apostilled or legalized and translated -if applicable to the case-).
  • In special cases, you must have the supplementary proof of filiation or birth.
  • An identity document or passport that validates the Residence VISA.
  • Have knowledge of patriotic symbols from Ecuador.
  • Count on the criminal record of the last five years (They must be apostilled or legalized and translated -if applicable to the case-).
  • Have the Updated Migration Movement at the same time as the date on which the nationality application was submitted.
  • Exhibit in the process interview the reasons why you want to acquire Ecuadorian nationality.
  • Present a document that validates the means and income you receive in the country, to be able to live in Ecuador.
Legal Means Verification Documents

You must present these documents to verify the legal means with which you stay in the country.

  • Record of bank accounts for the last six months.
  • Record of credit cards for the last six months.
  • Property titles or receipt of payment for Property Tax.
  • Certificate of vehicle registration (Updated).
  • Certificate that proves affiliation to the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute.
  • Single Taxpayers Registry (Copy).
  • Employment contract (If the case applies).

Steps to Apply for Ecuadorian Nationality

Once you know the requirements for Ecuadorian nationality, and you have met and complied with each one of them, it is time to go on to the process of making the request to obtain nationality.

This process, as we said at the beginning of the article, is a bit long and becomes tedious for some; but it is what you have to do, if you want to have the nationality of the South American country.

So the steps you need to take to apply for Ecuadorian nationality are as follows:

  1. You should submit the nationality application By Letter of Naturalization in the Directorate of Documentation and Archives, together with all the documents previously explained.
  2. Pay the processing fee respective to the application for naturalization.
  3. A report on your immigration status to the Directorate of Immigration, by the Directorate of Legal Advice.
  4. Request authorization to publish an extract of the application, in a national newspaper and for three consecutive days.
  5. Then you’re going to have to collect the pages of the newspapers in which said authorization appears, to later deliver them to the General Directorate of Legal Advice.
  6. If during the process, any of the documents that you have delivered expired, you must update and redeliver them.
  7. When the resolution of the application is issued, you will have to pay $ 800 dollars.
  8. Finally, an appointment will be scheduled in which you must present the oath of rigor and receive the Certificate of Naturalization (You must have two witnesses of legal age to sign the minute book).

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Processing Costs for Ecuadorian Nationality

This type of immigration and identity procedures, normally, usually have an amount to be paid in order to carry out the procedure. In the case of obtaining nationality by naturalization letter, you will have to pay several times of the process, to be able to be an Ecuadorian citizen.

However, there are two main payments you must make to start with the process and finish with it. These charges are as follows:

  • Pay the naturalization application fee for $ 50 US dollars.
  • At the end of the naturalization process, you must pay an amount of $ 750 US dollars.

Note: In the following cases a exemption in the mentioned payments:

  • 50% exemption for the elderly.
  • 100% exemption for people who have a disability equal to or greater than 30%.

On the other hand, during the development of the process there is another payment that you must make, in order to continue obtaining Ecuadorian nationality. This amount to be canceled is as follows:

  • Publication of an extractor of the application for naturalization, in a national newspaper for several days. (Cost of $ 400 USD).

In conclusion, if we add each of these figures, we obtain that you must cancel a total of $ 1,200 USD, in order to carry out the process of obtaining Ecuadorian nationality by naturalization letter.

It can be a high amount, but if you are interested in obtaining the nationality of a country as beautiful as Ecuador, canceling the amount is the least of it.

Who can apply for Ecuadorian Nationality?

A question that arises regarding the issue of naturalization is the concern about who can be granted this benefit. For that reason, in this article on Requirements for Ecuadorian Nationality, we decided to clarify that doubt.

The conditions that allow a foreign citizen to obtain foreign nationality are very simple and not very complicated:

  • Being a foreign person who decided to settle in Ecuador. (You must adopt the country as your tax domicile).
  • Foreign citizens with a permanent residence of at least three years as of the date of filing the application for naturalization.

Aspects to Consider After the Process

A mistake that is usually made regarding the issue of naturalization is to think that the process is over, when you receive the citizenship certificate and cancel the amount stipulated by law. This is not the case. After you finish with the nationality process, there are a number of aspects that you should take into consideration.

In order not to make you panic or stress over the subject, we will introduce you to some of those aspects that you should take into account, once you finish the naturalization process. Said aspects are the following:

  • First, you should know that entering the naturalization application does not guarantee its approval.
  • You are not obliged to renounce your original nationality, you can have both at the same time.
  • In the event that the request is denied, the amounts paid for the process are not returned.
  • If any document that you have to deliver to start the process is in another language, it must be translated and apostilled as appropriate.
  • On the other hand, your naturalization process can be canceled, if the State discovers that the process was done under suspicious or fraudulent conditions.
  • The State can reserve the right of naturalization, if a person has a contagious or chronic dangerous disease.
  • The entire procedure is through a face-to-face modality.

What is it?

The naturalization process is usually a very common among foreign citizens of a country, but maybe you still don’t know what it’s about. If so, then we will explain a little about the subject.

To begin with, the process of obtaining a nationality is about legally acquiring, in the eyes of the law, the distinction of belonging to a country other than the country of birth.

In some cases, you must renounce your old nationality to possess the new one; but in Ecuador this is not the case. That is to say, you can get both nationalities.

Therefore, if you have been living in Ecuador for a long time, it may be time to gather the requirements for Ecuadorian nationality and enter your request, to have access to all the benefits that Ecuadorian citizens have


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