Requirements for Mortgage Credit: Step by step, What it is and MORE

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This article expresses each of the Requirements for Mortgage Credit, the steps that the applicant must follow and much more information.

The acquisition of a home is something very important and valuable for every person and family. This is considered one of the great steps and goals that everyone has in life, but not many achieve.

Because of this, mortgage credit increases the chances of obtaining a home and thus be a feasible goal for people.

What are the Requirements for Mortgage Credit?

In order to apply for a mortgage loan in some of the banks in Argentina, such as Nation, Province, City, Mortgage, Patagonia and BBVA, it is necessary to meet a variety of requirements.

It should be noted that there are different mortgage offers, which vary in term and amount. Despite this, there are certain essential requirements that apply to everything mortgage credit.

Each of them are presented below:

Documents necessary for the Procedure

Personal documents

The following list mentions the documents necessary for the mortgage loan:

  • Present the holder’s personal identification document (DNI, LC, LE).
  • Proof of some service, such as electricity or water, which has the name of the owner.
  • Evidence of CUIT or CUIL.
  • You must also prove the marital status that you have, that is, if the owner is married, you must submit your marriage certificate, in case of being divorced, to the divorce certificate, in case of having children in common, to the birth certificate, among others.

Labor documents

It is also necessary to issue certain requirements regarding the holder’s work activity:

Labor dependency ratio
  • Present the last three proofs of salary payment.
  • Document that proves the hiring of the person, where the name of the employee and the employer appears.

Autonomous worker
  • As applicable, present municipal authorization, qualifying title, or professional registration.
  • AFIP voucher.
  • Affidavit corresponding to income tax and proof of payment.
  • Regime versus earnings.
Single Tax Worker
  • Document that proves or certifies adherence to the AFIP monotax.
  • Document that expresses the Gross Income payments.
  • Proof of payment of the monotax, the last three.

Property documents

In this regard, the holder must present:

  • Present a copy of the original title of the property.
  • Provide the Proof of the real estate or municipal tax.

It is necessary that all the requested requirements are presented and thus be able to have a successful process.

Requirements for Mortgage Credit: How to Apply?

Applying for a mortgage loan is not as difficult as it seems, it is only a matter of complying with the steps that the corresponding financial or banking entity requests.

In this sense, according to the bank where the credit is processed, more or fewer steps will be taken. However, there are some general steps that every mortgage loan applicant should follow:

  1. To begin, the applicant must inquire about which bank in Argentina offers the best mortgage credit option. Choose the payment plan that best suits you.
  2. You must go and know the requirements and documents necessary to apply for the loan.
  3. You must also calculate the fee, using the simulators that the entity issues.
  4. Once this is done, you must request the credit through the official website of the bank, or go directly to it. It is necessary to bring all the requested documentation.
  5. To finalize, the bank will communicate with the applicant and they will reach agreements.


Some of the benefits or advantages of acquiring a mortgage loan are the following:

  • One of the main requirements of mortgage loans is that it offers the possibility of obtaining a home, by paying installments, making the process much more feasible for the buyer.
  • The person who obtains the loan can live in the house while paying it.
  • It is an extremely easy and simple process.
  • Currently there are many offers of mortgage credit, which adapt to all the needs of people, which offers many possibilities to apply for a mortgage loan.
  • There are many banks where the procedure can be carried out.
  • Among other benefits.

Types of mortgage loans

In Argentina there are several types of mortgage loans. Each of them are presented below:

Normal Mortgage Credits

This is the mortgage loan with the most demand, that is, the most requested and acquired by citizens, which has certain characteristics that are different from other types of mortgage loans.

UVA Mortgage Credit

The term UVA is used to name the Unit of Purchasing Value. UVA mortgage loans have a value that is updated daily by CER.

To apply for this credit, it is necessary to have a work activity, either dependency, self-employment, monotax, and retirees and pensioners also apply.

This credit cannot exceed 25% of salary and allows more than one person.

Mortgage Credit PROCREAR

The PROCREAR mortgage loan is financing for families who need to acquire a home, applying to one of PROCREAR’s projects.

This credit can be applied by all those who have been selected by the Argentine Bicentennial Credit Program for a PROCREAR single family home.

UVI Mortgage Credit

It is the same UVA credit, with the difference that the people who made their savings in UVIS (Housing Units) apply.

Other credits

In addition to all the mortgage loans already mentioned, there are many mortgage financing programs, which are issued by institutions and social organizations.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage loan is a type of financing that has a mortgage guarantee. In other words, if the debtor does not meet the established payment installments, the creditor has the right and the possibility of keeping the home or that it is mortgaged.

This is a loan that can be medium or long term, intended for people who wish to obtain a home, expand the one they already own, repair or build one. It also applies to the purchase of places, offices and even shopping centers.

The person applying for a mortgage loan can choose one of the payment plans that suits them best and carry out the procedure with the bank of their choice.

Frequent questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by people about this topic:

Can you choose to buy anywhere in Argentina?

Yes, the applicant can acquire a home in any part of the national territory.

What is a mortgage loan for?

A mortgage loan applies to the purchase of a home, expansion, repair and construction of the same. As well as for the acquisition of land and other establishments.

Is there a variety of amounts and terms?

Yes, based on the bank, you can choose different payment plans at the debtor’s convenience.

At what point is the property title obtained?

The moment the debt has been canceled.

What is a mortgage guarantee?

A mortgage guarantee is the right that is made available to an asset to a person or entity, with which there is a debt or active commitment.

It serves as a payment instrument, in case the debt is not canceled by the debtor. In this case, the creditor takes a position of the asset and becomes the owner of it.

What is a real estate?

A property refers to any good that cannot be transported from one place to another.

Who grants the mortgage loans?

Mortgage credits or loans are issued and granted by institutions that provide financing, among which they can to be:

  • Bank entities.
  • Endorsable Mortgage Mutual Managers (AAMHE)
  • Savings and credit organizations

What are the rates?

There are different types of interest rates that the entity that issues the credit offers. Each of them are presented below:

  1. Fixed rate: In this case, the applicant at the time of acquiring the mortgage, chooses a fixed interest rate, with which it remains until the debt is finalized.
  2. Variable rate: It refers to the fact that the amount of the interest rate varies throughout the period of the debt.
  3. Mixed: In this case, both rates are mixed, and the result is a rate where at the beginning of the credit a fixed interest rate is maintained and then it becomes a variable rate.

What is the PIE?

The term «PIE» is applied to the amount of money that the applicant must have saved to pay the difference that the mortgage credit does not cover.

What is an appraisal?

The appraisal is a study that is carried out, in order to know the commercial value of the property to be mortgaged.

What is the CTC?

The Total Cost of Credit, also known as CTC, is the total amount that must be paid off by the mortgage. It is determined by all the monthly payments of the debt.

For more information, please click here.

Remember to comply with the Requirements for Mortgage Credit and follow all the steps indicated.

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