Requirements for Loan in Bancolombia: Loan types, Documents and MORE

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The Requirements for Loan in Bancolombia They are extremely important information for all those who need some monetary help for all kinds of purposes.

Next we will show you the process, the types, and of course, the Requirements for Loan in Bancolombia.

Requirements for Loan in Bancolombia

Within the Requirements for Loan in Bancolombia, there are those mentioned below:

  1. Present the copy of the identity card, with a size of 150%.
  2. The last three pay stubs (pension or payroll).
  3. Certification of income and withholding (in case you are employed).

If a person wants to apply for a Personal Credit, they must receive a monthly salary greater than 2 minimum wages monthly. There are some extra services and number of installments that may be agreed.

Therefore, it is a credit that is issued quickly and easily. And where you have the possibility of financing in the medium and short term. To acquire this type of credit, you must go to one of the Bancolombia offices nationwide.

Necessary documents

The Requirements for Loan in BancolombiaThey depend on the type of credit they request. These are detailed below:

Personal Credit and Personal Credit with Unemployment Insurance

Submit the bonding application, the copy of the identification document. Also, the labor certificate or the certification of income and withholding.

The income statement certificate, the copy of the last 3 bank account statements. The commercial register or the Chamber of Commerce, the patrimonial certificate and the certification of other income.

The Personal Credit with Unemployment Insurance is aimed at people who have ages between 18 and 64 years, and that they receive a monthly salary greater than 2 SMMLV.


The requirements for overdrafts are the same as those mentioned in the previous point. Please revise.

Libranza People

The requirements are: A copy of the identification document, and the employment certificate specifying (monthly salary, time spent working, and the type of contract). Also, the last two payment receipts. In addition to the above, the company must make a agreement with Bancolombia.

FOPEP discharge

For this credit you must present a copy of the identity document. Also the copy of the last proof of payment of the pension (if you receive the payment through an account in Bancolombia, it can be purchased at the same bank).

In addition, consign the application form, and sign the documents that will be given to you after complying with the required requirements.

The Crediagil

Their requirements are: Submit the application for membership, a copy of the identification document. Also, the labor certificate or the certification of income and withholding.

The income statement certificate, the copy of the last 3 bank account statements. The commercial register or the Chamber of Commerce, the patrimonial certificate and the certification of other income.

Study Credit

To apply for this credit, it is necessary that the bank first make a applicant analysis, in order to define the terms to grant it or not.

The Bancolombia Housing Loan

  1. Submit the application form for a natural person.
  2. Properly managed insurance.
  3. Original proof of income where it states (monthly base salary, type of hiring and date of seniority). With an issue date of no more than one month.
  4. The copy of the certification of freedom of the property to be financed, valid for one month.
  5. Copy of the purchase-sale contract.
  6. The original of the property appraisal or valuation report.
  7. The certification of non-declarant.
  8. Copy of the last two periods of the income statement.
  9. The copy of the last three bank statements.
  10. The commercial register or Chamber of Commerce.
  11. Heritage certificate.
  12. The certificate of other income.

To obtain detailed information on this point you can enter here.

Loan types in Bancolombia

Bancolombia offers you a variety of credits. Which are adjusted to the needs you have at a given time. The types of credit are:

Study Credits

This has several options to subsidize the studies you want to take. And so you can achieve your goals. Within this credit are other classifications:

  • The Short-Term Educational Loan: Through this credit you can pay for language courses, diplomas, undergraduate and graduate degrees. You can pay them in different installments, according to the academic mode you choose.
  • Long-Term Educational Credit: With this you have the opportunity to pay for technical and university studies, both in Colombia and abroad. Also studies as a commercial pilot, etc. Additionally, you have a time of 84 months in each financing. The parts you pay for will be more accessible.
  • The Single Educational Loan Disbursement: This credit is great when you want to make a single payment, and enjoy the discounts that some universities offer, for paying everything.

