Requirements for Unemployment Subsidy: know the Documents, Duration and MORE

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This article will reflect the Requirements for Unemployment Subsidy. In case you wish to request this, we will explain below everything related to this topic.

In Colombia they care about people, that is why there is an Unemployment Subsidy in this country that helps all those people who have stopped working.

If you are one of the people who requires unemployment benefit, follow us and we will explain it to you.

What are the Unemployment Subsidy Requirements?

People who access unemployment benefit must have a series of Requirements that will be explained below:

  1. The person when applying for unemployment benefit, you must be totally unemployed.
  2. It is important that the person who requires this help has manifested himself through any contribution to the Family Compensation Fund.
  3. It must complete the last three years, in the case of dependent workers it must be one year and independent workers, 2 years.
  4. Person must not be associated as a contributor to the Health Promotion Entity (EPS) or family compensation fund.
  5. The person must be registered in the providers referring to the Public Employment Service and develop a control regarding the employees.

Get organized and gather all the Requirements for Unemployment Subsidy.

Documents required for the Subsidy

To apply for the employment subsidy, the person must carry a series of important documents that will be explained below:

  1. Copy of the applicant’s Colombian ID.
  2. Document referring to the completion of the work requested by the employee.
  3. Document that show enrollment through a legal employment company.
  4. Certificate referring to the latest from the Health Promotion Entity (EPS), Severance Fund and Completion Fund through which it is affiliated.
  5. A copy of the filing of the configuration of the petition, transformation or cancellation of unemployment savings related to the Unemployment Protection Mechanism.

These documents must be taken to the unemployment insurance office, located in different places such as: Bosa, Chapinero, Kenedy, Suba and in the municipality of Mosquera, Soacha, Tenjoy Girardot or if you cannot attend directly to the main agency Avenida 68 , Bogota.

Now with being clear about what the Requirements for Unemployment Subsidy, collect the necessary documents that were explained in the previous section.

Attention Numbers

For people who want to apply for unemployment benefits, they can call and contact the compensation funds through the following lines:

  1. Bogota: 3077001
  2. The National line: 018000967070

If you are Colsubsidio, you can contact the following lines:

  1. Bogota: 7457900
  2. The National Line: 018000947900
  3. You can also communicate through your website Colsubsidio.

They can also contact Cafam at the following lines:

  1. Bogotá: 3077011 and will give option number 5
  2. The National Line: 018000954077
  3. You can enter through their website Cafam.

There are financial institutions that contribute to unemployment benefits such as: Bancolombia, BBVA, popular Bank Y Bogota Bank.

Plan and organize your time to carry the Requirements for Unemployment Subsidy ASAP.

Who is entitled to the Unemployment Subsidy?

The persons by right who can apply for unemployment benefit are the dependent or independent persons who are unemployed Through the duration in which they have been affiliated to the Family Compensation funds, where they can claim the emergency subsidy through the Unemployed Protection Mechanism.

That is why they support people that they do not receive the old-age pension, disabled people or survivors where they have developed their participation in a Compensation Fund with respect to one year, in the course of the last 5 years.

This is highlighted by the resolution nº853 sent by the Ministry of Labor.

People who are the boss of the way at the time of being employed who were under their command regarding children under 18 years of age, parents, siblings with a disability have the right to aspire for the allowance.

With all the requirements that are raised at the beginning of the article ready, the other steps are easier.

Advantages of having an Unemployment Subsidy in Colombia

  1. The subsidy gives you good health, helps you with food or education vouchers, depending on what the applicant wants.
  2. The inhabitants who access the unemployment benefit offer you an amount of $ 582,202 over the course of three months.
  3. It also helps you by consulting the search for new job opportunities.
  4. It will help them by making an economic transfer for their respective expenses, through their basic consumption needs of each applicant.
  5. It will have an amount of two monthly minimum wages where it will be separated into 3 equal ones.
  6. It provides them with financial incentives by saving severance pay.

People who are not entitled to the Unemployment Subsidy in Colombia

The people who cannot obtain the Unemployment Subsidy are the following:

  1. People who brag about the quality of important services in the country through popular elections.
  2. People who collect a retirement pension for annulment, old age, etc.
  3. Those that contain a separate source of income.
  4. People who have received the respective benefits of the Solidarity Fund for the Promotion of Employment and Protection of the Unemployed (FOSFEC) for 6 months, constant or interrupted through the culmination of the last three years.

Those who do not perform the R correctlyequisitos for Unemployment Subsidy.

Two benefited populations

It is important to note that there are two populations that obtain benefits through unemployment benefits, which are the following:

  1. There are the beneficiaries without ties referring to the compensation funds. That is, people who have not yet registered and who have not applied for the subsidy in the last three years.
  2. And the benefits regarding the link to the compensation fund. It means that the applicants have been affiliated for a minimum time of one year for half a year in a persistent or interrupted manner.

What is the Unemployment Subsidy in Colombia?

The subsidy is to help through that it is delivered with various titles, and that it is established by the State or dependent agencies as helping people affected by an accident or who are in a situation of economic weakness.

There are unemployment benefits, family benefits, among others.

In the case of Colombia, it was established that people who have stopped working can enjoy the Unemployment Subsidy.

This benefit helps people through family compensation funds in Colombian territory or through any financial company.

In Colombia, people can apply for unemployment benefits to the following companies:

  1. Colsubsidio: In this organization he gives you help at any time you are. It offers you so that applicants have the best quality of life they need. This compensation fund helps people through job search advice through management companies.
  2. Cafam: Another family compensation fund, where they offer people access to management companies. Also economic benefits where food vouchers stand out, distributed in six installments. In addition to the above, the presence of a minimum wage for the health and pension systems is considered important. You can browse through its official page Cafam.
  3. Make up for: To obtain this subsidy, the person must mainly be unemployed and make constant or interrupted contributions to any savings bank. compensation.
  4. Bancolombia: Through Cardif Colombia Seguros Generales SA, it provides users with a Bancolombia service for unemployment insurance or people with disabilities. An insurance that offers you 6 installments related to your credit card in case of being unemployed. People can access through their website Bancolombia.


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