Requirements for the Mexican Visa: Documents, Assumptions and MORE

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The Requirements for the Mexican Visa They are a set of circumstances that every Salvadoran must meet if he wants to make a trip to Mexico. As is known, this country is frequently visited by many foreigners due to its cultural and tourist wealth.

If you live in El Salvador and you are interested in taking a trip to Aztec lands, this is your chance. Here you will know everything you need about the requirements, documentation and assumptions in which you find yourself to be able to make that desired trip. Live the experience of knowing and enjoying the birthplace of the mariachi.

What are the Requirements for the Mexican Visa?

If you are interested or interested in planning your trip to Mexico from El Salvador, you should organize in advance, prepare your requirements and go to the Embassy of Mexico of the Salvadoran nation. Don’t you know the general requirements that you must have to travel to Mexico? We already tell you:

  • Request an appointment for the visa on the MEXITEL platform.
  • Complete the visa application form, which can be accessed through the official link from the Embassy of Mexico.
  • Have at hand the valid passport in original and copy. Its validity at the time of travel must be at least 180 days.
  • Passport size front photo without glasses and in color, with a mandatory white background.
  • If the interested party does not have a passport from El Salvador, he must present an original probative document and a copy of his residence in that Central American country.

On the other hand, these general requirements require it equally if you need a tourist or transit visa, long-stay or study visa. However, later on we will explain the additional documents that you must submit according to the factual cases in which you find yourself to request your travel authorization.

Necessary Documents for the Mexican Visa

Remember that the Embassy of Mexico in El Salvador offers you the Mexican visa under 3 modalities: Tourist and transit visa, long-stay visa and student visa. Keep reading!

According to the above, if you want to travel to Mexico, you must comply with the Requirements for the Mexican Visa and also, consign the additional precautions, according to the assumption that occupies you for the type of visa you need:

Tourist visa and transit visa application

  • Assumption of having equity or capital and stable work: present original documentation and copy of the properties under your credit and original proof of work.
  • Be a shareholder of a company or society; Present a document proving the shareholding.

Long stay visa

  • Assumption of economic and monetary stability: present bank account statements and financial instruments with updated balances.
  • Frequent mobilizations: copy of the passport page with the migration stamps for visits to 3 countries not bordering El Salvador in the last year.
  • Person of recognized trajectory: present documentation proving the honorable condition of the traveler
  • If the traveler has a Mexican relative: document proving consanguineous affiliation or relationship with the Mexican citizen. As well as the official verification of the Mexican nationality of the binding subject.
  • When the traveler has a family link with a foreign resident: document proving the affiliation or link.
  • If the traveler has family ties with consular officials accredited in Mexico: also present proof of the link with the diplomatic official and evidence of accreditation of the official.
  • The interested party is an executive of an international corporation with a subsidiary in Mexico: submit a letter of employment relationship with the company and documentation proving the constitution of the subsidiary.

Other necessary documents

When you require a student visa

  • If the assumption is to study in Mexico: possess the original letter of acceptance of the student in a Mexican educational center with the detailed data of the institution: name, course to be taken, enrollment, study time, among other data. As well as the document proving economic solvency.
  • When the interested party submits to a legal protection to move for a time: written application of the applicant and comply with the requirements established by the immigration authorities.

In addition, the Embassy of Mexico in El Salvador, puts at your disposal its official link / visa modalities, so that you can comfortably access from your computer or mobile phone all the detailed information on the visa modalities and the additional provisions in detail that you must consign according to the assumptions indicated here.

Economic Solvency for the Mexican Visa

Next, when a Salvadoran applies for the Mexican Visa and complies with the Requirements for the Mexican Visa It is probable that it is in the assumption of economic solvency that evidences the guarantee of sustainability in Mexico with its own resources.

If you do not know what are the additional precautions to demonstrate your financial stability, it is time to review the information that follows. It depends on that many times whether your request is approved or denied:

  • Present at the Embassy of Mexico in El Salvador all the original documents and the respective copies of the financial and banking products with available balances whose average exceeds more than 250 days of minimum salary in the Mexican capital, converted into US $.
  • Consign the proof of work or stable pension, with a working history of at least 12 months. Thus, it will be possible to show that the interested party receives net income per month without taxes, higher than more than 90 days of updated minimum salary of the Mexican capital in the last quarter, converted into US $.

Request it Being a Family Member of a Mexican

Beyond considering the Requirements for the Mexican Visa, The assumption where you are a «relative of a Mexican» is also important. In this situation you must provide some additional documents:

  • Original probative document and copy of the union of the interested party with the Mexican person domiciled abroad (marriage certificate or letter of concubinage in accordance with the regulations of the country where the act was held).
  • When the interested party is the son of a Mexican, he must consign the original document and a copy of his birth certificate.

  • If the applicant has a Mexican child, they must submit an original and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • When the interested party is the brother of a Mexican, he must enter the birth certificates of both the applicant and the family member. Provided that the brother of the interested party is a minor, single or single or has a special guardianship over the relative due to exceptional conditions.
  • Present legal evidence of the Mexican nationality of the person linked to the interested party.

Other Assumptions when Applying for the Mexican Visa

On the other hand, regardless of the type of visa granted by the Mexican Embassy, ​​there will always be cases where the interested party must consign the probative document. Thus, in the cases of authorization for tourism trips the assumptions are:

Property and capital accreditation

If the interested party has property assets, maintains a solid job or is a partner of a company, he must deliver to the Mexican embassy to apply for the visa:

  • The original document and the copy of the property title of the property with a validity of no less than 2 years.
  • Labor certificate with original letterhead and a copy that indicates: net monthly salary, working time from two years, personal and company data, certification of the company’s tax registry, copy of the national identity document.
  • Accreditation of participation of the interested party as a partner of a commercial firm or company.
  • Recent tax return.

Stable job assumption

  • Proof of employment or pension benefits with letterhead in original and a copy indicating: net monthly salary, working time or pension from one year, personal and company data, certification of the company’s tax registration, copy of the document of National identity.
  • Detailed bank certification
  • Original and copy of the bank movements of the applicant’s financial products.

Institutional invitations:

  • Explanatory letter of the invitation by the authority of the institution that indicates: data of the applicant and the organization, activity, duration and itinerary, commitment of economic and logistical support for the guest.
  • Accreditation of institutional funds to subsidize the interested party. Except in the case of educational organizations of the Mexican State.
  • Documentation or credentials of the guest that demonstrates ability or sufficiency to carry out the entrusted activity.

What is it?

In general, with Requirements to obtain the Mexican Visa and the additional necessary precautions according to the assumptions of each case, the Salvadoran is guaranteed the possibility of traveling to Mexico. However, they do not fully promise entry into the country. In this regard, if you are in this phase of the process, organize yourself and fully comply with the requirements of the embassy.

According to the above, the falsification of information or data forging can cause you inconvenience and sanctions. This involves revocation of the visa or even deportation from Mexican territory if there are inconsistencies in the information requested from the traveler at the immigration office.

Therefore, this article was made with you in mind, as help and guidance on what you need to collect and order to obtain your Mexican visa without difficulties. Thus, you can now have clearer information on the visa modalities and the assumptions you are going to incur to travel to Mexico.

Organize your travel requirements, Mexico awaits you!

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