Requirements for Generation E: what is the required Score, What is it and MORE

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If you want to know the requirements for generation EKeep reading, in this article you will find requirements, documentation, scoring and much more.

Generation E is a Colombian government initiative, aimed at improving the social transition and progress of the Colombian nation.

This program offers free entry opening to the preparation of higher level of undergraduate studies for low-income students.

Generation E is a program consisting of three components, that benefit students in vulnerable conditions, so that they can access higher education.

In this sense, the three components on which Generación E is based are described below:

  1. Component «Equity«, Equity by merit to the recognition of the best students in the country in conditions of economic vulnerability.
  2. Component «Strengthening of the Institutions of Education». Focused on strengthening public and private higher education entities.
  3. Component «Excellence«. It recognizes the best academic scores. This component has benefited more than 3,500 young people and recognizes high school graduates with excellent academic scores.

Generation E ha benefited to more than 336,000 young people, in four years has promoted higher education covering the value of tuition.

This initiative inspires through stories of favored students, entrepreneurs who have transformed their lives through the aid obtained.

The program finances the tuition value of a technical, professional, technological or university undergraduate academic plan, through a credit of up to 100%, in Higher Education Institutions.

Also, the program delivers a financial assistance for the maintenance of academic expenses of the favored.

If you belong to Generation E, you can connect through the platform website of the Ministry of Education, where you will find tools and academic experiences.

Requirements for Generation E

The following will be indicated requirements for Generation E, that the student must gather to be part of this team of favored students:

  • Have nationality Colombian.
  • Minimum age of fourteen (14) years and maximum of twenty-eight (28) years and have obtained the high school certificate.
  • The student must obtain a score greater than three hundred fifty-seven (357) in the test to know 11.
  • Must be enrolled in a plan of technical, professional or university training in ICFES in any modality.
  • The student must not be favored with another plan of state resources.
  • Applicant students must be registered in the Sisben.

It is important to mention that the student must comply with the conditions established by the institution to which you will be applying to enter.

Also, if at any time the student has to stop the academic process, You can only postpone it for two semesters continuously or in different processes.

Likewise, the efavored student has to stay in the same plan and at the same university in which you started your academic period.

On the other hand, if the student must change Your phone number, room address or email must be updated on the Generación E website with your new information.

Necessary documents

It is important remember that Applicants must be Colombian, so they must present their identification and high school certificate updated.
Likewise, the certificate presentation of the test know 11 and comply with the conditions mentioned below.
In addition to the necessary documents that will complement the requirements for Generation E, In order to make the request, other necessary conditions are mentioned below:
  • Applicant must be one of the three high school graduates with the highest grades of the indicated exam. Depending on the know 11 test applied in each region: Amazonía, Arauca, Caquetá, Casanare, Guainía, Guaviare, La Guajira, San Andrés, Providencia, Vaupés and Vinchada.
  • It is necessary that the applicant has achieved get a higher score to 350 or equal to this, in the respective ICFES test.
  • Also the applicant must register in the application of selection of SISBEN beneficiaries and of this evaluation, the applicant must have a category equal to or greater than fifty-seven with twenty (57.20) points.

Necessary score to enter Generation E

To cover the necessary score and be able to enter to the Generation E team, the student must:

  • Should achieve a score greater than or equal to 350 in the know 11 exam, in the case of major cities you must be among the three best scores.
  • Be between the ten high school graduates with the highest scores, depending on the test to know 11 in: Amazonia, Arauca, Queta, Casane, Guainía, Guaviare, La Guajira, San Andrés, Providencia, Vaupés and Vichada.

Is it forgivable?

Let’s start this section by defining forgivable. Forgivable is the procedure through which Generation E exempts from credit payment to the beneficiary of the program.

In this sense, the payment exception will be approved if and only if the student favored has complied with the requirements of the regulations that regulate the Generation E plan.

For the aforementioned it is important clarify some aspects to request the coordination of the approved credit:

  • The approved credit for undergraduate studies at a public higher education institute, you will be 100% acquitted.
  • That is why the student upon obtaining the title, You must make the request for forgiveness through a letter sent to ICETEX, attaching to it the title and the degree certificate of the academic plan in which the granting of the credit is evidenced.
  • On the other hand, the favored ones who have chosen to carry out undergraduate studies in a private higher institute, they will be forgiven 75% of the total value of the tuition, which represents 100% of the disbursement for tuition.
  • In this case, the person favored when obtaining the title must make the request of the forgiveness through a letter sent to ICETEX, attaching to it the title and the degree certificate of the academic plan in which the granting of the credit is evidenced.

What are the benefits?

Between the Benefits The most outstanding members of the Generation E team are:

  1. Applicants favored with the Generation E plan can enter higher education public or private. These institutions receive students from all regions of the country.
  2. It allows pay associated expenses to the formative study process since it has comprehensive support that guarantees access and permanence.
  3. The beneficiary allows to choose to receive support through Youth in Action programs; If you meet a series of requirements that appear on the Generation E website.

On the other hand, the program offers the option of studying under three components that they identify as follows:

  1. Equity, covers the 100% of the tuition fee and sustained support through the Youth in Action program. In addition, this component provides support for life and thus strengthen soft skills, more tools for economic and social part of the student.
  2. Team that benefits through strengthening institutions educational.
  3. Excellence, allows you to decide whether to enter a university public or privateIf the decision is private, the value of the tuition will be financed in parts 50% by the state, 25 by the university, and the remaining 25% with resources from donation funds; If the decision is a public one, the financing of 100% of the tuition will be in charge of the state and this will provide maintenance support.

Students are given sustained support each semester, for expenses thus the student does not rule out the possibility of studying.

In case of study in the same municipality a minimum wage will be received; if he has to move to another municipality, the student will receive two minimum wages.

Likewise, if the student have to move to another city receives three minimum wages.

What is Generation E?

It is a plan aimed at social transition and progress of the Colombian nation, which opens free admission to the preparation of higher public level to low-income students.

Likewise Generation E, is focused on reinforcing to public and private higher education entities.

This organization allocates resources by distinction to outstanding students in a situation of economic distress, through the Generation E excellence plan.

Likewise, it favors the entry of the student and their continuity in education superior through credits. The objective of the invitation is the allocation of a minimum of four thousand (4,000) favored.

Generation E consists of three components, to which the student must enter and select the most convenient component, and then fill out the application form.

The component selection is done through the Generation E website, enabled for this process.

In case of selecting the component «Equity«, The beneficiary must present an admission test in the authorized institutions, whose list is published in the Generation E website.

In this sense, the university will report the admission to the ministry of education, through the national higher education information system.

Likewise, the university will carry out the verification of requirements and the approval as beneficiary of the Generation E program.

The registrations will be enabled from October 18 to April 30, 2020.

It is important to mention that the Government, with this program, has benefited to 63,719 students in economically vulnerable conditions for studies.


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