Requirements for Family Allowance: per Child, Documents and MORE

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This article reflects the Requirements for Family Allowance . That is why I know they will answer all the questions, to this issue so important for people Take note!

What are the Requirements for Family Allowance?

In April, a resolution No. 75 was implemented, which renewed the amounts, caps and category to access the benefit of family allowances. In addition, the amount of the salary of the relatives, the Family Group Income (IGF) is established, which is intended to be the result of the earnings of the people who make up the family (mother-father).

  1. The income can be accessed by people who work in dependent way.
  2. The citizen can acquire it through the retirement and pension allowance.
  3. The presence of the amount established through unemployment benefits stands out.
  4. Have them social programs.
  5. Contain the contributory benefits or not of any nature.
  6. The benefit for people who work independently, monotributista and domestic work.

Household income is as follows:

  1. Minimum income of $ 5,352.24
  2. Maximum income of $ 155,328

As of March, if the person complies with belonging to that income ceiling and with the current family information to receive the family allowances again. He must renew the wolf record of both parents and add the salary receipt in case of observing any pension benefit or work in a dependent manner.

It is important to note that family income must be requested by a single entity and by one of the parents.

What are the documents to present?

With having the Requirements for Family Allowance, You will have to collect a series of documents that will be explained below:

  1. Attach the document of the sworn declaration of the incomes. It must be fully signed by both parents. In the event that one of them works on a dependent or pension basis, they have to add the current salary and the following.
  2. Must attach legible and authenticated copy of the birth certificates with their respective ID, date of birth and CUIL with the information of minors up to 18 years of age.
  3. Demonstrate the marital status adding authenticated copy, coexistence document, marriage certificate, divorce decree or death certificate. In the case that it is separated, attach a collection license.
  4. Work history, negative certification, RUB, document of Cuna ex SUAF of both (ask for it in the ANSES)
  5. If the citizen has a child with disability, you must deliver the Resolution of the collection permit that grants it in ANSES.

Requirements for Family Allowance: Per Child

The requirements for family allowance per child are as follows:

  1. The income of the parents, both individually and as a family group, must be within the limit minimum and maximum updated. If you do not know where you are, you can access this link from ANSES.
  2. Children must be under 18 years, there is no age range for children with disabilities.

Necessary documents

  1. The citizen must attach the document that demonstrates the respective affidavit of family salary adding an original copy of the child’s birth certificate, ID and CUIT-CUIL document.
  2. Certificate regarding the work history of both (negative certification, RUB and CUNA document).
  3. In the event that the citizen or the mother of their child works in a dependent manner or receives a pension benefit, they will have to show the proof of having a current pension from the trade site and the detail of CUNA (Ex Suaf).
  4. Demonstrate the marital status, attaching the original copy of coexistence, marriage certificate, death certificate, separation, etc.

Requirements for Family Allowance: Benefits

  1. The benefit is kept up to date when workers continue to meet the requirements for family allowance.
  2. Workers can access the benefit according to their dependency, monotributistas, retirees with children under 18 years of age or disabled people.
  3. Citizens who aspire to the pension Honorary as a veteran of War may aspire to the benefit.
  4. Workers who are collecting through an insurance company Work Risk.
  5. Citizens who collect unemployment benefit.
  6. With the household allowance can help meet the needs of your family.
  7. The first people to acquire the money are those with non-contributory pensions.
  8. Parents who receive the child allowance and family salary (SUAF) perceive the benefit right then and there.

How to collect the Family Allowance?

To collect family allowances it depends on the case requested on the page ANSES. In the case of accessing the family allowance per child, the steps are as follows:

  1. The procedure is performed in person and in turn.
  2. Show your personal data. That is, review your information that is current in ANSES or to verify you can call 130. In the event that the data is not updated, you should only bring to the ANSES office, the document of the marriage or cohabitation certificate and the ID of each person that makes up your family.
  3. Then you will have to request an appointment and attend the institution ANSES with the established documents.
  4. To aspire to a shift you can request it through its website ANSES.
  5. There are two shift options which are: workers and retirees.
  6. In both you must fill in your information such as: your CUIL data and write the security code that they show you and it will give you to continue and it will arrive when you will have to attend.

ANSES Credits for Family Child Allowance

To access the ANSES credit, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Login to ANSES web portal. In the case of not having class you can create it at the moment.
  2. The citizen must update their information such as: email, telephone and residence.
  3. Go to the ANSES credit option and then click on request loans that will be displayed on the left side of the menu.
  4. Complete the procedure by entering your ID number.
  5. Add the credit amount, select the quantity and you will be given the option calculate To verify the chosen quotas, then click the continue button and continue what the system tells you.
  6. You must accept the conditions and give it in the accept button to complete the process.
  7. When the process has been completed, you will be able to view the entered record. The credit will be reflected in your corresponding bank, at least 5 business days having completed the application.

It is important to note that the parts of the following months; April, May and June will not be subtracted before March 25, 2020. People who have not applied for a loan will be able to apply for it in the normal way, people who have valid credit will have to wait until June to apply for a new one .


  1. The citizen can aspire to the amount from $ 1,000 to $ 12,000 through 24 or 36 parts for each assignment you establish (maximum 5 children).
  2. The loan cannot exceed 20% of the monthly value of the established allocation.
  3. The credit is transferred to the bank account where you carry out your transactions, you must do so at least 5 business days.
  4. The citizen can simulate the quota by accessing the ANSES web portal, then clicking on the credit option and at the end, clicking on the simulator button of quotas.
  5. In which case have a credit, you can check how many installments you have reflected through the ANSES page.

What is the Family Allowance?

The family allowance is a contribution for dependent workers, pensioners among others, who meet the requirements for family allowance established by law. That is, it is also assigning an amount of assets for people who are salaried so that they can meet the needs of the family group.

The family allowance is part of the National Administration of Social Security in charge of the state, so that they can cover the basic needs of society.

They are amounts that are paid in a non-remunerative manner, that is, no discount is made through social work or pension plans.If you meet the requirements for assignment family, do not leave until the last minute to carry out the established procedures.

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