Requirements for Psychophysical Truckers: to request a shift, Advantages and MORE

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If you are looking for the Requirements for Psychophysical Truckers, you reached the indicated website. Here we inform you about these and the steps to follow to carry out this procedure.

Also, you will find information about the exams you must take, how to take turns, and the benefits of passing this exam.

Requirements for Psychophysical Truckers

There are some Requirements for Psychophysical Truckers, with which interested persons must comply. For this reason, those who wish to process the National Enabling License, must pay attention to the following data, and thus be able to obtain the legal opportunity to exercise the role of truck driver.

As a first point, some medical-psychophysical tests should be done, such as:

  1. Laboratory tests (urine and blood).
  2. Audiometry exam.
  3. A chest X-ray.
  4. Clinical medical review.
  5. Nursing observation (includes electrocardiogram, control of pressure, height and weight).
  6. An EEG is done.
  7. Ophthalmological review (vision with and without correction).
  8. The psychological test.

The order to take the aforementioned exams is in the requirements sheet which they deliver to the headquarters. Below are some suggestions that you should take into account:

To renew the exam

You have 30 days to complete this procedure and you must do it before it expires.

The conditions of fitness

  • The fit: They renew within 30 days prior to expiration or when it is expired.
  • Suitable with limitations: After 5 months of having taken the exam, you must return to a control or present some studies, according to previous order (you do not have to renew).
  • The qualified conditional (with precedents of non-aptitude): They must check whether or not they are in a position to enter to take a new exam.
  • The entrants: The exams are done according to what is indicated in the requirements.

With regard to the steps that you must carry out, you must take into consideration what was stated in the previous point. This is because if it is not the date to renew, you cannot use the payments made.

These payments must be made out to the person who is going to take the exams. It is important that the information is correct and that there are no typing errors (DNI and name).

By not complying with this, the payment will not work and you have to make a new one, and you must file a claim with the National Transportation Regulation Commission (CNRT). Payments with typing errors or that are in the name of other people will not be received.

Hours of Attention

Regarding the time to take the exam, normally it is at 7:00 am. If the person arrives at the wrong time, they will not be attended. And the reevaluations have already set schedules, which you can review at headquarters.

Licenses (LNH) are delivered from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The third-party license is delivered with a note from the holder, his signature, an explanation, the ID and the data of the person who is going to withdraw the license.

Duplicates for Loss or Theft

For this procedure you must present the following documents:

  1. The DNI in original and copy.
  2. The complaint with its explanation, in original and copy.
  3. Make a payment of $ 25 pesos for the LNH duplicate.

The Psychophysicist for General Cargoes and / or Dangerous Goods

The Requirements for Truckers Psychophysical that you must consign for this diligence must be in A4 format, and are named below:

  • A copy of the identity card or DNI.
  • The copy of the Municipal Driving License (it must be valid at least 30 days before the expiration date and with the home address that your DNI has, without exceptions).
  • A copy of the proof of payment (only if the company pays for it).
  • Two copies of payments made at the bank.
  • You pay Deposit slips in original.
  • The Professional category in the municipal driving record.

Once the tickets are paid, you have 30 days of validity. And they must be in the name of the person who is going to take the test.

The Canon has a cost of $ 50 pesos Banco Nación and you can download it here , look for the Canon Electronic Payment Ticket Procedures option.

Tariffs have a cost of $ 1330 pesos French Bank and you can enter this link, choose the Psychophysical Tariff, NHL option and enter your personal information.

Necessary documents

It is important to undergo the psychophysical examination to enter a workplace, since this guarantees the health that the worker has to begin to perform his functions optimally.

For this reason, here we will detail the Requirements for Truckers Psychophysical. These are as follows:

  • The person must be over 21 years of age (no exceptions are made).
  • Present the DNI (National Identity Document) or the original identity card.
  • Proof of salary (if you are not working at the time, do not enter anything).
  • Not be on a medical license.
  • You must have a 12-hour fast. In the case of taking any medication, you should not interrupt it.
  • If you suffer from urine retention, the sample should not be taken.
  • Wash hair only with shampoo (do not apply gel, rinse, cream or other product).
  • You should bring a towel and glasses (if you use them for reading).
  • The person must know how to read and write in Spanish.
  • Number the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL).
  • Patients with complicated pathologies must record the medical certification of the treatment that is being done.

