Requirements for Vehicle Registration: Cost, What it is and MORE

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Do you know the Requirements for Vehicle Registration? These are very important when doing this procedure, so you must take them into account. At the same time, you must know what the cost is, who issues it, when and how you should renew the registration and many other things that we will be explaining to you today.

The Vehicle Registration It is something that you should do the moment you have a car or a motorcycle. As its name indicates, it consists of a process in which a code (registration) is generated for your vehicle, so that it can be identifiable, both the car and the owner.

It is mandatory to perform this procedure, so if you want to know everything about the Vehicle Registration in Ecuador, stay with us!

What are the Requirements for Vehicle Registration?

Let’s start with the Requirements for Vehicle Registration, which will allow you to complete this process.

The first thing you should know is that all these documents must be current and in good condition at the time of presentation. In addition, you must take them according to a calendar that we will be talking about later.

Specifically, the documents you need are:

  • First, approve the Vehicle Technical Review (RTV). In the event that your vehicle is exempt, you must also present a certificate. Remember to make a copy
  • Current original registration, which must have all the vehicles that are marketed or imported into the country.
  • Citizenship card (original) and updated ballot. Remember that this procedure must be done by the owner of the vehicle, preferably.
  • Validation of tuition payment for the current year (original).
  • Check on the website of the National Transit Agency (ANT) that there are no fines or pending obligations and certify with a file.
  • Power of Attorney or Authorization Letter in the event that a third party is the one who does the procedure. Additionally, in the case of legal person, You must present: copy of the RUC, the identity card of the legal representative and the appointment of the legal representative.
  • In the case of a natural person, the process can be done by the spouse or a direct relative, only presenting their identity card (in addition to these requirements.

And that’s it! As you can see, there are not many requirements. Of course, it is important that you know that in the event that you lose the original license plate, you must make a complaint.

In this case you will have to present a Unique Vehicle Certificate, which is issued by any Vehicle Registration Center. You only have to pay an amount of $ 7.50 dollars for CUV concept, in the Banco del Pacífico. In addition, the complaint must be registered in the Court of Contraventions.

On the other hand, commercial or public service vehicles They must also present authorization and, if they are for tourism and heavy cargo, a copy of the resolution stating the vehicle and operating permit.

Vehicle Registration Cost

The Vehicle Registration Cost it does not exist as such. That is, there are costs involved, but not a direct one for vehicle registration. This is not the case of the duplicate registration process, whether for public service vehicles or private, diplomatic and state service.

In this particular case, the procedure has a cost of $ 22.00 dollars, which are made to Banco del Pacifico for this same concept. The duplicate can be made due to deterioration, loss or theft.

With regard to vehicle registration, there are two payments that you must make: that of the Vehicle Technical Review (RTV) and that of Tuition Fee. You must also make the payments corresponding to fines or infractions, but this depends on each person.

Enrollment Review

To carry out the Enrollment Review, which is the step after obtaining all the requirements and the step prior to passing the registration fee and the obligations that you have pending, you must follow a series of steps. These are:

  • First of all, you should see the total you have to pay. To do this, go to this link and enter your license plate number, with which you will obtain a payment order.
  • Later, cancel said amount in any bank, you will only need the order and have sufficient funds. Save the voucher.
  • After you pay you have to Schedule Appointment in the center where you are going to carry out the RTV. This is mandatory, as they only attend by appointment.
  • On the day of your appointment, bring proof of payment and the original of your registration.

You will be given a certificate, of which you must make a copy to present it on the day of registration.

Tuition Fee

To pay the tuition you must simply enter this link which will take you to the SIRI portal and will allow you to see the amount you must pay. Later cancel it in the bank of your preference and Remember to save the proof of payment. This is a Requirement for Vehicle Registration, just like the RTV.

Fines or Infractions

These must be paid as soon as possible, according to what is established in the municipal ordinances and the Traffic Law. Regarding the latter, you can review them either at the AMT or the ANT. You just have to enter here and choose any of the options by clicking on Check here.

With respect to municipal ordinances, which refer to violations due to poor parking, pick and license plate, etc., they must be paid either in Produbanco or Servipagos. You can enter this link and check if you have fines or infractions.

Again, remember to save your proof of payment. Although it will not be necessary, it may be helpful if the information is not up-to-date in the system on the day of your appointment.

Once you make all these payments, you must proceed to schedule an appointment and attend to obtain vehicle registration.


The Vehicle Technical Review can be carried out in conjunction with the Vehicle Registration in some centers. In that sense, you will only have to schedule an appointment, which you can generate here.

The new vehicles they don’t pay RTV and they shouldn’t pay fines or citations either. Keep in mind the Requirements for Vehicle Registration.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

When we talk about the Registration Renewal, it might seem like it’s the next step to everything we’ve covered so far. It’s not like that.

Actually, when we talk about vehicle registration, we refer to a process that must be done, in essence not to generate a new license plate, but to change or establish the owner’s name or to maintain the license plate.

All vehicles to enter the country and be marketed, must have a registration. In this case there is also a registration process, but it is somewhat different from what we have seen today. Generally because it is done by a company.

Consequently, today we have also told you about the registration renewal, which you must do when acquiring a vehicle and having one, whether for private, diplomatic or state use, as well as for commercial use or public services.

This renewal must be done every year. This is an efficient way to keep your fine or infraction payments up to date, among other things.

In general lines and to synthesize the explanations that we have given you so far and that we will offer you below, the procedure for vehicle registration is:

  1. Know them Requirements for Vehicle Registration.
  2. See the calendar to know when it is your turn to register your vehicle.
  3. Make the corresponding payment to the RTV and the Tuition Value, as well as the obligations you have. In order, check in the AMT, in the ANT and finally the SRI.
  4. Schedule and attend the appointment, which can be one if the RTV and enrollment are done in the same Center, or two if it is done in different places.

And that’s it! In four simple steps (five if you have to do the RTV separately, sorry) you will be able to register your vehicle.

If it is a new vehicle, then you are exonerated from the RTV and from paying fines. In this case, you must pay the registration fee, see if you have fines and fill out this form.

Vehicle Registration Calendar

The Vehicle Registration Calendar It will tell you when you should do the process, based on the last number on your license plate. All owners of cars, motorcycles or any other type of mobile must do so as follows:

  • June: plates ending in 5 or 2.
  • July: plates ending in 6 and 3.
  • August: plates ending in 7 and 4.
  • September: plates ending in 8 and 2.
  • October: plates ending in 9 and 3.
  • November: plates ending in 0 and 4.
  • December: all who did not perform the process.

Failure to register on the indicated date will apply a fine of $ 25 dollars. Take your forecasts.

Who Issues It?

As to who issues it, We can say that it is directly issued by the Review Centers that you attend.

These are located in Guajaló, Los Chillos, Carapungo, Guamaní, San Isidro and Florida, where you can carry out the vehicle technical review in conjunction with the registration. On the other hand, there are also those from Quitumbe and Bicentenario, but they only carry out the registration process.

Remember to keep your payments up to date and make your previous appointments. This entire process is supported by the National Transit Agency (ANT) and the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT).

What is it?

The Vehicle Registration It is a registration certificate for a vehicle. This can be for private, diplomatic, state, commercial or public service use. It is a process that must be done annually and that allows the driver to continue driving.

It must also be done when there is a change of ownership or a removal of new plates. It is a very important procedure and we hope we have helped you today not only with the Requirements for Vehicle Registration, but with all the information that we have offered you.

By 2020Due to the pandemic situation, private vehicles should not do this process. They will be able to renew their driving licenses or fully register their cars on-line through the website of the Metropolitan Transit Agency.

See you!


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