Requirements for Motorcycle Transfer: Cost, Documents and MORE

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There are some Requirements for motorcycle transfer that you should know if you want to carry out this procedure at any time. If you own a motorcycle in your name and one day you decide to sell it, then the information that we will present to you below will be very relevant.

The motorcycle It is considered the fastest and most accessible means of transport in the world. By 2018, in Colombia 67% of registered vehicles were motorcycles, this according to the Unique National Traffic Registry (RUNT), the largest proportion of these located in Bogotá, Envigado, Girón, Sabaneta and Cali. Motorcycle transfers were around 28.4%.

Next, we will explain the requirements, documents, costs, authorized centers and much more information related to the transfer of your motorcycle.

Requirements for Motorcycle Transfer

There are a number of requirements that you should keep up to date when you go to make the transfer of your motorcycle. They are very simple and some you probably already have them up to date, so don’t worry about having to perform impossible tasks. Let’s see what they are:

  • Both the buyer and the seller must be registered in the Unique National Traffic Registry to establish its legality. You can enter the page of the RUNT to verify that you are enrolled.
    • To register you must go to the nearest headquarters with the relevant documents.
  • Both the seller and the buyer must have paid all their obligations, both fines and summons What taxes. For the latter, all the balances of the last 5 years must be paid.
    • On the same RUNT page or through Simit, you will be able to check the account status of your vehicle quickly and easily, and you will be able to pay your taxes at the office of the Ministry of Finance closest to you. If you live in Bogotá, then you can do this procedure online from its website, and, if not, Simit also allows you to pay if you wish.
  • The motorcycle must have gone through the process of Technomechanical review.
  • You have to stay up to date with SOAT. This can be consulted through the RUT website or through the virtual SOAT application; You will only need your identification number and license plate. Remember that this is a mandatory insurance for the provision of services in cases of traffic accidents.
  • The transfer can only be made by the owner of the motorcycle or a duly authorized third party, through a Mandate Contract that must be signed and legalized by a notary’s office.
  • You have to acquire the Certificate of Tradition and Freedom, where the embargoes or garments of your motorcycle will appear. You can get this at the Transit office of the municipality where it is registered.

And that’s it! Once you have all these requirements, you can focus on getting the necessary documentation to make the transfer.

Documents for Motorcycle Transfer

Since you have met the basic requirements, it is important to know the documentation that you should have on hand when it comes to actually transferring your motorcycle. Remember that the documents that we will mention below must be current, otherwise they will not serve you except to send you home and come back another day, for more inconvenience.

  • Contract of buy and sell and photocopy. This is of vital importance because it legalizes the transaction and specifies important details. It can also be a declaration where it is specified:
    • Name and identification of both, buyer and seller.
    • Vehicle characteristics.
    • Sale price.
    • Signature of the parties.
    • Place and date.
    • Original receipt of payment for withholding at source.
  • Application Form for Procedures of the National Automotive Registry correctly completed, which you can download by clicking here.
  • Receipt of payment for withholding at source.
  • SOAT, reflected in the RUNT.
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the buyer and seller.
    • For Colombians of legal age: Citizenship card.
    • Minors: password or, preferably, identity card.
    • For foreigners of legal age: passport, identity card or password (current).
  • Proof of technical-mechanical and gas revision, reflected in the RUT.
  • Evidence that all obligations have been canceled by both the seller and the buyer.
  • Card Original proprietary of the motorcycle.
  • Receipt of payment of the transaction rights.

Finally, you must go to any service point in the agency where you registered your motorcycle and start the formal process of transferring the motorcycle (SIM).

Yes there is no contract and the sale is made in Bogotá, you can use the Affiliation Form for Transfer by Sale. You just have to go to the website of the Ministry of Mobility and download it. On this same page you will see the necessary requirements to carry out the transfer of the motorcycle.

Cost of a Motorcycle Transfer

Now you are probably wondering what is the amount of the transfer cost. Well let’s see, this is not a fixed amount but it changes from time to time.

By December 2018, the entire transfer process cost over $ 66,000 and you could cancel it at authorized SIM points or where you have registered the motorcycle. This amount contained (and continues to contain) the payment to the district, the RUNT, the transport ministry and the payment of VAT.

For 2019 and for January 2020, the cost was $ 74,200, where $ 52,100 is for the district, $ 18,200 for the ministry, and $ 3,900 for the RUNT. Additionally, you had to pay the retefuente, which is 1% on the commercial appraisal.

In general, this amount is divided among the agents, except for the withholding tax, which is logically paid only by the seller.

Finally, if the transfer is to a specific person, the cost rises to $ 74,400.

If you want to know more about the rates of

  • Transfer of vehicles,
  • Registration, Lifting or Modification of Garment,
  • Enrollment,
  • Driving license,
  • Operation Cards,
  • National Register,
  • Certificates,
  • Others,

Do not hesitate to click here.


  • It is recommended that the document or declaration stating the transfer of ownership rights and the contract of sale be added, as stipulated in the commercial and civil requirements and regulations.
  • The payment of withholding tax at source is very important. According to the Ministry of Transport, this It is equivalent to 1% of the official appraisal. As a general rule, the person who makes the sale of the vehicle assumes the withholding tax since this becomes part of the income statement.
  • Keep in mind that the model and range of the vehicle, in this case of your motorcycle, influences the payment of the rights for the transfer.

Where to do it?

exist authorized places so that you can carry out the transfer of ownership of your motorcycle. In the case of the capital:


  • Party go up, Calle 147 # 101-56.
  • Siete de Agosto, Calle 68 # 23-27.
  • Chapinero, Cra 13 # 41-36, Local 1.106, Autopista Norte N 106-25, 2nd floor.
  • La sevillana, CC automotriz, Cra 57 # 45a 08 sur int 1.
  • Restrepo, Cra 17 # 19a -32 (south). Galleries, Calle 52 # 25-35.
  • Ricaurte, Calle 13 # 26-66.
  • Bavaria Central Park: Cra 13 a # 29-26.
  • Toberin, Calle 161 # 19-10.
  • Sur, 1 Mayo, Cra 69 bis # 28-21 (south).

You can also click here, go to the section of Points of Attention and see on Google Maps which branches you can approach.

The Hours of Operation is

Monday to Friday
7:00 am – 7:00 pm
8.00 am – 2:00 pm

And you have the option to contact him SIM Contact Center to the


What is it?

The transfer It is the process that must be carried out to obtain the registration of the transfer of ownership of an asset, in this case a vehicle. Said in a simpler way, it is a procedure that allows the change of owner of a vehicle used, legally.

This transfer can be carried out by one or more people, as long as the Colombian legal framework is complied with. For example, the possible reimbursement would have to be settled between 3-5 business days, according to the general rules, and the original owner will not be able to have obligations with the state in the registry at the time of doing the business.

Likewise, the documents must be complete, current and correctly filled out to avoid delays in the transfer process.

As said at the beginning, for 2018 in Colombia 67% of registered vehicles were motorcycles, which is a much higher proportion than other types of vehicles.

In addition, within this percentage, the transfer of motorcycles was around 28.4%, which constitutes more than a quarter of the registered motorcycles, most of these located in Bogotá, Envigado, Girón, Sabaneta and Cali.

Finally, remember that one of the advantages of using a motorcycle is saving time and saving money, since they consume less gasoline than any other vehicle in common use.


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