Requirements for the Civil Defense Certificate: Stages, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements for the Civil Defense Certificate. It is a document that is sent by local governments, that is, by the municipality of Lima.

People who work as civil defense, work in helping and supporting localities or cities that live in vulnerable areas. These citizens look for a way to solve and give a hand to the inhabitants when there are natural or man-made disasters.

Civil defenders ensure the protection of their community, the inhabitants, their heritage, etc. That is why if you need this document you must first collect the Requirements for the Civil Defense Certificate. If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to continue reading.

What are the Requirements for the Civil Defense Certificate?

People must comply with the Requirements for the Civil Defense Certificate. Likewise, to obtain this certificate it will depend on the Risk level of the Establishment, which is established in the Risk Matrix.

  • Request form ITSE or ECSE.
  • Information supplied by the applicant.
  • The risk level report.
  • Attach the affidavit, only for later ITSE.

Risk Matrix

A risk matrix is ​​a technical instrument that works to establish or classify the level of risk existing in the building, according to the parameters of fire and collapse risks coupled with the economic functions that are developed.

The foregoing, with the purpose of investigating whether the technical safety inspection was carried out correctly in the establishments before or after the fulfillment of the permit for the operation of the start of activities.

Stages for the Civil Defense Certificate

The delivery of said certificate is made lAfter determining and inspecting the security conditions of each establishment in what each citizen works.

In this way, the risk of loss caused by natural disasters or human behavior can be anticipated or reduced to protect and safeguard citizens, property, etc.

The civil defense security technicians prepared by the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI), observe and inspect compliance with the Civil Defense security regulations in the establishments in order to prevent risks.

There are different stages which are the following:

Prevention Stage

In the prevention stage, applicants must go through several stages, which will be explained below:

Information Phase

People who work in civil defense must teach, train applicants. They must also communicate to people what causes disasters, their consequences and the deterioration that it causes that can be avoided if they fulfill the prevention functions.

Preparation phase

In this phase, the tasks to be fulfilled for prevention. That is, people who want to become civil defense practice in the famous drills, in any establishment that requires it.

Alert phase

In this phase it is intended that the people in charge are aware of any disaster alert, to communicate it to the population and seek the necessary help to protect them.

Emergency stage

In this stage, everything that you have been taught regarding preventive functions is put into practice, in addition to other phrases.

Survival Phase

This phase is intended for people to apply what they have taught to survive in an adverse situation and has the responsibility to help people.

The drills play a fundamental role for this phase, since they must perceive when it is time to leave in a correct and orderly manner and above all be alert to the security zones to prevent what will happen next.

Reconstruction Stage

In this stage it can be divided as in the restoration of basic services and reconstruction. That is to say, in those phases you must be aware of the operation of those basic services.

People who want to be part of the Civil Defense can do so by anyone who is willing to provide assistance in the established functions of the services that the civil defense is in charge of.

It is important to note that the volunteers perform the functions for free, in the same way they have the right to be protected against possible risks.

According to (INDECI) there is volunteering in emergencies and rehabilitation. This mechanism is in charge of the active management of Disaster Risks, whose functions are related to the organization, response and rehabilitation procedures in the requests of the public and private sectors, organizations, among others.

This mechanism is carried out through legal and natural persons in a way free and voluntary. It is under the leadership of the authorities in charge of the Risk management from where you are.

Types of volunteers in emergency and rehabilitation

  • They prepare volunteers in Emergency and General Rehabilitation.
  • Volunteering in Emergency and Rehabilitation Specialized.
  • People can aspire to help out in the schools’ solidarity services program of how they should prepare for a disaster.

It is important that in order to become a volunteer, citizens must have knowledge, development of skills, abilities and willingness to learn to provide help in the necessary management activities.

  1. Be willing to learn and prepare for any emergency and disasters.
  2. Management shelters.
  3. Inspection for occasional damage and study of needs.
  4. Provide help in the Emergency Operations Centers.
  5. Recovery of public services. Among many other things.

People who want to work as a volunteer in this public body, should take into account that they must have a professional title or, if applicable, a title as a technician approved by the Ministry of Education or a competent body.

Citizens who are minors they must present their a written authorization from their parents or, where appropriate, from their guardian legal. For no reason may they carry out work that is dangerous to their integrity, both moral, mental and physical.

Benefits of the Civil Defense Certificate

The Civil Defense certificate is essential for people who want to open a business, that is why it contains the following benefits:

  • This certificate is beneficial because it shows whether the establishment complies with the security conditions.
  • Citizen who wants to open a business, winery, restaurants, has to comply with obtaining the Civil Defense certificate, this certificate helps to prevent risk situations.
  • Also this certificate citizens comply with the rules established by law.
  • They care about and ensure the protection of people.
  • Citizens who have to obtain this certificate must take into account the level of risk of the place.
  • If they meet the certain requirements, you can start by complying with the activities of the establishment.
  • The validity of said certificate is at least less 2 years. That is why it must be pending if it has expired so that it can be renewed.
  • It is beneficial that each person who works in an establishment has knowledge or what actions to take when there is adverse situations.
  • People must take into account if their warehouse, office, place is safe for customers, but that will be determined by trained civil defense personnel.

Legal Aspects about the Civil Defense Certificate

This certificate is governed by the legal framework that are the following:

  1. The Decree that approves the New Regulation from Technical Safety Inspections in establishments.
  2. National Disaster Risk Management System. It is the Law No. 29664.
  3. The manual for the execution of technical safety inspection in establishments.
  4. The Operating License Framework Law. This is the Law No. 28976.

Law N ° 29664

This law was created by the National Disaster Risk Management System (SINAGERD). At article 1 (2011) The creation of such a system is highlighted in order to identify and reduce risks or dangers before disaster situations through the establishment.

With respect to Article 2 of this law (2011) It must be complied with by all public organizations and companies at all levels of government, as well as by the private sector.

Law No. 28976

The purpose of this law is to constitute the legal framework of the methods that must be taken to grant the operating license, issued by the municipalities.

According to him Article 2 of this law (2006), an evaluation must be carried out by the competent entity in order to inspect and observe if the type of business is compatible or not with the established place.

When opening an establishment, people must take into account to process the civil defense certificate as well as an operating license. This license gives citizens permission to carry out their economic activities.

What is it?

The Civil Defense Certificate It is a document in which it is stated that the establishment must comply with the safety regulations.

This is confirmed by trained civil defense personnel who inspect the entire place and give the verdict if they can comply with economic activities.

For more information, people can consult the following number 632-1662. If the citizen wants to open an establishment, he must take into account that he must first comply with the Requirements for the Civil Defense Certificate.


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