Consumer Credits

Here you have the perfect opportunity to subsidize technological equipment, or take the trip you have always wanted. This credit offers a few options:

  • The Free Investment Credit: With this credit you can buy what you need in your home, or plan the vacations that you want and deserve so much.
  • Employee payroll: To acquire this loan, the company where you work must have a Libranza agreement with Bancolombia. It is deducted from your payroll.
  • Retirement Retirement: Being a pensioner you can opt for this credit. You can authorize the fees to be deducted from your pension.
  • The Pension Pledge Credit: It helps you buy what you need. The time to pay off the credit is longer compared to another.
  • The Crediagil: Get this credit and take advantage of it whenever you want. By paying your credit, you release the fees so you can use it again.
  • Purchasing a Portfolio: This credit optimizes your cash flow, through the consolidation of the debts you have, at an accessible interest rate.
  • The Overdraft: With this credit you improve your liquidity in a short time. And it must be paid within 15 days of being granted.
  • Credit at Hand: Stimulate savings. You can get financing from $ 100,000.
  • Advance Income: This credit helps you, for when an unforeseen event arises and you do not have the money available. Your payment is granted before the formal date.

Home Credits

Through them you can obtain, build or remodel your new or used house. Within this credit we will detail others below:

  • For Home Acquisition: Bancolombia gives you the money you need, so that you can buy your own home.
  • Credit for Colombians Abroad: If you are not in Colombia, through this credit you can meet your goal of buying your home. Thus increasing your wealth and ensuring the well-being of your family.
  • For Housing Construction: This credit gives you the opportunity to build your house, through its financing.
  • Housing reform: It gives you the money you need to remodel your home.

Vehicle Credit

There are several plans to finance your credit and you can acquire the vehicle you want and need. So that you can move comfortably and safely.

Credits for Premises and Others

This credit is used so that you can buy, build or remodel real estate that is not residences. And it offers you the:

  • Acquisition: It helps with your progress as an entrepreneur, since it finances you the obtaining of offices, lots, warehouses, offices or premises, etc.

Commercial Portfolio

Through this credit, achieves the capital needed to invest. With its own characteristics of speed and manageability. Within this credit are the following:

  • The Agrofácil: It is intended for the financing of methods to produce, modify and commercialize in the agricultural, fishing and aquaculture sector.
  • Bancoldex: It finances you through the rediscount to commercialize nationally and internationally.
  • The Ordinary Portfolio: For natural persons who work independently. This credit allows them to invest in the medium and short term.

There are other credits that may interest you. For example:

  • Finagro: With this credit you can get the capital you need to carry out agricultural activities. Through a stable, fast and simple investment.
  • Findeter: Through the rediscount obtained for this loan, it facilitates the remodeling of structures in areas such as: Tourism, education, fiscal sanitation, water and drainage, health.

Can I request a Loan if I am Reported?

If you appear as reported in a risk database such as Cifin or Datacredito, you should know that it is no longer an inconvenience to request the credit that you want and need so much.

Through Datacredito, we will show you the eligible financial options to pay off the debts you have. And thus to be able to enjoy the advantages that you can have with the discounts that they offer you in the market.

Therefore, currently if you are reported, and require immediate financing, you can request your credit. To learn more about this topic, you can enter this link.

How long does a Loan last in Bancolombia?

The credits in Bancolombia are stipulated between three and five years at least, this for loans at a stable interest rate. While for loans at a variable interest rate, the established time is from three to 10 years.

What is a Loan?

A loan is money granted by a financial institution. With an agreement in between, where it must be established that in a certain time, that money granted will be returned through installments at a fixed interest rate.

Therefore, a loan is an instrument that serves as financial support to achieve the life goals that you have set for yourself in the short, medium and long term.

Sometimes, in order to finance a project, business or even some luxuries, we find different possibilities to get financial help, Bancolombia being one of the most sought-after options among Colombians.

If you have already decided to make use of this monetary support, we hope we have helped you with these Requirements for Bancolombia Loans.


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