Requirements for Orange Card: Benefits, Maintenance and MORE

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At present there are various methods to make payments, however, even so, society continues to opt for the classic tools in the world of financing and economics; the cards. However, there is an orange card, which offers innovation and speed, Here in Manage it we will tell you the Requirements for the Orange Card.

The orange card is a credit tool that offers you versatility in terms of benefits. In addition to containing many benefits, the card remains in demand in Argentina, assuming a position that not even the large banks have managed to obtain. This card has a great organization unlimited trading system.

The orange card has created branches around the world, not only in Argentina.

On the other hand, the orange card has business with Visa and Mastercard. This has caused many clients to be attracted by the opportunities offered by managing finances under Naranja’s service, including new security strategies in its products. That is, you won’t have to worry about banking.

Based on the above, to obtain the card you will have to follow a series of steps that will be named later. But it is mandatory that you keep all your identity papers up to date, as they will be of the utmost importance if you want to purchase the product. Read on to find out more about the topic and getting it.

Requirements for Orange Card

If you are an adult with a steady job and a history of on-time payments on student loans or auto loans, you should have no problem getting an orange card. Next we will tell you the necessary requirements so that you can reconcile the card:

Be at least 21 or 18 years old

If you are under 21, you can still get a credit card, but you may need to provide documentation showing that you have your own source of income, or a parent’s permission.

Minors must be accompanied by a representative.

Have a social security number

In general, you will need to have a Social Security number to establish a credit history. Citizens without a Social Security number probably won’t be able to get an orange card.

Have a source of income

Orange card applications will always ask for your estimated monthly income. Banks are not going to lend money if you don’t have a way to pay off the debt. You do not have to report all of your income, just the income that you want to be considered «available» to pay off your credit card.

This does not mean that a bank cannot arrive one day after all your income if you do not pay, but it could be the responsibility of not including income earmarked for other things (for example, child support) on a credit card application.

Have a positive credit history

Unsecured credit cards require applicants to have an established credit history. Most cards require good credit scores of 700 or higher, although some cards designed for fair credit, such as the Orange Premium Credit Card, can accept lower points.

It can also be obtained with a score of less than 700 points.

Necessary documents

We compiled a list of documents required to apply for the Orange credit card for most categories of people or possible credit cards. It can be considered as a checklist to know whether or not you have the minimum documents ready to apply for a credit card:

However, when applying for a specific credit card, we recommend that you check with the respective bank for the list of documents required to apply for that card.

Proof of identity

  • Legal and verified ID
  • Driver’s license
  • Voter identification card
  • Passport

Papers of some home service

  • Electricity bill
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Phone bill
  • Account statement for the last two months
Make sure the address on the submitted proof matches the one you entered on the application.

It should be noted that the orange card is an important part of everyday financial life. Whether you’re buying gas and groceries or booking a hotel and rental car for the next vacation, credit cards are a convenient and secure form of payment for consumers.

Benefits ranging from purchase damage protection to the ease of dispute suspicious charges or fraudulent activity make credit cards an attractive form of payment.

Beyond ease of use and added security, credit cards They can also help you build a strong credit history. With regular use and timely payment, responsible consumers will find that lenders are more willing to offer them additional credit in the form of lines of credit, mortgages, and loans.

Requirements for Orange Card: How to apply?

The first step is to find a suitable Orange card for your needs. The company recommends dozens of credit cards with the same partners. These listings include excellent credit rewards cards, cards with low annual percentage rates, and even cards for applicants with limited or fair credit.

Once you find a card you like, you will complete a basic credit card application. Online applications require the same information and obviously The benefit of applying online is that you can receive a decision in just a few minutes. You can access it by clicking here.

A credit card application generally asks:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number.
  • Annual gross income
  • Housing situation (Owner, tenant or living with others) and your monthly housing payment.

This information, along with your income, is used to determine how much disposable income you might have and, consequently, your credit limit. Time in current residence. Credit applications ask how long you have lived at your current address for two reasons.

First, your address helps verify that you, and not an identity thief, are applying. What if your application does not match your credit report? It will not be rejected automatically, but the bank will examine it more closely. Once these steps are done, you are ready with your application and you just have to wait.

How much does it cost to maintain the Orange Card?

The maintenance amount is located between 70 and 120 pesos per month and the renewal has a cost of 264 pesos for two years. Of course, the price varies according to the client’s needs and their financial situation. However, Naranja offers long-term payment plans, in case you don’t have the money right away.

Secondly, the maintenance of such an important card since if you do not make the established payments, you may lose the benefits and even the card itself. If you have questions about this, you should contact the customer service center for more information on the penalty for non-payment.

What benefits does having an Orange Card offer?

Paying for purchases with an Orange credit card can offer many benefits, if you can commit to spending only what you can successfully pay in full each month. In fact, many of the advantages credit cards offer can save you money in the long run.

Some Benefits Common features of having a credit card are:

  • Payment of purchases over time
  • Convenience
  • Credit card rewards
  • Protection against fraud
  • Free credit scores
  • Price protection
  • Protection purchase
  • Return protection
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Travel benefits

The credit cards They allow you to pay for a purchase with your card today and pay off your credit card balance at a future date. Most issuers offer a grace period in which you do not have to pay any interest charges.

In general, this grace period lasts from the date you make your purchase until the end of the billing cycle during which the purchase was made and ends when your payment is due.

Orange card benefit programs may vary depending on the issuer and can even vary from one credit card to another. All the details on how these programs work are usually detailed in your credit card benefits guide. You often receive this around the same time you receive your card.

Alternatively, you can download it from your credit card website. Card issuers can change these benefits at any time, and benefits generally have many rules and exclusions, so it’s important to research your specific card benefits before using them.

What is the Orange Card?

The orange card is a thin rectangular plastic card issued by the Orange company, which allows you to borrow funds from a pre-approved limit to pay for your purchases. The limit is decided by the institution that issues the card based on your credit score and history.

Usually, the higher the score and the better the track record, the higher the limit. The key difference between a credit card and a debit card is that when you swipe a debit card, the money is deducted from your bank account; whereas, in the case of a credit card, the money is taken from its pre-approved limit.

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