Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card: by Link, Duration and MORE

Through this article we present you with information about the Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card in Costa Rica, in such a way that you are clear about these.

The requirements specified below are very important to carry out this process. In order to expedite the pertinent procedure and continue enjoying legality as a resident in this country.

What are the Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card?

Below the Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card, which must be considered, and thus carry out the pertinent procedure.

The identity card as a resident in Costa Rica can be renewed up to three months in advance before expiring.

If for any reason, the person has been out of Costa Rican territory for more than a year, at the time of renewal, they must include the certification of the criminal record of the country where they stayed.

Then you must manage the request for approval of the renewal of your DIMEX (Immigration Identity Document for Foreigners), since it is essential to present the same.

Requirements for Non-renewal for one Year

In the case of non-renewal of the Residence Card in Costa Rica for one year, the citizen must first consult with the corresponding department of Immigration.

If the residence is not canceled, the renewal must be managed again, so the interested party must present the following requirements:

  1. Submit the pertinent application to the respective Immigration area, stating your willingness to renew the Residence Card.
  2. Pay a penalty in the amount of $ 3 for each month that you did not renew.
  3. Submit a sworn statement, stating the reasons why you did not process the renewal. If the citizen was more than a year outside of Costa Rica, he must also present the criminal record apostilled in the place where he was or in his country of origin.
  4. You must pay an amount of USD $ 123 for the cost of the process of renewing the Residence Card.

For foreigners

The Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card, for foreign citizens are the following:

To carry out this procedure, you have to schedule an appointment, which you can request through two telephone channels:

  • Telephone number of the Migration Call Center: 1311.
  • The telephone number of the Banco de Costa Rica: 2211-1120.

If the applicant is assisted in any of the Banco de Costa Rica agencies, in the Special Service Boxes in Correos de Costa Rica, he must pay an extra balance, which must be in cash on the same day of the appointment.


The balance to be canceled is confirmed at the time of requesting the appointment.

Requirements by Link

This type of residence card originated from the idea of ​​reuniting families, between Costa Ricans and foreigners, that is, citizens of other countries living in Costa Rica.

Within the Requirements by Link are those mentioned below:

  1. Relatives of Costa Ricans, where they enter (parents, siblings who are not married, spouse and children). Domestic partners also apply as long as they have been legally declared.
  2. Family members of foreign citizens who are legal as residents in Costa Rica. Family members are (children, parents and spouse), as well as common-law couples who have been legally declared.
  3. To do this, the interested party must have a valid tourist visa. Visas that are expired will not be received.

When carrying out the residency procedure by link, the following documents must be consigned:

The Application

This request is made by authorized personnel, and has the requirements required by law, it must be signed by the interested party and certified by a lawyer.

The Affiliation Form

This form must contain all your personal information.

The Certificate that verifies the link

The birth certificate or civil status must be issued by the Civil Registry of Costa Rica. When the document comes from another country, it must be registered in Costa Rica to be valid.

If the residence is by marriage with a Costa Rican citizen, the coexistence must be verified through a mandatory test. The two spouses will be interviewed and must also sign an affidavit.

Birth certificate of the foreign citizen

This certificate must be issued by their country of origin, and must reflect the name of their parents, the date and place of birth. This must be apostilled or legalized. If you do not have apostilles, it must be passed through the consulate.

If there is evidence that this requirement cannot be met, it will be waived. You must pay USD $ 42 in tax stamps for the document.

The criminal record certificate

The criminal record certificate must show that the foreign citizen has not been convicted in his country of origin, or that he has lived there during the last three years.

The background must be apostilled or legalized, if there is no apostille it must be taken to the consulate. They must also be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica and pay USD $ 42 in tax stamps.

Submit fingerprint certification

This certification must be managed in person directly in Costa Rica.


Submit four passport-size photos

The certified copy of the passport

Each of the pages of the passport must be certified. The last page, the one that shows your entry into the country, must be photocopied in color to verify that it is up to date.

The certificate of consular registration

This procedure is carried out at the consulate of your country of origin in Costa Rica. The price of this certification is different in each consulate.

Cost of the procedure

When the residency procedure is done in Costa Rica, an amount of USD $ 200 must be paid for the change of migratory category.

Take into consideration

When the documents that are in a language other than Spanish, they will have to be translated by authorized persons for this purpose.

Duration of the Processing of the Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card

The duration of this procedure will depend on the application modality that is carried out and the regime that is applied.

However, this period of time can be between three months and a year, which begins to run immediately when the file is complete.

This means that there are no pending requirements to be presented at the Directorate of Migration and Foreigners.

What is the Residence Card?

The Cédula de Residencia in Costa Rica is an identification document that is granted to foreign citizens, in order to obtain a legal residence status in the country.

In this country there are two types of residence which are:

The Temporary Residence

This is a provisional residence permit that is granted to the foreigner, basically related to a professional work condition.

The Permanent Residence

It is a migratory position that authorizes the citizen who acquires it, to be within the Costa Rican territory indefinitely and where they have the possibility of working.

This residency can be requested if the parents or children are born in Costa Rica. Similarly, it can be requested by people who have had a temporary residence for three consecutive years.

Regarding the expiration date of the Residence Card, the following characteristics must be taken into account:

Plastic Residency Certificates: Its expiration date has an order (month and year in which it expires), it is located on the back in the hologram, for the blue ones, and with a black and white photograph for the new ones.

The Green Book Certificates: These contain the date they expire. It is also affixed with an ink stamp, on one of its pages, with those stamps and the corresponding signature for the authorization.

It is important to highlight, that it cannot be confused that stamp with which it was placed due to automatic renewals, which is not taken into account at the time of renewal.

Regime Certificates: This contains your date on the front, where it is displayed right next to the identification number.

The Certificates of Rentistas and Pensioners: These are the so-called brown cardboard cédulas, and the expiration date is reflected on the back of the cédula.

The costs of some procedures are mentioned below:

  1. To change the migratory category, you must pay USD $ 200, except for stateless people, refugees and asylees.
  2. For the consignment of the application you must pay $ 50.

The following are the amounts for permanent and temporary immigration conditions, provided for in Law 8764:

  • For the plastic $ 38.
  • The application $ 30.
  • For the expedition $ 30.
  • Fines $ 3 for each month that you did not complete the process.
  • The total per ID is $ 98, plus the fines.

For more information on Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card in Costa Rica, you can enter this link.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements for Renewal of the Residence Card Costa Rican, and you can carry out the diligence in a timely and correct manner.

Since having current resident documents contributes to better development within Costa Rica and also allows you to obtain some benefits even if you are a foreigner.


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