How to request a shift to perform Psychophysical Truckers?

To request a shift to perform Psychophysical Truckers, you must enter this link, find the province to which you belong, then locate the corresponding Headquarters, choose the type of procedure, the day, the time and finally enter your personal data.

Advantages of passing the Truckers Psychophysical

The advantage of passing the Truckers Psychophysical is that the driver is certificate to perform the functions own your post in an efficient manner. Since with this it has been determined that it is both in its physical, mental and emotional faculties.

Therefore, the trucker himself is aware of his good health, which contributes by stimulating his productivity, efficiency and responsibility when fulfilling his tasks.

It is important that truckers perform this test every time it corresponds to them, in such a way that maintain optimal health, and in the case of having any pathology, it can be treated in time and that they do not interfere with your daily work activities.

How long is the exam valid?

The validity of the Psychophysical Exam depends on the age of the person. And it is valid for 2 years until 45 years of age. But if you are over 45, you should do it every year.

What is the Truckers Psychophysical exam?

It is an exam that consists of the evaluation, verification and monitoring of the psychophysical faculties of the drivers, thus testing their ability to drive, authorizing their ability reducing dangers and costs.

For this reason, all drivers should be arranged for a psychophysical review. This is composed of a medical, psychological, visual and auditory test.

These tests assess the mental, perceptual and reaction processing skills of the driver, with the aim of specifying their psychophysical competence to drive vehicles.

So it goes aimed at vehicle drivers of all categories. This service is individualized and adjusted to each one, without losing the purpose.

There are a series of psychophysical abilities examination cabinets, which are mentioned below:

The Visual Cabinet

With this test, a visual evaluation is performed through an anemometer or visual check, of specific way for each eye. This in order to confirm or rule out some diseases such as: Strabismus, amblyopia, anisocoria, nystagmus, monocular vision, visual acuity, hemianopia, eyelid ptosis and dyschromatopsia.

Hearing Cabinet

This establishes the hearing capacity of the applicant or driver for the license. This is done by means of a hearing anamnesis and a hearing acuity test, through a three-frequency audiometry. The points to be reviewed are: the control of otoamplifon, different levels of hearing loss, bilateral and unilateral ancusis, the determination of tinnitus.

The Psychological Cabinet

It is investigated on your family history, and current situation. Condition about driving vehicles, behavior in terms of rules and accidents. Check the orientation, judgment at times, their language, reasoning, cognitive process, their behavior, concentration, retention, perspective and sense of reality.

Likewise, the way to organize and plan the spaces, action, productivity, the adaptability or not of the visual-motor coordination. The level of maturation, acceptability, also factors of anxiety and violence, mastering impulses, level of tolerance to frustration.

On the other hand, the form of relate with others, the bonds, the affectivity. Organizational indicators, also indicators of substance use. The level of attention and concentration, fatigue, emotional and organic disconnection.

Personality traits, ability to react defensively to stressful conditions, impediments, defense mechanisms. Also cognitive disorders, norm-following, short and long-term retention. Prolonged attention, the language area, visuoconstruction capacities and praxis.

Medical Cabinet

This checks the health condition of the driver, get possible diseases and establish its influence on the ability to drive vehicles. This test evaluates the following: Pathological precedents, current pathologies, current treatments, physical examination, impairment assessment, the locomotor system, the cardiovascular system. As well as neurological diseases, if there are metabolic pathologies, hematological alterations and clinical alterations.

We hope we have cleared up any doubts regarding the Requirements for Psychophysical Truckers. With the information that appears here, you have the opportunity to begin the diligence as soon as possible.

It should be noted that this test is essential to perform the functions relevant to truckers. Since in this way, the risks in any situation are reduced and the driver is protected.

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