Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality: Advantages, What it is and MORE

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If you are a foreign citizen who is currently in Peru and needs to do some activities but cannot, then you are in the right place to obtain the information related to the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality.

With the management for the change of immigration status, you can carry out other types of activities without currently being a resident. The information that you surely need and did not know can be read here.

What are the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality?

The Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality, You can review them below:

  • You must deliver the Form F-004 duly filled out with all the information requested there. This is the form with which you request the change of immigration status or a special permit to sign contracts as a foreign citizen.
  • Consign a copy of the Valid passport or protocol card in case of being official, consular and diplomatic personalities.
  • Deliver the Interpol International Exchange Token, if you are of legal age. This International Exchange Token is nothing more than a document that certifies that there are no active searches by the police authorities of other countries. It is handed over by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).
  • Also, you will be asked other requirements depending on the particular case and the activities you intend to carry out in Peru.

Steps to make the change in immigration status:

  • You must make the payment corresponding to the right to management, the sum is 117.70 soles in the Banco de la Nación. Likewise, you must indicate the code 1814 or do it in the web portal.
  • Enter the web portal of Migrations and reserve the appointment online, according to the migratory status that corresponds to you. You must save the obtained appointment.
  • Go to the scheduled appointment. You must do it at the headquarters of the Immigration Services Management in the city of Lima, Prolongación Avenida España 734, Breña, or you can also go to the local headquarters.
  • Bring the indicated documentation and proof of the appointment.
  • They will give you a file number and a code to follow up on the process.
  • You must wait for Migrations to evaluate the application and grant you the Immigration Status of Resident in 60 days. If they have observations, they will do so via email so that they can be corrected.

Once the change in Immigration Status has been obtained, you can apply for the Immigration Card, which is the document that identifies foreigners as residents, and also empowers them to carry out activities other than tourism.

Who can process the change of immigration quality?

According to the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality, the Resident Immigration Quality in Peru, It is for those foreign citizens who are students, investors, religious, workers.

Also for relatives of residents, including minors. Likewise, other cases that have been stipulated by agreements.

The legal framework that applies to foreigners is the Migration Law and Regulations.

In addition, of the migratory quality of tourists, there is the temporary one that occurs in the cases of international agreements, for research and training activities, sports and artistic activities, journalism, work, and for business activities, among others.

This law establishes in article 39, asylum and refuge as legal status for protection. Therefore, those who request these legal statutes do not require Immigration Status or a visa for admission and stay in the country.

The residence allows different types of entry such as: religious, exchange, investment, humanitarian, research activities and others.

The period of permanence is from 90 days to indeterminate, depending on the type of immigration status in question.

Conditions for the Change of Immigration Quality

Continuing with the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality, The conditions for granting the change of special resident immigration status are as follows:

  • Deliver the request for change of special immigration status resident in the 30 continuous days before the expiration of the Temporary Permit (PTP).
  • They must not register antecedents police, judicial, criminal, national or international or any alert in INTERPOL or be in any cause of article 48 of Legislative Decree No. 1350.
  • What’s more, must not have been absent from the national territory for more than 183 days consecutive or not, within a period of 365 days.
  • Has to report on the activities that have been carried out during the term of the PTP and contribute everything that certifies the development of these activities.
  • Have payment the right of the PTP.

Change of Immigration Quality for Minors

According to the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality, Regarding minors, the requirements are as follows:

  • You must make the request for the appointment online in the Peruvian migration portal.
  • Make the payment for the processing fee.
  • Complete the form.
  • Consign the Birth Certificate accredited by the Peruvian Consulate, in addition, it must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled. If not, the birth certificate with the sworn statement of authenticity of the document.
  • Present a consular or duly notarized document proving the guardianship of the attorney-in-fact, when the minor is not accompanied by the parents.
  • In case the document has been obtained abroad, it must be certified by the Peruvian Consulate and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled. If not, then present an affidavit of authenticity of the document.


Continuing with the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality, The main advantage of the change in Immigration Quality is that They can carry out any type of remunerated economic activity susceptible to payment of taxes, Within the Peruvian legal framework, Supreme Decree No. 007-2017-IN, Article 2.2 Inca.

Likewise, there is the advantage that once the procedure of the Change of Immigration Quality is completed, you can Obtain the Immigration Card. This document identifies you as a foreigner and endorses residence in the country.

Also, now you can now carry out different procedures and procedures that before the change of immigration status could not do, such as opening a bank account, or starting your own business.

The advantages to carry out certain and certain activities will depend on what type of residence you have and what immigration status should change.

There are foreign workers, family members of residents, students, religious, rentiers, independent investors and independent professionals.

The change of migratory status of a tourist will allow him to request an extension of the time of stay in the country, to work or to do business, also for family reasons, with which he becomes an immigrant.

The Immigration Status allows you to carry out a specific activity and others that are not incompatible with the permission granted. It expires when its validity ends.

It is important to remember that a foreign citizen cannot have more than one Immigration Status at the same time.

What is it?

The Migratory quality Resident is a authorization that is granted to a foreign citizen in order to carry out certain and certain activities in Peru, which are characterized by residence in the country.

The change in Immigration Quality it is an administrative procedure that allows the foreign citizen to obtain an immigration status different from the one they have. In addition, this request must be made before the immigration authority correspondent.

This procedure must be processed during the stay of the foreigner in Peru. It is important to bear in mind that the foreign citizen who makes the procedure for an extension or change of immigration status within the established period, maintains the previous condition even when its validity ends.

The extension of the period is automatic until the Immigration authorities resolve the process or there is expiration of the maximum term to qualify the application.

It is an essential requirement to obtain the Aliens Card. So far, you have read the Requirements for the Change of Immigration Quality. You already know well what it is about and other important characteristics. It is now your responsibility to take the corresponding steps.


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