Requirements for the RUC: Documents, Where to Get It and MORE

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Do you want to acquire the Single Taxpayer Registry? There are a number of Requirements to obtain the RUC that you must take into account if you want to do this procedure. Knowing them will allow you to streamline the processing process, although it is not the only thing you should know. You must also take into account the necessary documentation, where the procedure is carried out, who can do it and if there is the alternative of doing it online.

The Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) It is a unique number that allows the identification of a person, be it natural or legal, as a taxpayer of the State. You will need it to carry out procedures in Sunat, since it is mandatory for anyone who begins to carry out an economic activity.

If you are interested in knowing everything upon how to get the RUC, do not go! We will be explaining everything to you today.

What are the requirements for the RUC?

Take into account Requirements for the RUC it is vital. These, together with the necessary documentation, will allow you to know in advance what exactly is required to complete this process. Consequently, you can save time and headaches, by not having to go to clarify doubts and wait to be treated.

With this in mind, requirements are:

  • Know what is a natural person and a legal entity. It is not very complicated, the second deals with a company or entity as such and the first with an individual, both with obligations to cancel before the State.
  • Online pre-registration, only if you have a DNI and are a natural person.
  • Know previously the procedure to obtain the RUC.
  • Do it in person, in the case of a legal person.
  • SOL Code Request.
  • Have all the necessary documentation up to date to be able to register. This is part of the Requirements for the RUC, so we have made a section especially for you.

If you take all this into account, you will hardly have a bad time. You just have to remember that the documentation constitutes the true Requirements for the RUC and they are the ones that we will mention in the next section.

Documents Needed for the RUC

Alright, the documents required for the RUC, as we said before, they constitute the true requirements so that you can carry out your procedure. We will separate this section into two main pillars, in the case of a natural or legal person.

Natural person

Later on we will explain exactly what is understood by natural or legal person, but for the moment natural persons who want to obtain the RUC will need:

  • Valid identification document. This may be the
    • DNI,
    • Immigration card,
    • Temporary Residence Permit Card,
    • Passport that reflects the income generation permit of Peruvian origin, Identity Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • If applicable, ID of the legal representative. It may be a conservator or guardian.
  • Print and fill out the form 2119. This is the Application for Registration to the RUC.
  • Document (private or public) that evidences the declared fiscal address. This in the event that you are going to register a different address than the one reflected in your identification document.
  • Power of attorney with signature and fingerprint. This must be presented in the event that the registration in the RUC make it a third and it must be duly notarized or authenticated by SUNAT. This person must present themselves with their ID.

Legal person

On the other hand, in the case of a legal person, this will need to present some documents of the natural person, but the rest are specific to their characteristics. Let’s see,

  • Valid identification document. This may be the
    • DNI,
    • Immigration card,
    • Temporary Residence Permit Card,
    • Passport that reflects the income generation permit of Peruvian origin, Identity Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Certified Registry Item, both the original and the photocopy. It can be the electronic game or token. This is issued by the Public Registries and will be valid only for 30 days after its issuance.
  • Document (private or public) that evidences the declared fiscal address.
  • In the event that the registration is done a third, You must also submit:
    • Valid identity document.
    • Power of attorney with signature and fingerprint. This must be duly notarized or authenticated by SUNAT.
    • Forms: 2119, 2054, 2054-Annex and 2046. These are the ones referring to the Application for Registration; to the Legal Representatives, Directors and Members of the Board of Directors; to the Domicile of the Representatives and to the Declaration of additional establishments.
  • Finally, there are a number of Additional documents that depend on the type of taxpayer. These include requirements for legal entities and other entities of this nature, such as Universities, Trade Unions, Political Parties, Professional Associations, Board of Owners, and so on. You can meet them by clicking here.

You should consider forever that the data of your RUC must be kept updated, especially those relating to the contact information and tax address. This will allow you to be up to date with information of tax interest so that these obligations are more bearable and conclude in their fulfillment.

Who Should Have It?

In case you are asking yourself this question: Who must have the RUC? Well, very good. All the people who are carrying out any economic activity in the country must have it, because by principle they must pay taxes.

It is not necessary that the person carrying out the activity is domiciled in the country, only that it generates income. For this reason, import and / or export tasks are included.

These individuals must register when they plan to start tax-generating activities, which is usually the year after the date of registration. As we said before, both natural and legal persons can remove it, the latter being not only companies, but also entities that fall within the official description.

In this way, we have to Natural persons who must obtain the RUC, is it so:

  • Professionals by trade.
  • Landlords of movable or immovable property.
  • Trade
  • Liberal professionals.
  • Single-owner businesses.

On the other hand, all Legal persons must obtain the RUC, with some very specific exceptions (non-profit entities, for example). In this way, these are about:

  • Companies.
  • Political parties.
  • Trade unions.
  • Universities
  • Professional Associations.
  • Owner board.
  • Others more.

The important thing to keep in mind is that if you will carry out a paid activity, you will most likely need to pay taxes and therefore you will appear as a taxpayer. The figure of taxpayer is the central axis of the Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC).

Where can I get the RUC?

Where can I get the RUC? This question undoubtedly involves a much larger framework since it is about the procedure to register as a taxpayer in Peru. In person, this can be done in a few simple steps, both for natural persons and for legal entities that are going to register.

The first step is to collect all the documentation that we mentioned above. Next, you must go to any Taxpayer Services Center (CSC) of Sunat closest to the address you have registered. You can also go to the Sunat office corresponding to your tax address. Finally, you can do it at MAC Callao, MAC Lima East, MAC Piura, MAC Ventanilla, MAC Lima North.

Once you deliver the Requirements for the RUC and the record is processed (get your RUC), ask for your SOL Password (User Code and Access Code). Remember that you must download your SOL Code Request previously.

This Password is very important because with it you can carry out various procedures on the internet. For example, you can request authorization to obtain proof of payment and also pay and submit your income tax returns.

Finally, verify that the information on the CIR-Proof of Registered Information file is correct. And that’s it!

Natural persons can pre-register online and complete the process, as you will see in the next section. In the case of legal persons, the process of obtaining the RUT is mandatory in person.

Get the RUC online

Get the RUC online it is a real possibility for natural persons with DNI who want to sign up. Actually, they have the option of pre-registration online or full registration.

For the pre-registration You will have to complete the registration in person, but obviously everything will be faster since you will already be registered. You just have to follow the instructions, print the Certificate that will appear on the screen at the end and go to the nearest CSC. Of course, you must go with all the documentation in hand plus the proof.

On the other hand, you can carry out the entire process online in the SUNAT People section. You will only need your ID to register and thus be able to generate your SOL Key, in the People App – Sunat.

Do what you think is the most comfortable, fast and safe. We recommend doing it in person if you are not very good or good with computers.

What is it?

The Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) are 11 numbers, in a unique and unrepeatable sequence, which allows the identification of natural and legal persons as taxpayers of the State.

This reflects the identification data of the economic activity and its use is strictly mandatory for any procedure that is to be carried out before the Sunat.

This must be done by all the people who carry out an economic activity in the country, whether or not they reside there, and who are therefore forced to contribute to the State.

The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) of Peru is in charge of carrying out everything related to the collection, inspection and administration of this process.

We hope we have been of help to you with the Requirements for the RUT and we wish you the best of luck.

See ya!


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