Requirements for Uber in Costa Rica: UberX, Documents and MORE

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Uber has changed the way we move, and that’s not hyperbole. The California-based company invented an entirely new concept that makes spending 10 minutes hailing a cab in the rain a thing of the past while letting just about anyone earn money in their spare time by spending the night as a cab driver.

The young company has been through more than a fair amount of controversy in recent months, but the free Uber app remains one of the best mobility tools on the market, especially if you find yourself without a car in a big city. Are you ready to start driving, driving, or both? Read on to know everything you need to know. However there are not many the requirements for Uber in Costa Rica.

This is why Uber has taken over the leadership of transportation.

Vehicle Requirements

Costa Rica has imposed a series of conditions in relation to the type of vehicle that will allow obtaining a license as an Uber taxi driver. Vehicle requirements for a driver to be licensed he must:

  • Be capable of carrying at least four and no more than eight passengers; have a minimum engine size of 1600cc or produce a minimum of 89bhp.
  • Have a minimum of four opening doors, two on each side of the vehicle with the exception of London-style taxis.
  • Possess a minimum passenger seat width of 16 «(41 cm) per passenger.
  • Be finished in a standard manufacturer color
  • Comply with the vehicle’s age and emissions policy to maintain a high mechanical standard.

Maintain a high visual level of appearance both internally and externally. Vehicles that fall outside the policy will still be considered, but please contact the licensing team to discuss the matter before purchasing a vehicle. Full details of vehicle requirements can be found in Uber’s driver’s manual.

However, if the license of the currently licensed vehicle expires by its owner, any subsequent application will not be considered a renewal. You will have to consider this because the rules governing drivers are very strict. In any case, if you do not have knowledge based on these rules, you can inquire at the corporations that handle this type of process.

However for the avoidance of doubt when a new vehicle has an existing license plate transferred, the vehicle will be considered under the criteria for a vehicle license for the first time. This brief summary is not a substitute for a detailed reading of the policy that can be downloaded from this page. Vehicle license applications that fall outside the policy will be considered on their own merits.


Uber is almost everywhere now, and you may already know that you can use the Uber app to request a ride on demand. But you may not know that there are multiple Uber services to choose from, each with a different driver capacity, a different cost, and a different purpose.

The most common Uber services you will see in your city are: UberX, XL, Select, POOL and Black. This article explains what each service is, how much they cost, and how to choose the right service for the right situation. UberX has capacity for 4 passengers. The cars are typically sedans like Toyota Prius, Honda Accord.

Now, while wait times vary, Uber customers generally spend much less time waiting than customers of traditional taxi services. Riders also have the option of carpooling with others heading in the same direction through UberPool.

A study conducted estimated that around 110 million people actively used Uber each month in 2019. There are enough enthusiasts that industry watchers wonder why so many people choose Uber.

For UberXL

If you need an on-demand ride, you probably use Uber or Lyft. Rideshare services allow you to pull out your phone, tap a couple of buttons, and have a private driver at your location in a matter of minutes. And all this has a lower price than what you would pay for a taxi, in addition to more options when there are other types of advantages such as UberXL

UberXL looks a lot like UberX, except with larger vehicles. When you order an UberXL, you get an SUV or van that seats up to six passengers. However, it is not limited to passengers. You can also use an UberXL if you need to transport luggage or other large items that will not fit on an UberX trip. While the prices will remain affordable, you will pay more for the extra seat.

For the most part, your experience will be the same. Travel in UberXL They will certainly be more spacious, although having a large amount of people or cargo could make it feel as cramped as an UberX with four crammed passengers.

Yet you will be dealing with the same drivers, all of whom have undergone the necessary background checks, DMV checks, and necessary vehicle inspections that Uber requires for all drivers in its network.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is a new product that gives passengers more options to enhance their day-to-day driving experience. Vehicles eligible for Uber Comfort must have more head and legroom than vehicles eligible for UberX, the most popular Uber class today. Whether you’re transporting a visiting family or need a little more legroom after a long plane ride.

This is intended to provide the passenger with an option for an elevated travel experience. Comfort is an elevated economy travel option for up to 4 passengers that is designed to help drivers earn extra money by giving passengers more space than they can get with an UberX vehicle.

It is also a product for drivers that connects the most privileged with newer and more spacious cars. It includes improved driver preferences and a new fare structure that gives passengers more time to get to the car. Some features of this service will be mentioned:

  • Higher fares than UberX: a more streamlined experience with driving preferences
  • Extended pickup periods (Except for airport pickups, riders using Uber Comfort will have 10 minutes before they can be charged a driver-initiated cancellation fee. Riders will pay higher per-minute wait time rates and higher cancellation fees on Uber Comfort than UberX when a driver needs to cancel)
  • New and Midsize Cars – Arrive in comfort with a car that meets consistent vehicle make and model standards.
  • Extra Legroom – Uber Comfort rides will have minimal legroom requirements so you can stretch out and have the space you need.
  • Driver Preferences – You can request your ideal temperature in advance and inform your drivers when you are looking for a smooth ride so you can be comfortable on the road.

Required Driver Documents

If you are considering driving for Uber, you may find it difficult to get information on driver requirements. The full list of requirements is not easy to find on the Uber website, and not all of the requirements are easy to understand.

You may need to know a lot of additional details about the requirements before you are sure you qualify to drive. Do you qualify to drive? This post gives you all the necessary details about Uber’s driver requirements, so you can be more confident that Uber will accept you as a driver. Here are the requirements:

1.You must be at least 21 years of age. With a license to drive in Costa Rica. For at least one year, or three years if you are under 23 years old
2.Have access to a 4-door vehicle that is 10 years old or older (in most cities).
3.Look up the year requirement of your vehicle model
Four.State auto insurance with your name on the policy
5.State driver’s license
6.License plates in current registered condition (commercial license plates are also acceptable)
7.You should have a social security number

What are the Requirements to be a Collaborating Partner?

Before you invest too much in the Uber process, start by completing the application. Uber will then run a background check to make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have at least three years of driving experience.
  • Have auto insurance in your name in the state where you live
  • Carry out a car registration with the state, but it doesn’t have to be in your name

It’s simple. However, you can learn more by entering the service’s website.

Activation Sites

There are many trigger sites for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits that Uber offers. But for people who live in Costa Rica it is much easier because they can access these places through the application. This way you will have instant comfort and effectiveness. However, it is necessary to mention that this will depend on the person; if you are a customer or driver.

As a passenger: Download the passenger app, enter the relevant information, then request a ride and activation site.

As a driver: Download the driver app (different from the passenger app mentioned above), upload the appropriate documents, wait for the background check (if done in your area), wait to hear from Uber to give you further instructions. You may also have to go to your local Uber office to check where you live. That depends on your area, if you have difficulties or if you need additional information.


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