Requirements for Essalud Insurance: Steps, Costs and MORE

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Enjoying a private and family health insurance is the desire of many, you can learn more about it, then read the Requirements for Essalud Insurance.

In this article you will learn more about Essalud Insurance, since in many cases workers do not have the necessary information to be able to enjoy the benefits of being an affiliate.

The Essalud insurance provides health care, social promotion, among other aids. It seeks to improve the health of many members, through the numerous assistance centers it has throughout the country.

What are the Requirements for Essalud Insurance?

Being insured allows you to enjoy a comprehensive care, ranging from the medical treatment of a simple flu condition to symptoms of diseases such as cancer, kidney failure and emergencies of all kinds.

Hence the importance of being affiliated, the Requirements for Essalud Insurance, are the ones mentioned below:

  • Present the DNI or immigration card valid.
  • Do the filling of the Form N ° 1010 called Unique Registration Form, it must not have amendments or erasures.
  • You must accept the conditions contract.
  • The owner must sign the contract.

Who can join the Essalud Insurance?

Within the Requirements for Essalud Insurance, It must be clear who can be insured and who must make the corresponding affiliation.

Any citizen who is a resident of Peru, both national and foreign, without any age limit can be part of the Essalud Insurance. Essentially independent workers such as professionals, technicians, merchants, artists, transporters, among others and their dependents.

Also, university students, practicing any other entrepreneur, who is not affiliated with the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) or the Essalud insurance through an employer.

The following are those who can be affiliated with Seguro Essalud:

  • The headline that should be adult.
  • He too spouse or concubine.
  • The minor children old.
  • Children of legal age who are permanently and totally disabled for work.

Steps to Insurance

Following with the Requirements for Essalud Insurance, It is important to know what are the steps to follow for those people who have not yet made the affiliation to the Seguro Essalud effective.

Here are the corresponding steps to independent workers:

  • You must do the download, filling the Form N ° 1010, you must subscribe the form.
  • Download the Contract.
  • Perform the Application for membership in the Essalud Offices or at the MAC Centers.
  • Submit the signed Form No. 1010 and attach the identity document.
  • Subsequently, an Affidavit of Health is delivered to you that must be filled out and signed.
  • It is up to you now make the first contribution. You must go to any agency or branch of the InterBank or Banco de la Nación banks and either through mobile banking or internet banking, the agents in the branches and agencies and at the customer service windows in person.

In the case of dependent workersThey must make sure that their employer registered it properly and is making the contributions correctly. You can do it as follows:

  • Initially, you must go to the Assistance Department Social of the company where he works.
  • Then ienter the Web page of Essalud.
  • Go online to the link «Consultations» and enter the names and surnames of the insured.

Essalud Insurance Costs

Continuing with the Requirements for Essalud Insurance, Whether you have mentioned what corresponds to the affiliation to the Seguro Essalud, now it is time to review the costs associated with the affiliation.

If you were working on a dependent basis and in the company the employer made your affiliation as is the duty, however, your employment contract was not renewed where you had the insurance together with the family members.

Likewise, you can continue to enjoy the services of the Essalud insurance, you can do so by enrolling in the Potential Insurance.

However, the amounts that must be paid for membership are subject to the age of the member. The membership amounts are as follows:

  • From 0 to 17 years of age are 137 Suns.
  • Those between 18 and 29 years of age are 132 Soles.
  • Likewise, 30 to 59 years of age are 138 Suns.
  • From the age of 60 they are 215 Suns.

Once the first contribution has been made, you are already covered for any emergency. But, keep in mind that you have to wait three months for medical assistance to be covered.

Essalud Insurance Coverage

Following with the Requirements for Essalud Insurance, It is important to know what the Essalud Insurance coverage is.

The holder and the family group that are affiliated to the regular insurance can make use of the coverage after three months of having started with the contributions.

It is an insurance that covers outpatient medical care, immunizations, hospitalizations, medicines and medical supplies, essential orthopedic devices and rehabilitation services.

It has the coverage of maternity expenses, care of the pregnant woman, delivery care, care of the mother until after 42 days of delivery and care of the newborn.

If an accident occurs, both the owner and the family group can be cared for from the first month of contributions. The Essalud insurance has five types of coverage and these are the following:

  • The Regular Insurance, which is for workers dependent on a formal company and their family group. It is a coverage that is also aimed at pensioners.
  • Optional Insurance, is the one indicated for all those people and independent workers who can make contributions independently.
  • Also, there is the Complementary Risk Work Insurance, This insurance is indicated for those workers who perform high-risk jobs and who may have accidents at work.
  • Likewise, the Agricultural Insurance, This type of insurance is for those workers who carry out cultivation and / or breeding activities, agroindustrial or aquaculture, poultry. This insurance is not for workers in the forestry industry.
  • There is also the Accident insurance, It is the personal accident insurance that allows you to have compensation in the event of death or partial or permanent disability. This insurance against accidents is for those insured regular, agricultural and optional.

What is it?

Essalud is Peru’s Social Health Insurance. It is a contributory insurance that is aimed at Peruvian citizens who are meeting certain conditions.

It is an insurance that provides the promotion, recovery, rehabilitation, prevention services, economic benefits and social benefits.

Insurance Essalud is a decentralized public body which has legal personality under public law, is attached to the Labor and Social Promotion Sector.

It is an insurance that seeks to safeguard the well-being of members and their family group, protecting them against unexpected situations.

It is an institution committed to providing comprehensive care to the needs of the insured, in search of the universalization of social security in health. It offers quality and efficient care to achieve the well-being of its members.

It has 385 assistance centers throughout the country, forms a hospital network with the capacity to solve various medical conditions.

It has modern facilities, high-tech equipment, in addition to having excellent training of medical personnel.

All of the above facilitate the timely detection and effective treatment of serious or complex diseases.

The entity is in search of expanding coverage by promoting the registration of workers to regular insurance, so that a greater number of Peruvians enjoy the benefits.

Currently, the affiliation of active workers is mandatory dependents, domestic workers, members of worker cooperatives, pensioners, and artisanal processors.

After reading the Requirements for Essalud Insurance, you already know the benefits of joining the Essalud insurance, Enroll now and do not wait to start working in a company to become an insured.


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