Requirements for the Indigenous Scholarship: Benefits, Amount and MORE

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This article will explain which are the Requirements for the Indigenous Scholarship where the step-by-step below is highlighted. Keep reading!

Requirements for the indigenous scholarship?

The requirements for the indigenous scholarship are as follows:

  1. The citizen must demonstrate through a document that he is part of a indigenous community or ancestry of the same. This document is granted by the institution CONADI.
  2. The student must have updated the report that must be registered in the Household Social Registry.
  3. You must attach your file of your certified grades of having completed the last year.
  4. The student must have a minimum average of 4.5 in Higher Education and 5.0 for high school graduates.
  5. Document that proves you are a regular student.
  6. You must obtain a certificate stating that the student and their relatives come from an indigenous community.
  7. You can also attach a document of the cultural events who has attended.

Who can opt for the Indigenous Scholarship?

  1. The citizen must belong to the indigenous community.
  2. The student must have a minimum average of 4.5 in Higher Education and 5.0 for high school graduates.
  3. You must have completed the basic cycle (5th) until 8th and of 1st medium to 4th until 5th through professional technical education.
  4. It must be in the Social Registry of Homes at least 60%.
  5. The student must be registered by Higher Education organizations identified by the Chilean state.
  6. Students who are in the National Disability Registry they must have access.
  7. Students who are foreigners can apply for this benefit, nor can students who hold a technical or professional title.

Requirements for the Indigenous Scholarship: Renewal

The students who can renew the scholarship are those who remain at the same educational level, whether basic or medium, for the time determined for the achievement of obtaining the qualification professional, students of careers who have a time of:

  1. Up to five semesters maximum one semester.
  2. At least nine semesters, maximum one year.
  3. Approximately 10 and more semesters maximum two years.

The student must also start their training with a minimum average of 5.0. It must also contain your Social Household (RSH) record.

It is important to note that female students under 12 years and male students under 14They must begin to create a RUT account of the State Bank in the name of the representative.

Requirements for the Indigenous Scholarship: They cannot apply

The people who cannot access the indigenous scholarship are the following:

  1. Citizens containing a college degree higher level, students in practices or that they are graduates who have been trained in a university, institute, etc.
  2. Students who go over limit established profit.
  3. Citizens who study are discarded careers taught across the distance is institute, universities, etc.
  4. Neither can apply, people who run courses not oriented to a university degree or any institution that does it.
  5. Foreign students are ruled out.

Benefits of the Indigenous Scholarship

It is important to note that this benefit is equivalent to $ 654,600 canceled until 10 installments aimed at students of higher education of indigenous descent that is awarded by Conadi. It must contain a minimum average of 4.5 and 5.0 for graduates.

Amount of the Indigenous Scholarship

This scholarship is a monetary contribution of free capacity designated to help with the financing of the expenses that the formation develops for indigenous children and young adolescents that integrate it in Chile.

The amounts established are as follows:

  • $ 98 thousand distributed in two installments, for students of basic education.
  • $ 203 thousand distributed in two installments, for high school students.
  • For higher education students it contains a monetary contribution of $ 638 distributed in 10 installments.

Who grants it?

The National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (JUNAEB), is the institution that is responsible for issuing the indigenous scholarship program each year. This institution works together with Ministry of Education , with respect to the basic and medium levels.

In addition to the Universities to carry out the procedure of the acceptance of the scholarships and the distribution of the payments determined for each student with the accepted scholarship.

What is it?

Scholarship refers to a pension granted to one to continue or complete their studies. There are two types of scholarships that are:

  1. The merit scholarship: These scholarships are intended to reward academic skills, or other subjects that the student has completed. These scholarships are awarded by private institutions like a university. Most are granted so that the institution is the one that covers all expenses.
  2. Scholarship by necessity: These scholarships are awarded to people who do not have enough resources, but they also verify the effort of the student to grant him this merit.

Indigenous Scholarship

The indigenous scholarship is one of the scholarships promoted by the Ministry of Education together with the JUNAEB, presided over mainly by citizens who are in the Chilean indigenous community.

If the citizen forms the indigenous community or through the ancestry by their indigenous parents, they can choose to apply and get this scholarship that gives you great opportunities, for example, financial aid to start and continue their training in their studies.

This benefit is intended to cover the established expenses for each level of instruction that the students make up. It is distributed in 3 contributions.


National Board of School Aid and Scholarships, It is an important institution in the Chilean territory, it was founded in the year 1964 part of the Ministry of Education. It is intended to help and meet the academic needs of citizens who are in vulnerability conditions. They are also in charge of helping with food, with school supplies, scholarships, among other things.


National Indigenous Development Corporation (CONADI) is a Chilean organization that was created in 1993 through Law 19253. Its purpose is to organize, carry out and coordinate the state movements of the development projects of the citizens that make up the indigenous society of Chile.

What is the scholarship for?

This scholarship was created to offer help to all those citizens who are integrated into the indigenous community to study in educational institutions the different stages such as basic, intermediate, technical and superior.

This system is carried out annually and is one of the scholarships and / or programs that provides assistance and ensures the inclusion of education as a primary right.

How does the student carry out the procedure?

Students must present background information in the event that it is not possible for JUNAEB to approve compliance with the Requirements for the Indigenous Scholarship. The presentation of these must be made before the regional direction, which will be explained below:

  1. The citizen must have the document that proves that he is indigenous granted by CONADI.
  2. Document regarding your grade point average, through the last year studied.
  3. Household Social Registry.
  4. Document to demonstrate the enrollment of being a constant student.

Steps to apply for the indigenous scholarship

The steps to follow to apply for an indigenous scholarship are as follows:

  1. You must have the Social Registry of Households in advance.
  2. The citizen must access the scholarship page and register and create an account with their determined RUT.
  3. Once you have entered the scholarship page, you must go to the option «Online application» depending on the scholarship, whether for basic, intermediate or higher level. There you will have to complete all the forms of the information they ask for.
  4. After completing the forms, you must send the request.
  5. In case of being notified, you must take the documentation to the Regional Office.

In the event that the citizen cannot perform the online applicationYou must download the forms and complete them, and then go to the Municipal Education Corporation or, in that case, to the Social Department depending on where your home is located.

If you need more information you can call the number 600 6600 400.


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