Requirements for Fundempresa: Steps, Function and MORE

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The Requirements for Fundempresa, are important because you can see an easy and practical guide, where the registration process is supported.

Fundempresa, tries to maintain with great responsibility, the administration of maintaining the Bolivian Trade Registry in an efficient, transparent and timely manner.

By knowing all the steps that this company has, you can enjoy its great benefits and options you have for your users. In this article, you will learn about several processes that should be read in great detail.

What are the Requirements for Fundempresa?

To make this registration in the Bolivian Trade Registry, must be presented to FUNDEMPRESA, this entity is in charge of carrying out the associated procedures, in the following documents:

  • You must have the Application form for registration in the Commercial Registry duly signed.
  • The original of the Company Constitution Document, or a legalized copy.
  • A power of attorney when the appointment of the Legal representative It is not shown in the company incorporation document.

Steps for Registration of Requirements for Fundempresa

There are a number of steps that must be read in great detail to fulfill all the steps that are assigned, each of them are of great importance to respect and point out.

To formalize this registration as Requirements for Fundempresa, a number of steps must be carried out that must be fulfilled in the Commercial Registry, comprising the following steps:

Login to the system:

  • Income to My business
  • Select option «Create Company»
  • Read carefully each important information that is presented.
  • Mark in the confirmation fields and click on OK.

Homonymy Form

  • Select in the unit type drop-down menu economical
  • Indicate the activities carried out by the company in the field of Social object
  • In the classification of economic activity, place each word or letter that is associated with the corporate purpose, immediately the system will display a list of activities from which the most appropriate must be selected.
  • To fill in the fields, you must enter the name of the company. There is a possibility of using the proper name in cases where the Company is Sole proprietorship, therefore, the option must be activated, placing a mark in the corresponding field. Complete identification and date of birth. Click on «Consult».
  • In the System, the existence of the proposed name will be certified with the existing database and issue the message availability or use thereof.
  • Confirm the availability of name, you must complete the email address data and select «Continue»
  • A message will appear with Alert explaining the email review and confirming the reservation of the name, for a period of 24 hours.

Confirmation and Reservation of Name

  • A message will arrive to the mail with the reservation of the available name. Choose the option «Reserved». This reservation is valid for 3 days for sole proprietorships, 10 days for companies SRL, SC and SCS, and up to twenty days for SA and SC.
  • Click on the URL to access the Virtual Request Form

Fill out the form for the Virtual Registration Request.

  • The data from company name, economic activity and corporate purpose, entering in the reservation of name, it is shown in the respective form.
  • The Following data: Company data, contact of the person, information of the legal representative or owner. Too, indicate the amount of the capital of the economic unit, information on the date of the fiscal management closing, according to the options shown.
  • When you finish filling in the data, you must show a summary for validation and select «Accept»
  • Finally, it must be sent to the email with the application form in PDF format, to download, print and sign. The documents must be indicated to be delivered to the FUDAEMPRESA office.

Fundempresa function

Each function of the company is important because it makes everything follow a procedure that must be followed, therefore, it is very careful to read each point, since it can be of great help.

To summarize, it can be said that the functions of FUNDEMPRESA are:

  • Keep the trade register of the entire sole proprietorship and commercial company, there are operations in Bolivia. Regardless of the size of the company or its location or the type of economic activity.
  • Carry out the registration of commercial acts carried out by commercial companies and companies
  • Confirm or certify the Registry data to any interested person.
  • The emissions of statistical samples to support decision-making, in the private and public institutions.
  • Generate visibility Through the virtual business directory to companies and commercial society.
  • Promote the culture of business formality to generate the advantage that the informal economic sector attracts.

Who should enroll in Fundempresa?

The Bolivian Trade Registry It includes the entire company in the commercial sphere and sole proprietorships. For this reason, these companies must advise themselves very well to receive any response from Fundempresa.

Among those that are not considered companies, we find Sole-Shareholders or Individual Merchants. In the society can be included «Anonymous Societies», Branches of foreign companies with operations within Bolivia, SRL or Limited Liability Companies, Shared Company by Shares.

In addition, of another variety of companies such as Mixed SA, Collective and Simple Limited Companies.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Requirements for Fundempresa

Can the registration process be resumed, if it has been twenty days since the Name Reservation was made for any sole proprietorship, but the process does not continue?

These periods can be formalized in the registration of a sole proprietorship that is valid until the 3 days. The process must be started from the beginning mentioned in the Requirements for Fundempresa.

Does registration with FUNDEMPRESA guarantee the approval of bank loans to invest in my business?

This registration in a Commercial Registry generating formality in their businesses, which is a positive and trustworthy element for the banking entity, but each entity has its own criteria for approve a credit.

What is it?

Known as the Foundation for Business Development, was born in 2001, through this push, the private business sector is represented by four Chambers:

  • National of Commerce and Industry, of Santa Cruz the Chamber of Construction and the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism.

As a private, non-profit entity, it is responsible for managing and maintaining the Bolivian Trade Registry in an efficient, transparent and timely manner, according to laws 2064 and 2196, under Supreme Decree 26215 and 26335, respectively.

This entity’s function is to convert a solid base for the business growth of the nation, being an example of a strengthened public / private alliance.

In previous times, the Company Registry was centralized in La Paz, causing the transfer of companies from the interior to the capital, in order to keep your legal document updated.

Currently the registry is decentralized and has a large national coverage. It generates the simplification of the government process, by making use of these great avant-garde technologies, allow you to accept various sworn statements via the web, where names and company records are consulted, from their birth to the services.

Also, you can enjoy its great online platform where you can find several options that can leave a lot of doubt, make the Bolivian trade registration, do paperwork, requirements and forms, News and Customer Service.

You can find the main offices of each region of Bolivia in this link so, if there is any reason to visit these offices, you can do it without any problem of Monday to Friday from 9:00 am

In conclusion, this entity offers variety in all its services and guarantees a unique experience, both for its users and its workers.

All users are instructed to dThey must comply with their payments and be very responsible in everything, as requirements for Fundempresa.

All the steps that were mentioned before, have been harvested from the official website of Fundempresa, but you can find more information in detail, adapting to the needs of any user.


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