Requirements for Spanish citizenship: Procedure, What it is and MORE

Obtain Spanish citizenship it is a process that has to be taken with great judgment and detailIt is important to comply with all the requirements, obtain all the documents to carry out the other steps and enjoy nationality.

Thanks to the economic development that Spain has had and its political growth in recent decades, they have facilitated entry and exit from this region. It is a destination that they choose not so much to travel, but also to stay.

There are many lovers of this beautiful, colorful city with a fascinating culture. If you want to know all the requirements to obtain Spanish citizenship do not stop reading this article.

Requirements for Spanish citizenship:

Take note from now on, because you will be able to know part of this process, it is usually a bit cumbersome but with help and a lot of guidance you can achieve a lot.

People don’t know it but, pTo be able to demand Spanish citizenship, it is necessary to verify certain requirements which are made up of the state, so having a birth certificate does not mean being Spanish, it only shows that you were born in Spanish territory.

Currently, the state exists that the people of origin are:

IUS SANGUINIS: Nationality is passed from parents to children

IUS SOLI: Spanish nationality by territory residence.

The main steps are:

  • Have completed the residency steps that are legally demanding.
  • To apply for the Spanish national by residence, you can mostly accredit the 10 years to be resident in Spain.

To the 5 years the people who can apply are those who have obtained refugee status.

In another case, citizens of origin from Ibero-American countries such as: Andorra, the Philippines, Guinea, Equatorial, Portugal or Sephardic. They may request it when they have turned 2 years old.

Necessary documents

  1. Application form
  2. Identity card of being a foreigner. Card of the family member citizens of the European Union or the certificate of the Central Registry for foreigners.
  3. Respective passport
  4. The certificate of census
  5. Birth certificate, it is required to be legalized.
  6. If the person is of legal age, they are asked for the certificate of criminal record issued by the country of origin and finally that it is legalized.
  7. Proof of livelihoods, such as: payroll, labor report, among other test reports.
  8. And finally, the children’s certificate, in the case of minors.
  9. Take the exams Spanish nationality

With a new process to obtain nationality, several modifications have been made, that means, that the interviews were previously carried out are replaced by exams, which, that is part of the fulfillment of the requirements

More information on the CCSE tests can be found on the Instituto Cervantes website.

How is the procedure for Spanish citizenship?

It is good that you carry out these types of procedures with the help of a company or lawyers that better facilitate the management of your nationality application, because it can be easy but you need professional help when deciding to be a Spanish citizen.

You have to be clear about several points after having understood the requirements and having obtained the appropriate documents to follow the next steps, which are:

  • Have no record

It is necessary to comply with obtaining a good civic conduct if you plan to apply for Spanish nationality. So, if the person has been in trouble with the law, they would automatically be denied.

  • Documents in force

This point is important, because we do not know that the documents have a validity period and at the time of presenting the document during the process they can fall into a serious mistake because it will no longer be valid and they would lose the entire process previously worked on.

  • Not being out of Spain for a long time.

To be approved, the Spanish nationality must be respected when entering and leaving the country, it is recommended no travel for 3 months while doing the whole process to obtain Spanish nationality

Who can obtain Spanish citizenship?

To obtain Spanish nationality you have to know that There are 3 different ways: by origin, option and residence.

Next, we will explain in detail those requirements that are essential and it begins this way:

Spanish nationality by origin:
It is one that is obtained at the time of birth and without citizens of origin born to Spanish parents or mother.

It can also be:

  • Those born in Spain of foreign parents. At least one of them must have been born in the city of origin.
  • Those of parents who have not obtained nationality they can acquire it.
  • Those born in Spain by unknown parents
  • The foreigners who are under 18 and are adopted by a Spaniard Acquires Spanish nationality from adoption within two years.
  • Spanish nationality by option
  • Those parents who They were originally born in Spain. In this case there is no age limit but they must prove that their parents were born in Spain.
  • Can be requested through a legal representative for those who are minors.
  • Those who have been adopted by a Spaniard. The management lasts about two years.

The application is made on an official form, accompanied by the documentation required for each of the ways of acquiring Spanish nationality and is presented at the Civil registration near the town where the person resides, if you do not reside in Spain it is good to go to the Consular Civil Registry or through the legal means depending on the type of application.

Benefits of Spanish citizenship:

These are some of the advantages that people choose to obtain Spanish nationality.

  1. Unlimited access in Europe to be legally, circulate and secure a job.
  2. Entry to countries without a visa
  3. If you have the option to access as police, civil guard or army, will ensure you access to certain positions that as a foreigner are not allowed.
  4. To achieve a better status this point is important because it will guarantee you access to all the available places in the country that are normally reduced because some citizens do not have Spanish nationality.
  5. If there is any interest in public or political affairs. You have the right to participate General elections.
  6. Obtain the conditions of the field of health and public health that gives the National security
  7. You will be able to transmit Spanish nationality to your children, since, automatically, you offer that possibility and they can choose easily.
  8. You will have protection with the consulate of Spain when you travel to other countries
  9. It favors many families, having a bond with a brother, father, partner, facilitates access to Spain more than a foreigner being a legal resident

What is Spanish nationality?

In terms of law, is the link between a person and the state. It is considered an important right, because most people have at least one nationality.

That type of bond creates a commitment that they give to the person of nationality thus fulfill the obligations by the margin of the law.

It is said that there is an outstanding number of foreigners who want to obtain Spanish citizenship, that is why the Ministry of Justice informs in its Web page all the documents and requirements that are necessary to correctly apply for Spanish nationality.

Learn more about Spain

Spain is a wonderful destination where beauty, culture, art and gastronomy, that is why many users choose this unique country, reflecting itself in each of its places with wonderful stories.

Through the ages, Spain contributed to forging part of the history of Europe, is selected as one of the most diverse and different countries that you could find on any continent.

Many of its large cities differ, for their colors, their streets and their people. There are around 47 million people living in Spain and many of them are foreigners.

The mixture of culture with people from other countries has created a different and tolerant perspective, not only on racist issues, but also on the homophobic aspect, which is why Spain can be a beautiful place to live.

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