Requirements for the Work Permit: Documents, Costs and MORE

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The Requirements for the Work Permit They are essential if you want to carry out this procedure. Of course there are other factors, such as the documents you will need, what happens in the case of tourists and in the case of immigrants, what are the associated costs, etc., but don’t worry. We will also be explaining those today.

The Work permit It is a document that, as its name indicates, authorizes a foreign person to legally work in the country, in this case in Chile.

This is necessary for anyone who wants to work in a Chilean establishment or company, so that they can receive a full salary and do not have any type of legal problems. Let’s see how you can process it!

What are the Requirements for the Work Permit in Chile?

The Requirements for the Work Permit In Chile, as we said previously, they are essential if you want to acquire this document and start working with remuneration. Do not worry if you do not know anything about it and this is the first time you are looking about it, we will explain everything you need to know.

Let’s see,

  • First, you will need is to be of legal age. Whether you enter the country as a tourist or as an immigrant, to acquire a work permit it is best to be 18 years of age or older to be able to work in the country legally.
  • In second place, you must be in Chile. This procedure can be done online, but it is best if you are in the country in case you need to go to an office.
  • Investigate what category you are in, to determine what type of authorization you need. The categories – or cases – are:
    • Foreigner as a tourist.
    • With Visa subject to Employment Contract.
    • Temporary Visa, where you have investment, labor, professional or technical reasons that require a temporary permit.
    • In the Definitive Permanence Visa.
  • Next, of course, you must make the request Checking that everything is in order and that the documents you provide are current and legible, the latter in case you have to scan it.
  • Finally, you will have to pay the payment corresponding to the work permit fee. We will talk more about this later, but it is not science, you simply have to cancel the tariff where indicated.

Did you see that the Requirements for the Work Permit are they very easy to keep up to date? Now let’s see what documents you will need and the procedure you will have to follow.

Necessary documents

The documents you will need They are rather few and in this section we will list them for you so that you have no doubts about what you have to have on hand the day you go to request your Work Permit.

  • Passport, original and copy. The copy can be in black and white, but it must be completely legible, and it must be possible to see the face with your data and the sheet where your arrival in the country was stamped. In the event that the permit is for a temporary visa, the passport must be valid for more than six (6) months after the planned return date.
  • Tourist card, valid and legible. This procedure is done by mail. You will only need:
    • Photocopy of passport and DNI, and photo of the immigration stamp that places you to enter Chile, and
    • Send an email to Here the documents must be attached, along with the basic information (full name, nationality, lodging address, email, date and place of entry to the country, telephone and passport number, among others).
    • Finally, send it after 8:00 am and before 2:00 pm, with the subject «DUPLICATE APPLICATION FOR TOURISM CARD»
    • For more information click here.
  • Work contract, if applicable, where what you are going to do in the country is reflected. This must be scanned and signed by both parties before the notary. The company can also write a letter, but it must also be signed.
  • Original and legible permission, in case of extension.
  • Visa notification, if required.

Once you have all this properly digitized, we recommend keeping it in a folder for quick access. Then the process that you must follow to make the request it is:

  1. Enter the page of the Department of Immigration and Migration, specifically in the Immigration Procedures section, which you can access directly by clicking on this link. Once there, select the respective option to Work permit, either as a tourist or as a person with a visa who selected the Work Permit option in the Visa Application.
  2. Select one of the two steps, which are (1) Request the Permit and (2) Send the Payment Order. Obviously the ideal is to start with the first. Indicate if it is the first time that you carry out this procedure, if it is with Visa or if you are looking for an extension, and upload the necessary documents in the system.
  3. Click on Finish, to confirm and send the form to the Analysis stage.
  4. Wait for an email with the necessary data for you to make the payment, in which you can choose the option of Payment order submission. Fill out the form that they will ask you and attach the proof of the cancellation of the tariff.

That is all! You will be on the waiting list to obtain the Permit. This can take 3 months or more, but then you can download it or go find it where indicated.


If you are doing the procedure with Professional Visa, wait for the payment order to arrive in the mail and just select step 2 to register the payment.

On the other hand, the work permit can be obtained once the payment order arrives. But you can also generate this payment order to obtain the work permit; as you like.

Work Permit with Visa

If you have one Visa subject to Contract, then you can not only work in the country but also live in the country for the duration of your exercise in Chile. This can be a maximum of two (2) years, but it can be renewed for the same time. This is in the case of the residence permit or visa, as for the Work Permit, an extension can be requested.

Thus, we have that the Visa Application and the Employment Contract are strongly related; and due to these two the Work Permit is generated. This is requested when the visa or residence process is successfully approved. However, it can be obtained earlier if you choose the option of Visa pending; in this case, the permits are granted provisionally and you still have to prove that you are bound by the contract.

There is also the case of temporary visas, where they can apply for permanent residence, when you can work freely.

Tourist Work Permit

The tourist visa does not allow paid work; however, the immigration authority can grant permission in qualified cases. Therefore, to demonstrate to the authority sufficient background information to justify the granting of a tourist work permit (such as a letter in which a company requires services), it can be granted. However, this permit may be a maximum of one month or the duration of the permit as a tourist.

Work Permit Costs

As you have already seen, Starting the process to obtain the Permit carries a cost that we will explain to you in this section. This is one of the most important Requirements for the Work Permit because without it you will not be able to go to the Analysis stage – Visa work permit in process.

In the case of Tourist Work Permit You must cancel the value of the Visa plus half of this value. That is, 150% of the visa fee subject to the Employment Contract. This varies according to nationality and the exchange rate of the day, but for Venezuelans it is approximately $ 60.

In the case of Visa in process, It will be half of the Visa Subject to Contract process, that is, 50% depending on your nationality.

The cost list you can find by clicking here. This payment is made by any commercial bank or ServiEstado, but remember that you must keep the receipt.

What is it?

The work permit It allows a foreigner, such as a person with a nationality other than Chilean, to carry out professional work or any legally paid service. This is very important not only for those who enter Chile subject to a Labor Contract, but also for those immigrants as tourists who seek to work in the country.

In general, the latter enter in search of permanent residence and at the same time manage to obtain permission to work. It is not that they will not hire you, at least, in an establishment, but it will be illegally and probably your salary will be much less than the minimum.

So Make sure you have the Work Permit Requirements up to date, the necessary documents and follow the instructions that the Department of Aliens and Immigration will be indicating.

See ya!


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