Requirements for Pregnancy Allowance: How is the Process, Benefits and MORE

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The requirements to opt for the assignment benefit is an economic aid for pregnancy, offered by the Argentine program known as Plan Nacer, which is directed all those Argentine, foreign and resident women who wish to award of this aid benefit.

Pregnancy is an important experience for each woman from different perspectives and should be enjoyed by future parents, but this carries a great responsibility, since care must be carried out from the first moment, this will depend on the growth and development of the baby

The state must guarantee the pregnancy plan, so that any inconvenience is dealt with in time. For this reason, it is advisable to do the prenatal control, which consists of a monthly visit to the doctor. The importance of this is to prevent, reduce the risks of the baby, detect health problems at the moment and treat them.

Therefore, the Argentine government formalizing this plan that works in an easy and less cumbersome way for all those women who work both in a company and at home, the most responsible and guaranteed treatment possible is guaranteed.

What are the requirements for pregnancy assignment?

Know the important requirements for the pregnancy assignment that will be of great help when carrying it out and they are:

  • Women are allowed to be 12 weeks pregnant or longer.
  • They are required to comply with medical controls.
  • Be of Argentine nationality, be resident in the country and have a DNI. For foreign people, they are allowed if they have 3 years of residence in the country.
  • Register in the SUMAR Plan issued by the Ministry of Health, being mandatory for all cases, except domestic service workers, seasonal or monotax.
  • If you are a minor, it is required to be accompanied byor a representative (mother, father or guardian).

Necessary documents:

It can be very cumbersome for many to fill out the forms, or not be clear with the documents, here I bring you a list so that you can understand in a simple way and they are:

  1. DNI
  2. Bring the form PS 2.67. This is the application for the social protection pregnancy allowance in which the doctor can prove the pregnancy.
  3. The registration certificate for the SUMAR program, which you can find in this link:
  4. If applicable, they request the certificate of marriage, civil union or coexistence.
  5. If there is an interruption of pregnancy in the long term, the form must be reported (item 3). In case the baby dies, death certificate must be presented.

How is the process for Pregnancy Allowance?

The process to obtain the benefit of the Sumar Plan consists of a series of documents that must be consigned in the different offices of the nearest medical centers in their province, which receive and report free of charge, the development of the transmittals to those requested.

  1. Review your personal data and family ties from the My ANSES page or you can also call 130. If the data is not up-to-date, when you approach the ANSES office, it is recommended to bring the marriage certificate and the ID of the family group, with its original document and a copy.
  2. Enroll in the SUMAR program It can be done online or at the medical center where the person is undergoing medical control of the pregnancy.
  3. Complete the forms: Items 1 and 2. The doctor who accredits your pregnancy must sign the item 2 form. In the event of an interruption during pregnancy, it must be indicated in the form. In this link you can take the turn to deliver the aforementioned documents.

Requirements for pregnancy assignment: Benefits

One of the great benefits of this project is talking about the amount upon arrival, this plan is designed to cover and maintain the corresponding expenses during the duration of the pregnancy.

In this way, the security that the state gives you is of great help for the growth of the baby and the improvement of the woman. Society is a participant in this great work that the Argentine Republic does.

For social protection there is talk of an amount of $ 220 of the Allowance for pregnancy. In case a woman is pregnant with twins, she only charges a single allowance.

For many workers, certain benefits can be complicated, but this is not the case, because they are entitled to 90 days of maternity leave. The leave consists of taking around 30 days, but a worker you can choose as an option to take 45 days before and after delivery.

It is important to inform at work about this permission to grant this license by delivering a medical certificate indicating the date.

The license can be extended from 3 to 6 months, in special cases, those workers who are in the company for about a year. It is important to note that this extension does not have a salary.

In cases of illnesses, complications and other pregnancy problems, the permission to return to work can be extended. The person receives monthly the sum of $ 176, representing 80% of the total amount of the allocation.

And the remaining 44 correspond to 20%, also accumulating monthly for the purpose of being received after the birth or interruption of pregnancy, before verifying with the mentioned documents on medical control and that you have enrolled in the Plan Nacer.

Duration of the procedure:

The process to opt for pregnancy assignment benefits consists of a period between approximately 30 and 60 days. However, payments are made from the 12th week of gestation and the birth or termination of pregnancy.

In case of delay in the payment of the allowances, you can collect it in the twelfth week of pregnancy. Likewise, according to Decree No. 446 of May 2011, This benefit can be collected from the next 6 months of gestation

The procedure is face-to-face with a shift. Actually, in order to deliver these documents, you enter this link.

What is the pregnancy allowance?

The Pregnancy allowance for social protection, is formed by the state, to assign an income to women who are in the middle of pregnancy and are resident in the Argentine Republic.

This project comes with the intention of helping these women in vulnerable situations, to carry out their pregnancy, taking care of the baby’s health.

Starting in 2012, the government of Argentina, through the Ministry of Health, applied a program that would support seeking the best care in the population, such as the infant and maternal, adolescents from 6 to 19 years old, women and men up to 64 years.

The SUMAR program of Plan Nacer, which deepens the country’s health rights, this means that investment in the public sector increases, new priorities are discussed and objectives are set in motion. in a sustained way developing in the health pension insurance.

This is done with a clearer focus and perfecting the services that make up the healthy system scope. Also, it is about generating awareness in citizens about the health field to apply it and enhance this program that helps many Argentines today.

The pregnancy allowance promotes the care of women with a project called: Plan to be bornThis plan attracts all women in the Argentine Republic so that the arrival of the child is healthy and there is a great positive factor in the population growing for the betterment of a society.

The birth plan responsibly requires these controls that must be done during pregnancy:

  • Do 5 checks on it: weight, pregnancy measurement, breast control, measurement of the tummy and the baby’s heartbeat.
  • Have received information on caring for pregnancy, after delivery and the newborn.
    Perform the dental exam.
  • Get the results of blood and urine tests.
  • Comply with assigned vaccinations: two doses in pregnancy and another dose after delivery assigned by the doctor of your choice.
  • It is important consult doctors with experts such as: nutritionist, social workers, psychologists, etc.

In short, now that you know the Requirements for pregnancy allowance, you can request your social benefit and enjoy the help that the Argentine State offers to this sector of the population.

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