Requirements for Operating Permit: Steps, Costs and MORE

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Do you know which ones they are Requirements for the Operating Permit? If you are going to open a business, it is very likely that you will need to complete this procedure, so knowing the requirements to obtain it is of vital importance.

At the same time, you should know the steps you must follow to process the operating permit, which businesses must acquire it, what is the cost of the procedure and where you can get it. Together, all of this will allow you obtain your Operating License and start operating as it should.

So do not go away! Today we will explain all this and more, so you can see that it is a simple process that can be carried out without any setback.

What are the Requirements for the Operating Permit?

Let’s start with the Requirements for the Operating Permit, so that you can better understand the procedure and the rest of the information that we will be giving you. In general, the requirements to process this license are:

  • Application for the Operating Permit.
  • Inspection Sheet
  • Identity card of the owner or legal representative.
  • RUC of the establishment.
  • Firefighters Permit (Rural Zone) / Single Metropolitan Operating License (Metropolitan District of Quito).
  • Copy of the occupational health certificate issued by the health centers of the Ministry of Health. This is valid for 1 year from the moment it is issued).

These are the basic requirements that all businesses that require an Operation License must present. However, there are additional requirements that vary depending on the type of business What’s wrong.

Consequently, the National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance has arranged a guide for you to orient yourself with respect to the business you have. This will tell you which documents will be verified online and which ones you must attach yourself. You can enter it by clicking here.

At the same time, you can access the requirements document, depending on each type of business, which has provided the Ministry of Health. You just have to enter this link. The difference between both guides is that the first one separates the documents into sections and this one separates the requirements of each business into sections. Enter for a greater understanding.

Finally, of the requirements that we have named you, neither the copy of the identity card nor the RUC need to be attached in the processing process. Likewise, the data of the technician in charge, nor the ANNEX 1 and 2 must be loaded on the page, for the establishments that require it. All of these are verified online.

Steps to Process the Operating Permit

The steps or procedure to process the Operating Permit It is extremely simple compared to previous years, when you did not have the alternative of doing the paperwork via the web.

With technological innovations, the alternative of doing it completely has been available since 2013 on-line, either from your home or your office. Consequently, as you will see below, this procedure is purely electronic.

Let’s see how it goes

  • First of all, you must go to the web portal dedicated to obtaining Operating Permits. This is ordered by the Ministry of Government. You can access directly through this link.
  • Once there, you must register to generate a username and password. Once you have them, you can enter the system.
  • Click on System Options and record the information they ask for. You must complete the information of the items: Establishment Registry Y Procedure for Permit. When you’re done, click Generate Procedure.
  • Step followed, go to Verification of Requirements. Here you must attach all the requirements associated with the procedure that appear on the screen. Remember that they must all be legible.
  • And that’s it! You just have to go to the section of Notifications Received when the requirements verification is done (which is not necessarily the same day). Here you will know how much and when you have to pay. Remember to keep the payment code and bring it along with your CI or RUC.
  • Finally, the system will allow the option to download and print the Operation Permit.

If your business is related to medicine, you can process your Operating License through the Dr. Leopoldo Izquieta Pérez page. In this case, the link is this.


Payment can only be made at Banco del Pacífico or its correspondents.

What Businesses Must Process the Operating Permit?

With respect to which businesses must process the Operating Permit, the truth is that the vast majority must. This serves as a way to verify the sanitary conditions of the establishment that you are opening, so it is very important to do this procedure.

Thus, in order to simplify the businesses that must process it a bit, we have prepared a list so that you know if your business enters it and also know the Requirements for the Operating Permit. Let’s see which are the establishments,

Of health services, public and private

    • Diagnostic laboratories.
    • Medical dispensaries-offices. They can be dental, medical, psychological, veterinary or obstetric. Also, veterinary clinics.
    • Centers that provide rehabilitation services.
    • Optics.
    • Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Institutes.
    • Prepaid Medicine Services Companies.
    • SPA, Gyms and Cosmetology and Aesthetics or Weight Reduction Centers.
    • Nursing homes, nursing homes, nurseries and nurseries.


