Requirements for Sanitary Book: Necessary exams, What it is and MORE

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The Requirements for Sanitary Book, are essential to engage in a variety of activities. Whether to handle food, start tattooing. Also to transport passengers, work in a hairdresser, among others.

Regardless of the activity you are going to do, we will show you the Requirements for Sanitary Book, which are very easy to gather.

Requirements for Sanitary Book

Within the Requirements for Sanitary Book, are the following:

  • Present the valid DNI (National Identity Document).
  • A letter from the company requesting the granting of the Book in the name of the person. With the signature of the company representative. And contain the company name, address of residence. Responsible for the company where he performs the functions.
  • The documentation that proves the identification of the applicant. And if you are a foreign citizen. They must also record the qualifying precarious residence certification. To have the possibility of working in Argentina.
  • Food handling certification. It is intended only for interested parties in the food sector.

It should be noted that there is a food handling training.

It trains personnel whose job functions are related to food handling. Also equipment, raw materials and utensils that are used for this work.

The purpose of this course is for food handlers to carry out proper hygiene practices.

In this way, the proliferation of Foodborne Diseases (ETA) is prevented. This is the way to ensure that the establishments where they sell food provide good quality products.

Requirements for Sanitary Book: Where to get it?

The institution responsible for managing and issuing the Sanitary Book in Argentina is the Ministry of Health.

The procedure is carried out in hospitals. Which correspond to the address of residence of the employee (if it is self-employed). Or to the work address.

Listed below are authorized hospital centers to process the Sanitary Book in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. And the respective addresses are named:

  • Hospital Vélez Sarfield Pedro Calderón de la Barca 1550.
  • The Hospital Rivadavia Av. General Las Heras 2670.
  • Pirovano Hospital Av. Monroe 3555.
  • The Durand Hospital Av. Díaz Vélez 5044.
  • Hospital Penna Prof. Dr. Pedro Chutro 3380.
  • The Hospital Tornú Combatientes de Malvinas 3002.
  • Hospital Álvarez Dr. Juan F. Aranguren 2701.
  • Ramos Mejía General Urquiza Hospital 609.
  • Santojanni Pilar 950 Hospital.
  • The Fernández Hospital, located Av. Cerviño 3356.
  • Hospital Piñero Av. Varela 1301.
  • The Hospital Argerich Corbeta Pi y Margall 750.

Necessary exams for Sanitary Book

Another of the Requirements for Sanitary Book, consists of practicing a series of studies. Which are detailed below:

  1. A complete clinical examination.
  2. Laboratory exams. Includes complete blood count and sedimentation rate.
  3. Serological tests of syphilis and tuberculosis.
  4. Legally mandatory vaccinations, for the corresponding cases.
  5. Additional analysis, if warranted.
  6. Chest X-ray.
  7. Double immunization for adults.

The Sanitary Book is a mandatory requirement for people who work in the following sectors:

Food Sector

It is aimed at the people who participate in the different processes related to the deposit. To the industrialization, transfer and commercialization of food products. It will also be applied to people who perform management functions and street food vending.

Also for people who carry out food delivery distribution. And for locals that provide catering or lunch services, both for parties and for various events.

The Transport Sector

It includes the people who are in charge of transfer and protection of travelers. Through the vehicles assigned to transport people who go to healthcare entities. It also applies to those who attend educational centers. Also sports and transport of tourist groups.

Social Services Sector

Refers to persons responsible for caring for infants. Too people of the Third Age and children in nurseries, kindergarten, collective dining rooms. Likewise, those who attend geriatric centers, shelters and in assistance to people with different capacities.

The Domestic Service Sector

It is aimed at people who perform functions of household chores.

Hairdressing and Similar Services Sector

This includes people who work in beauty salons. Also spa, saunas, hairdressers and massages.

Swimming centers

For people who perform functions in commercial swimming centers. These centers can be semi-public and public.

Hotels and Related

Refers to all staff who perform cleaning activities. This group includes waiters, cooks and hotel assistants. Also for lodging in hotels, hostels and temporary shelters.

