Requirements for Tinted Windows: Steps, Cost and MORE

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The Requirements for Polarized Moons They are a series of precautions that a driver of a vehicle in Peru must manage, when he decides to darken his windows, either for safety, aesthetics or comfort in the car. However, this procedure is not just anything, it requires a series of procedures before the Peruvian security agencies to grant the respective permission to the vehicle.

If you drive and have a vehicle!, this article interests you. Almost always the cars acquired in agency or dealership, come with their windows blank or without darkening. As a driver, you can consider the option of darkening your windows for protection in the event of a mishap with the vehicle. Or, acclimatize the interior of the car especially when you move in times of high temperature.

According to the above, you must know the requirements and everything concerning the authorization of this type of road procedure that is granted by the Peruvian Police not to the driver or owner but to the vehicle. Remember that a vehicle with tinted windows can also affect pedestrians, another car, cyclists and motorists. If you are interested in Requirements for Polarized Moons, then keep reading.

What are the Requirements for Polarized Moons?

As a good Peruvian citizen and compliant with the Law, you must know the legal traffic procedure that you must abide by in order for your tinted windows to be authorized. So, to avoid setbacks, undesirable fines and a negative record in your traffic history, we invite you to know the Requirements for Polarized Moons.

First of all it is necessary that you know that the consignment of these documents must be done before the Ministry of the Interior of Peru. Which is done through the Peruvian National Police, in accordance with the current traffic laws and regulations for this purpose. In this sense, here we explain the requirements:

  • National Identity Document (DNI) or Identification Card (you can also show the foreigner’s card).
  • Bring the original document of the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) that protects the affected people in the event of a vehicular accident due to injuries or even death of a passenger or pedestrian.
  • Card or title of ownership of the car in original.
  • Affidavit of the Affidavit, the information of which must be provided by the owner of the vehicle.
  • Record or summary of online driver, issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Noting the history of infractions of the car driver, fines, solvency of payment of infractions and talks received for committing traffic crimes.
  • Proof of payment of the transit fee paid for the authorization process for tinted windows.
This interests you: drivers who have a negative traffic record cannot apply for this type of permit. Don’t you know what a negative traffic record is? Keep reading:
  • When you register a criminal record for any crime.
  • If you have a complaint against you for a traffic accident.
  • They keep to your credit a judicial summary for drug crimes, property damage, violent acts of terrorism.
  • In case you appear denounced for attempting against citizen security.

So, if you are involved or involved in a judicial fact as indicated above, you will not be able to get your authorization.

Steps to have Polarized Moons

Achieve the Requirements for Polarized Moons, It is part of the necessary steps to complete the entire process. If you want to know more about the whole process, continue reading:

  • In the first place, you must take the precautions of the procedure that we have already explained above (except for the sworn statement) and the two copies of the proof of payment of the respective transit tax or rate to the Traffic Directorate of the Peruvian Police (DTTSV) .
  • Deliver the documents at the single ticket office of that unit.
  • Wait for the official or management analyst to deliver the Affidavit Form. You must fill it out to indicate in writing that you do not have a criminal or judicial record that prevents you from obtaining the permit.
  • Receive from the competent official the appointment of the vehicle’s expertise. On average, you must take the vehicle to an expert examination within one or two days after registering the collections (inspection of darkened glass, chassis and engine).
  • The car must be mobilized to the Office of Dark Moons of the Peruvian Police on Calle Dansey with 21 in the Cercado de Lima sector (if you live in the capital). In case you live in a province, you should go to the local Traffic Directorate.
  • Wait for you to do the expert opinion and give you the respective endorsement of that procedure.
  • Within a maximum period of 3 days you must be notified of the approval of the permit.
  • This transit document must be collected at the DTTSV.

Additionally, there are some recommendations that you should know so that the impact on compliance with the Requirements for Tinted Windows have the least chance of trauma or setbacks:

  • The permit for tinted windows must always be at hand along with the driver’s license, car ownership card and road medical certificate. If you lose it, you must notify the DTTSV and request a duplicate permit.
  • Remember!, do not expose yourself. If you are going to put your windows darkened, issue your permit and avoid the penalties.

Cost of the Procedure for Tinted Windows

Would you like to know how much it costs you to manage your permit to place your tinted windows? Keep reading:

In order for you to obtain your permit, you must pay two transit taxes:

  • Pay the cost of the polarized glass permit procedure (Cost approximately 337.90 soles)
  • Cancel the Car Identification Certificate (Approximate cost of 152.50 soles)

These payments can be made in the following way:

  • In person: You can go to any bank affiliated to DTTSV and cancel the respective fees. or through Multired.
  • On-line: Through the state rate platform, page, using credit or debit cards, with your PC or smartphone.

Always remember that these fees are paid separately, because they are different processing concepts.

Law on Polarized Moons

This is important: According to Decree 004-2019-IN on Provisions and Requirements to authorize the partial or total use of windows in land transport vehicles of 03/30/2019, the most important situations that this regulation regulates are:

  • Authorization for the use of tinted windows or tinted windows is not allowed to those drivers who have a criminal or judicial record, or have complaints for traffic, property, terrorism, drugs or public safety crimes or even have an arrest warrant.
  • Nor is the approval of the permit allowed if the vehicle is requested due to legal problems. Or, it has modifications in its bodywork, engine, chassis identification serials or in the vehicle ownership documentation.
  • Side-level tinted windows are allowed on the vehicle. The permit is granted by the Ministry of the Interior through the Peruvian Police, provided that the Requirements for Polarized Moons.
  • The windshield of the car subject to tinted windows must have certain criteria for the mobility of the vehicle such as the prohibition of adhered figures antisol in the focus of vision of the driver. Anti-sun stripes will only be allowed in the upper part of the windshield glass that does not cover more than 20% of the height of the glass.
  • Likewise, the windshield must be of considerable safety, without splinters, more tempered and must facilitate the transparency or vision of the interior of the car from 70% or a maximum of 30% obscuration.
  • The tinted glass permit has no limit in its validity and the approval is for the vehicle, but if the car changes ownership, the owner must complete the process for the new permit.

Fine for not having the permit

Complies with regulations and Requirements for Polarized Moons. Avoid being penalized. Since if you mobilize your car and you do not have the respective permit, you can be fined severely. The sanctions you risk are:
  • Fine of 304 soles
  • Stopping of the vehicle by the traffic authorities
  • A negative note on your driving record

That is why what we have explained in the article is so important. From now on meet your requirements and manage the permit procedure to use the tinted windows, do not wait for them to sanction you.

What is it?

A land vehicle owner must know that if he purchases his car from an agency, he brings his windows without tinting. This means that if you need to darken them for reasons of aesthetics, comfort or safety for the driver and passengers, you must comply with a regulation established by the Ministry of the Interior through the National Police of Peru.

Getting permission to use tinted windows is not something to be taken lightly. There are the Requirements for Polarized Moons, that must be respected and fulfilled step by step according to the Government Decree 004-2019-IN of March 2019.

To grant the permit, the owner of the vehicle must not have a criminal or judicial record, or be involved in crimes or complaints against people, property, traffic accidents, drugs, among others.

In addition, the technical criteria must be respected for the proper use of the windshield without affecting the vision of the driver and passengers. In sum, permission is important to avoid significant sanctions in case of not complying with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior and the Peruvian Police.

Get your permit for tinted windows and comply with the traffic regulations in Peru!


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