    • Laboratories of this type, such as pharmaceutical, homeopathic, cosmetic, veterinary, dental, hygienic products or medicinal gases.
    • Medicine logistics and storage companies and representation houses (including homeopathic ones).
    • Distributor of dental, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hygiene products, homeopathic products, veterinary or reagents.
    • Pharmacies, even internal ones.
    • First-aid kits.
    • Laboratories or naturist distributors.
    • Packaging, distribution and sale establishments.


    • First, food, beverage and additive processing plants. It can be from a micro-business to an industry.
    • Poultry and litter processor. It can be from a micro-business to an industry.
    • Bakeries as well as food mills. It can be from a micro-business to an industry.
    • Distributors of food, beverages and food additives.
    • Fishmongers, butchers.
    • Refrigerators and tents.
    • Canteen, supermarkets, liquor store, wineries.
    • Beverage warehouses, delicatessens, micro-markets.
    • Restaurants, bar restaurants or just a bar.
    • Cafes, ice cream parlors, picanteria, soda fountains, soda bars.
    • Boite Grill.
    • Banquet Houses and Convention Centers.
    • Hotels, hostels and motels, cabins, residences, apartments, inns and shelters.

Show stages

    • Clubs and clubs.
    • Cinemas.
    • Bullrings.
    • Appointment houses.
    • Electronic games room or billiards.
    • Sport clubs.
    • Spas.
    • Companies dedicated to recovering useful materials from waste disposal sites.
    • Hairdressers / Beauty salons.
    • Laundry and dry cleaning centers.
    • Companies that import store, distribute and market veterinary products.
    • Funeral homes, crematoriums, wake rooms.
    • Industrial and domestic gas filling and marketing stations.
    • Companies that import store, distribute and market pesticides and related products.
    • Companies dedicated to the extermination or control of pests or vectors of diseases.
    • Sawmill and groceries.

Yes! As you will see, an extensive list.

Operating Permit Costs

The Operating Permit Costs They will depend on the type of business you have, as you may have noticed when you read the steps to process this license. In addition, there is only one cost, which is the right to process.

This can range from $ 20 dollars for establishments that sell alcoholic beverages to go, up to $ 500 dollars for a Tolerance Center.

The adult entertainment centers need to process the permit at a cost of $ 250 dollars. However, the lodging centers only have to pay $ 20.

Additionally, remember that payment is made only at Bank of Pacific or affiliated correspondents. This must be done when the system issues the payment order. There, the code that I paid will appear (which you will need along with the ID or RUC) and the amount to be canceled.

Once at the bank, you must say that you are going to do the payment of a service with information of the Ministry of the Interior.

The message that the system emits should look like this:

If not, please ignore it.

Where to get it?

As you may have seen, the Operating Permit It is taken from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. It is a quick and easy process if you have the Requirements for the Operating Permit. However, it is strictly issued by the National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance (ARCSA)

In the case of pharmaceutical establishments or of this court, the ARCSA has a single site to carry out this procedure. However, we recommend that you use the one provided by the Ministry of the Interior, as this site appears as ‘not secure’.

On the other hand, since 2018 the General Police Offices to carry out this procedure. Of course, for establishments and places where accommodation services are provided to guests, permanent residents or passers-by. It also applies to restaurants.

Generally speaking, it is a service available to any establishment or premises where food and / or alcoholic beverages are consumed. In addition, these cannot be regulated by the Tourism Law and its regulations. These may obtain the Operating License in these places, carrying the appropriate requirements.

What is it?

The Operating Permit It is required of all establishments and premises that need sanitary control and surveillance.

In addition, these must meet the requirements for their operation; which are established in different regulations depending on the type of business that is carried out. For example, those of Health Services are more strict.

In reality, there is little that can be found about how the process of this license works at present, so we recommend that you follow the instructions to the letter.

Consequently, if you have questions, do not hesitate to enter the Operating Permit section. This can be found on the website of the government ministry, where query numbers are displayed by province.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements for the Operating License and we wish you the best of luck.

See you!


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