Requirements for Food Card: how to know if it applies to you and MORE

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In this article you will find information about the Food Card, With which it is sought that the most needy families have access to healthy and essential food for a balanced diet as well as the improvement of their income.

You are going to know the Requirements for Food Card. Each of the families who acquire this card can buy a wide variety of food and beverages and bring a great benefit.

This purchasing instrument is important and benefits many families in the Argentine nation, that is why we invite you to stay reading this content.

Requirements for Food Card: how to know if it applies to you and MORE

The food card arises as a result of the Argentine plan against hunger devised by the president ALBERTO FERNÁNDEZThis Argentine plan against hunger implies the strengthening and promotion of access to the Basic Food Basket and is one of the first economic measures taken during this government. as an instrument of economic aid to people in a precarious situation by being able to access the purchase of food.

What are the Food Card Requirements?

This card is assigned to when crossing the databases by the (ANSES) National Administration of Social Security and the provinces (AUH), which means that people should NOT do any type of procedure or process to obtain it, that is, people should not gather in themselves a series of food card requirements rather, when the crossing between the two platforms is made, the people who will be awarded the respective food card will be selected.

This card is delivered in phases in each and every one of the Argentine provinces. It should be noted that in all deliveries of the food card a nutrition course is carried out and permanent monitoring is carried out with the mother.

You can buy soft drinks with the food card. What is not allowed is the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

The ANSES, is the entity in charge of sending, via e-mail or text message to the cell phone, the notification of this benefit to each person who has been selected, indicating in the same, the date, time and place in which they must attend the delivery of the card. ANSES is also the entity where interested persons should check whether their credential has already been managed or not.

The Ministry of Social SecurityHe notified that the food card will be delivered through the Argentine Mail, this measure was taken as a precaution against the pandemic or plague of the coronavirus also known as covic 19.

The measure was established after the provisions announced by the Government to reduce the spread of this virus, as it seeks to avoid crowds and contact between people.

What can you buy with the Food Card?

The food card offers people and families to buy and acquire food, being able to access 13 sectors or areas of the basic food basket, where meats, fruits and vegetables stand out. It is important to clarify that the purchase of alcoholic beverages is not allowed.

In this sense, it is an easy and simple way to buy food, for all the beneficiaries.

Who receives it?

This card It is aimed at people with low economic resources so that they can access the basic food basket, or better said, basic necessities, priority for life.

This card allows certain people such as:

  • Pregnant from 3 months.
  • People who collect allowances for children up to 6 years of age.
  • The disabled who also charge the allowance per child without age limit.

To find out if the food card corresponds or not, people can consult by calling the information center of the Ministry of Social Security at the number: 0800-222-3294 where they will know to give you more information about whether or not this card corresponds to you and they can guide or guide you about the withdrawal of the same, if it has been granted, so they also notify you of the bank branch where you must go to make said withdrawal or if, on the contrary, the amount will be credited to the AUH.

What benefits does the Card offer you

The food card offers a variety of benefits or advantages, which allow the Argentine family to have a better quality of life. Each of them are presented below:

  • This card mainly benefits disabled people, pregnant women and mothers with children under 5 years of age.
  • The person who acquires it, should not carry out any process to have it, but it is granted.
  • Purchases made through the food card will be monitored to provide advice to the person and family group regarding their nutrition.
  • Among others

What is the food card?

The food card is as its name indicates a debit card, it is the aid supplement that is aimed at the mostly low-income people as a way of shoveling the economic situation they are going through.

This card strengthens access to the basic food basket. In short, the food card is a temporary instrument that is provided to families throughout the national territory in the event of a food and nutritional emergency for a specified time.

How does it work?

To know how the food card works and also some characteristics of it, we invite you to read the following list, with some of them:

  1. When a pregnant woman is in her third month of gestation, she must enter and register in the system in order to obtain the benefit and when her son or daughter turns seven, they are automatically suspended from the system.
  2. The card is issued directly at the headquarters of the Bank corresponding to each province.
  3. The beneficiary must issue the personal identity document, original DNI, to prove their identity, because only the beneficiary himself can withdraw the card
  4. You cannot manage the withdrawal of cash from it.
  5. Poop third Friday of each month, the card will automatically recharge.

Where can the card be used?

This card can be used in any trade, fair or popular market, warehouse, supermarket, that has a posnet (means of payment). An application or app is also established to make purchases through the cell phone.

The amount that each beneficiary will receive will be:

  1. for those who have more than one child under 6 years of age $ 4,000.
  2. for parents with only one child under the age of 6, and $ 6,000.

What if I can’t get the food card?

When a person benefiting from the food card For some reason you do not withdraw your card, you are credited with more than one payment, for which the balance of said card accumulates, that is, it is never lost.

Where do I report the theft or loss of the Alimentaria card?

In the event that the card is lost or stolen, the holders or beneficiaries must request a replacement from the issuing bank. To do this, you need to get an appointment at the bank. If you wish to do so, you can contact the following telephones: Banco Provincia (011) -4379-3333, Nuevo Banco del Chaco 0800-999-6224 or 0800-222-6224, Banco Nation 0810 666 4444.

Where to report irregularities?

Any fault or irregularity must be reported to the holder of the food card, the offices of the Ombudsman and the Consumer Defense offices of the municipalities or the public prosecutor’s office of each place must report.

What is the scope of the Food Card?

East food card benefit it has a reach of approximately two million children throughout the country. It provides a wide coverage, benefiting a large part of the families of Argentina.

To learn more about this card, you can access the following link, by clicking here.

Visit GESTIONALO.NET Argentina

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