It also includes apprentices who belong to gastronomy schools (if they sell their products), make donations of these. In the same way they must carry out their educational practices.

Likewise all the functions related to the elaboration of tattoos, holes (perforations). Micropigmentation work, among others. This is stipulated in Law No. 1,897

Requirements for Sanitary Book: Benefits

Having the Health Record is a guarantee that the worker is healthy. And that it can perform the assigned functions.

Likewise, the «Code of Recommended International Practices on the General Principles of Food Hygiene» was established. It is what is known as the basis of the requirements of behavior and personal hygiene in the preparation and distribution of food.

Through this it is ensured that all workers who are in constant contact with food products do not contaminate them. In other words, there must be an appropriate inspection on the behavior and personal hygiene of each of the workers.

Thus, the training is for food handlers regarding behavior and principles of personal hygiene. Therefore they are deserving of a license as a manipulator. This makes it more effective than employees get medical tests.

Now, with respect to the personal hygiene of the employees. The following must be taken into account: These must have a high level of particular cleanliness. Use uniforms or protective clothing.

Cover your hair and shoes. In the case of cuts and wounds they should cover yourself with waterproof bandages.

On the other hand, washing your hands is essential and keeping your nails short. And thus prevent infectious microorganisms from appearing. Decreasing the possibility of food contamination.

The use of disinfectant products It is important. Since it contributes to remove infectious elements from the hands. These products can be: Soap, hypochlorite, compositions with iodine, alcohol and compositions with ammonia.

Along the same lines, it is important to use gloves, and to use them when handling food already prepared for consumption. These must be disposable, they must be kept clean, and made with non-permeable material. Gloves must be constantly replaced, according to the food handled.

The uniforms must be of light colors, on the waist, they must not have buttons or pockets. The pants must have an elastic or fixed belt. It is suggested use plastic apron, in the event that the task to be carried out constantly wet or soiled the uniform.

From In fact, the footwear must also be light in color, made of non-permeable material or rubber, and boot-like. If the employee works in a wet area, he must have anti-slip protection. These must be neat and in optimal condition.

In the same order, the personal behavior is essential. For this reason, workers must be trained during the food-making process. And also aware of the importance of the hygienic handling of these.

Avoid behaviors that can cause food pollution. That is, do not cough, smoke, eat, chew or spit on food. These are unacceptable behaviors. In doing so the worker must be away from food.

On the other hand, objects for personal use such as: Rings, bracelets, watches. They should not be used within the area food handling. These have to be kept in the lockers. If employees wear glasses, they have to be tied with a rope behind the neck. Thus preventing them from falling into food.

Step by step for Sanitary Notebook

To carry out the procedure and comply with the Requirements for Sanitary Book. The following steps must be followed:

All this diligence is carried out in the service of Promotion and Protection of Hospital Health of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Along the same lines, you must present all the documents in the aforementioned entity. You must go to the hospital that corresponds to the employee’s home address. Or with the work address.

Therefore, the Health Certificate will be issued, when the applicant submits the proof of physical sufficiency. Issued by a licensed physician and authorized in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Which belongs to the sub-sectors of private or social security. This procedure is completely free.

What does the Sanitary Book consist of?

The Sanitary Book it is a certification. Which reports on the health conditions of employees. This in order to prevent the proliferation of diseases that are spread through food.

Similarly, infections from sexual intercourse. The intention is to catch it early.

And provide the appropriate medications to the worker. In such a way that, it is managed before the date that the employment relationship begins.

It should be taken into account that if the worker continues working in the same company. You have the obligation to renew the Sanitary Certificate every year. You should know that the book is valid only for the province in which it is made.

With the information that we provide you about the Requirements for Sanitary Book. You will have the possibility to carry out your procedure quickly and easily.

You just have to check the list of hospitals where you can carry out the diligence. Complete the steps to follow and you’re done. To get more information about it you can go to this link.

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