Requirements for Student Ticket: how to Activate it, Advantages and MORE

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This article reflects the Requirements for Student Ticket . That is why I know they will answer all the questions, to this topic so important for the students Take note!

Studying is important because it helps exercise the mind to learn or understand things. To achieve what you set out to do, you must first prepare.

Now, in Argentina there is something called a student ticket whose purpose is for students to travel for free through public transport in order to attend educational institutions.

The procedure is easy and provides the benefit to any student who is studying the levels: initial, primary and secondary both from public and private institutions subsidized by the state, both in the province of Buenos Aires and in other places that comprise it. the Argentine territory.

Professional level students can also benefit. If you are students, you must comply with a series of requirements for student ticket which will be explained in detail below.

Requirements for Student Ticket

The student ticket is for all students who are studying the initial, primary or secondary levels through private and public organizations with state contribution. That is why, to aspire to the requirements for student ticket are the following:

Requirements for Student Ticket: Beginning, Primary or Secondary Level

  1. Be a regular student.
  2. The student must live in the Province of Buenos Aires at a greater length. Also, the distance should be approximately 600 m of the educational institution, in the case of initial and primary level.
  3. For secondary level students it must be at a distance of 800 m.
  4. The student must join an institution public or private. That is to say, that it has contributions with the state in the locality of Buenos Aires.

Requirements for Student Ticket: How to Register?

Now with being clear about the requirements for student ticket, the student must register, which will be explained below:

  1. Enter directly into the portal Student ticket and complete the registration form to get the number of the procedure that the student must show in the highlighted record.
  2. In the event that the student wishes to fix the registration point, they must access the registration form, follow the steps and at the end select a new point.
  3. The student must go to the registration site with the respective selected form. You should also go to the email Argentino SA with the following documents.

Necessary documents

  1. If the student is adultYou must bring your ID and a photocopy of it.
  2. On the other hand, if the student is under 18 years of age, their legal representative must carry their identification card and the photocopy, as well as a copy of the student’s ID.
  3. In both cases, the student must show the digit of the procedure obtained and the SUBE credential of the student in the case of having been manifested in the registration record.
  4. The student must activate the benefit at any SUBE facility.
  5. The student must print the document. You must complete your personal data again in the registration form

Requirements for Student Ticket: University

The requirements for the student ticket in the case of university students are the following:

  1. Be a regular student of some of the following universities: Provincial University of Ezeiza, National University of Arturo Jauretche, National University of Avellaneda, University of Lanús, de la Matanza, among another one.
  2. Be domiciled in the province of Buenos Aires in an area or place approximately greater than 2,000 m of the educational organization.
  3. The student must have at least passes three subjects during the previous year. In addition, students who are studying the first year must demonstrate that they have completed the intermediate level, without committing to subjects at the moment of delivery of the documents.
  4. It is important to note that the student who wants this benefit cannot have a university degree.


The university student will have to perform the following procedures:

  1. The student must register on the card GOES UP.
  2. Access the method «Siu guaraní» or through the website of the institution where you are carrying out your studies, with your username and password.
  3. The citizen will have to complete the digital registration form of the Undersecretariat of Transport. That is, this undersecretary will be informed monthly when the preloads are free.
  4. The student has to demonstrate the preload payment through one of the SUBE Terminals, approaching your SUBE credential until the message tells you to pick it up.
  5. Also through electronic devices accessing the option to credit charges.
  6. You can do it through your mobile device, downloading the Upload Upload Beta application, verifying the SUBE card, accessing the option Accredit uploads.

How to Activate the Student Ticket?

Having carried out all the steps explained above, they should go to the SUBE Automatic Terminals, which is located in the main agency or those closest to them. Also, it is there where the students will activate the card.

What is the Student Ticket?

The student ticket is a pass that allows you to move through public transport either by buses, subways, free of charge. With having done all the Requirements for Student Ticket, they will give you a credential that you must present to the driver each time you get on the transport.

It is very important to note that the operation of this benefit began with the dispute that took time and incorporation of the events of the Night of the Pencils, when in 1976, through a demonstration regarding the claim of the free ticket, a group of students were kidnapped in their residences in the place of La Plata by means of a military dictatorship.

If your child is a student at the initial, primary, or secondary level in a 100% subsidized public or private school in a Special Education institution, you can enroll them to contain this benefit.

Advantages of having a Student Ticket

The student ticket contains the following advantages that will be explained below:

  1. With the SUBE card the student will have it authorized from 03/02/2020 in the case of the initial and primary course. In the case for students who are studying secondary, it is from 03/09/2020.
  2. To have the benefits of the student ticket you must obtain a SUBE card.
  3. By activating the card you will be able to 50 monthly trips Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to midnight, with a margin of up to 4 daily trips.
  4. The student ticket is fully gratuitous the first time.
  5. For students who are studying termination at the secondary level, they can acquire the benefit by having the SUBE card. That is, you have to register through the page GOES UP , where the preload will be sent and you can enjoy 50 trips.
  6. In the event that the student exceeds the established limit, the student must pay a normal rate for each means of transport. If you have any questions, you can call 0800-444-2400 or email

Frequent questions

Do youIf a person carried out the registration process and aspired to the benefit previously, do they have to do it again?

No, if the student completed the procedure during 2019, they will have to go to an Automatic Terminal to update and renew the benefit, then you have to access the registration form and fill in your personal data and finish by printing your new card.

Is there a deadline to apply for the Special Student Ticket?

No. Enrollment can be done virtually during an entire school term.

Can the badge be reprinted?

Yes, the student can do so by accessing the registration form and completing their information, the system will give you your card so that you can print it. You can do it as many times as you want.

Where can the student use the student ticket?

The student will be able to use their student ticket if you study in CABA or in the vicinity to use the transportation to move.

If you are a student, do not stop doing the Requisitos for Student Ticket, so that you can acquire the benefit.

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