Requirements for Freight Transportation: for the Vehicle, Insurance and MORE

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Next you are given the tools so that the load can be delivered on time and without inconvenience, in this article a series of rules are shown with which you can achieve it and so that without problems on the roads you can travel complying with the rules and carrying the Documentation on hand and in order can be reached. You will also know the Requirements for Freight Transportation.

Requirements for Freight Transportation

When cargo transportation is carried out, we can avoid problems and bad moments by carrying the appropriate and necessary documentation, when we find ourselves on the road or highway with some type of inspection, thus we can avoid fines and even the partial or total confiscation of the merchandise or cargo being transported. However, this documentation may vary depending on the entity or body that is conducting said inspection.

That is why it is of great importance to obtain and carry by hand at all times of the transfer or tour that is being carried out, all the documents or requirements for cargo transportation land.

You must be aware of all the necessary processes and related to the requirements for cargo transportationWhether you have your own fleet of transport vehicles or you work for a freight forwarding company.

In addition to knowing your rights and obligations, you must also know the necessary documents that, as mentioned above, may vary from one entity to another. However, the documents that every driver must always carry will be those reflected below:

Requirements for Freight Transportation: Vehicle

It should be taken into account when performing this type of service that the requirements for cargo transportation, are mentioned below:

Driver’s license or license

It is the permit or document that allows you to drive and circulate on all the roads of the Argentine territory, as well as in all the countries subscribed to the Geneva Convention of 1949.

Vehicle identification card

The identification card, also called the green card, is a document that works as an instrument to prove that a vehicle or transport can circulate on public roads. In said document or certificate, you will find the data of the owner of the transport, as well as the data of the car itself, such as: the brand, the model, the year, the patent, chassis numbers and vehicle engine number or serial number.

Proof that proves the contracting of compulsory civil liability insurance

East document or certificate is the one that gives you coverage against physical and material damage caused to other people, transported or not, as a result of a traffic accident, this type of civil liability insurance contracting is established by law, and is known as insurance against third parties.

Single registry of automotive transport (ROUTE)

It is the relationship or registry worth the redundancy in which every person who performs transport services with their own or contracted vehicles must register.

Certificate of completion of the mandatory technical review (RTO)

It is the proof where the mechanical inspection is reflected, which allows us to know the state of the vehicle.

I send, consignment note or invoice

It is a type of digital land tax guide, which is very important because it shows or knows the type of merchandise being transported.

Proof that proves the contracting of merchandise insurance

It is the certificate that provides coverage against physical and material damage caused to the merchandise that is transported. In other words, it is the document that protects, so to speak, the merchandise that is transported in case it suffers any damage or accident.

Specific documentation according to the type of transport

It’s all about the papers or documents worth the redundancy, which must be had according to the type of transport that is carried out:

  • International.
  • Hazardous waste.
  • Of liquid fuels.
  • Transport of ethyl and methyl alcohols.
  • Of liquefied gases derived from petroleum and flammable solids (classes 2,3 and 4).
  • Invisible cargo transportation.
  • Of chemical precursors.
  • Farm transportation.
  • From containers
  • From food substances.
  • Dangerous goods.

Can the load stick out?

The congress (senators and deputies) of the Argentine nation, gathered they sanction with the force of law those who exceed the limit. The following shows in more detail how much the load can protrude:

Outstanding, light loads and indivisible loads

The law in its article 7 that:

In its subsection a: loads in general cannot leave (the bodywork, fenders, or axle end), in which they are transported.

Light Loads

They are those loads that have less weight in relation to their large volume such as grass, wood chips, wool, etc.

These charges may excel in:

  • Urban and suburban areas: They can protrude a maximum of 20 cm from each side, left and right of the transport.
  • Outside urban and suburban areas: It is allowed to protrude a maximum of 20 cm from the right side, nothing more.
  • Rear of vehicle: They have the permission to protrude up to 70cm maximum.

Indivisible loads

The indivisible charges, are those loads that cannot be divided in order to be transported, so it is a whole that must be transported. In other words, due to the dimensions of the cargo it cannot be divided.

In the case of the transport of an indivisible load:

  • It is allowed to protrude 20 cm as a maximum average on the left side of the corresponding vehicle.
  • 40 is allowed to protrude on the right side.
  • It is important to clarify that the total width of the vehicle and load cannot exceed the average of forty-five meters (2 m and 45 cm).
  • It is allowed to carry out the transport of indivisible cargo that protrudes a maximum of 1m from the outside line, in the rear part of the transport.

How to secure the cargo?

It is important before starting a trip to check the transport or cargo vehicle in its different adjustment and connection points in order to avoid delays or delays and worse still accidents.

Vehicle tuning and connection points that can be verified:

  • The state or condition of the hitch plate.
  • the condition or condition of the support legs on the trailer.
  • The joints, fasteners or ties of the cargo within the compartment.
  • That in the load, there are no leaks or spills.
  • The adjustment of the tarpaulins, in sider type vehicles.
  • That the cargo compartment doors are properly closed and / or sealed.

Fleet management technology monitors and includes advanced features for trailer connection status, transport or vehicle health, and much more.

Should I take out insurance?

The insurance must be contracted by:

  1. The sender is, the one who sends the merchandise, which is the one who will deliver the certificate of coverage to the carrier. It includes the exemption of responsibility of the carrier before the load or merchandise.
  2. The Carrier, who is in charge of carrying out the transport.

What is a freight carrier?

Any cargo transport company, before carrying out said activity, must be registered in the Single Registry of Automotive Transport (RUTA), either a physical or legal person.

Freight carrier is called: It is anyone who provides cargo transportation service and fulfills the function of carrying or transporting a certain merchandise or cargo from one place to another.

This service is part of an entire logistics chain, which is responsible for placing one or more products at the time and place of destination indicated.

Requirements for freight forwarding companies

The transport companies of loads, whether physical or legal, must meet a series of requirements:

  • The legal seat of administration must be in the territory of the Argentine Republic.
  • In the case of legal persons, you must prove, through documents, your address, control and representation and also the capital you have. It cannot belong to foreigners, where the country has legal restrictions or limitations for the establishment of transport companies.
  • Expose or display to the public the rates in the places of contracting and transfer centers.
  • Comply with all traffic and road safety rules or regulations according to (Law 24,449 and Decrees No. 779/95, No. 79/98) ordering and carrying out the training and professional training of the drivers of the company and the specialization of the transport of dangerous substances;
  • In vehicles or cargo transportation it is forbidden to transport passengers.

Finally, if you wish, you can access the following link and learn about some freight forwarding companies, please click here.

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