Requirements for Youth in Action: Responsibilities, What it is and MORE

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Youth in Action government youth aid organization. In this article we will show you in a simple way how to belong to this organization and we will indicate the Requirements for Youth in Action.

When young Colombians finish high school, they face the question or situation What will i do next? Especially since a large majority do not have the financial resources to continue higher education. However, the Colombian State offers the opportunity to belong to Youth in Action.

Organization in which they will receive assistance, help, opportunities and social inclusion.

What are the Requirements for Youth in Action?

To be in the Program Youth in Action, must comply with the Requirements for Youth in Action. They must be young people attending secondary school between the ages of 16 and 24 and who also fform part of any of the population lists which are mentioned below:

  • Belong to the System of Selection of Beneficiaries for Social Programs (SISBEN III) with a score determined according to the area of ​​residence (geographical breakdown).
  • Also be registered in the UNIDOS Network.
  • Also registered in the Single Registry of Victims (RUV), in a displaced situation and in a state of inclusion.
  • Be part of the indigenous youth census list.
  • Be registered in the census list for young people with the criminal adoptability regime of the Institute Colombian Family Welfare (ICBF).
  • Have completed grade 11 and have no accredited technical, technological, or university majors.

Additionally, those young people who correspond to the parameters of population or territorial targeting, must necessarily have begun training studies in the National Learning Service SENA) or in any Institution of Higher Education, in agreement with Social Prosperity, fulfilling all requests.

Enrollment Process

Once the conditions requested in the Requirements for Youth in Action, pThey can then start the registration process.

Have the quality of registered in the Program of Youth in Action It is subject to a preliminary process that involves a series of steps that must be fully completed.

The so-called Inscription or also called Enrolled status, it is nothing more than the consequence of a certification process, where the Program Youth in Action, identifies that a certain young person who is already registered, is validated within the aforementioned Program.

Once the reviews of the corresponding reports issued by the National Learning Service SENA), Institutions of Higher Education (IES) or any other entity that maintains active Social Prosperity agreements with the Program Youth in Action.

In addition, it is also validated if it is within the established priority parameters. Later, when the young person is already a member of the Program, they continue to be evaluated for the possible delivery of the conditional cash transfer (TMC).

If the youth is in a pre-registered and / or registered status, they are preliminary to the Registered stage. This situation does not mean at all that the young person is a member of the Program and consequently they will not receive the conditional cash transfer (TMC).

The registration process unfolds in two stages:

The Pre-Registration begins with the call or calls for the realization of massive workshops in the different targeted municipalities according to the time periods that exist.

This stage is called the initial state and the young person is assigned by the Youth in Action Information System (SIJA), It is at this stage that the personal contact and identification data is delivered to Prosperidad Social.

Then the system establishes the username and password to access the information website of Youth in Action.

For this stage of Pre-registration is required:

  • Age between 16 and 24 years.
  • Have completed high school.
  • Enlarged photocopy 150% of the identity card.
  • Indicate the personal cell phone number.
  • Have email.
  • Ask the entrance questions or questionnaire.
  • Attach the identity card and the high school diploma in pdf on the website (not more than 512k).
  • Of course, they belong to the population lists and be in the SISBEN III, UNIDOS Network, RUV, the indigenous census list or the ICBF youth list.

When the Pre-registration stage ends, Prosperidad Social will confirm all the data of the young person, will review the entry questionnaire, among others.

Subsequently, the young person receives the approval notification and his new status of Registered.

It is important to note that if inconsistencies are found in the certification and it is rejected, then the status will remain as Pre-registration. All this until the amendment is made and it goes through validation again.

The Record is then the validation and confirmation stage of all personal information and attached documentation. In addition to the review of the entry questionnaire.

The last stage of the process called Signed up, is the one that once everything has been validated, it is checked that the young person appears in Registered status and is enrolled in some educational program, be it technical, technological or university professional.

Places to Enroll in Youth in Action

Revised conditions and Requirements for Youth in Action, they can think about enrollment and its process.

Interested young people can register on the web portal of Youth in Action, or also through chat.

They can also do so by contacting the phone number 018000951100 or to the number 5954410 in the city of Bogota.

Additionally they can do it in different dependencies of the regions in the Departments for Social Prosperity. There they will give you the information with the details of the process.

Responsibilities of Youth in Action

The program of Youth in Action assigns 12 compliance responsibilities for youth who are enrolled and active in the Program.

Responsibilities to fulfill:

  1. Go to the enrollment process in educational institutions that have an agreement with Social Prosperity.
  2. Have approved and advanced the curriculum or learning competencies.
  3. Comply with the due academic or student regulations established by educational institutions.
  4. Remain in constant communication and in contact with the Program’s social networks.
  5. Make the query on the website of Youth in Action of the results obtained from the pre-settlement, according to the financial operating cycle schedule (COF) and inform the educational institution of any inconsistencies.
  6. Be aware of the Program guidelines, set out in the Operational Manual and Operational Guides.
  7. Attend the bankarization process, before the financial institution when it is called for the delivery of the conditional cash transfer (TMC).
  8. Timely collect conditional cash transfers (CCT), scheduled for each verification period.
  9. Participate in the activities and calls within the framework of the Life Skills Component.
  10. Attend and attend all activities or meetings called by the Program.
  11. Respond to questionnaires and / or surveys and other instruments that are in the framework of monitoring the Youth in Action Program.
  12. Keep updated the personal identification and contact information in all entities that act in the implementation of the Program, such as the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity, SENA, Institutions of Higher Education (IES) and banks.

Advantages of belonging to Jóvenes en Acción

In Colombia there is the Youth in Action Program and it is aimed at creating educational opportunities for young people.

It has academic training and skills training, both related to responsibility, leadership, communication.

Social Prosperity is the social arm of the National Government in charge of providing opportunities to the young and vulnerable population. Searching overcoming poverty, social inclusion and reconciliation between citizens.

Provides support with policies aimed at providing well-being and safety.

The benefits lie in financial assistance:

  • Tuition for $ 400,000.oo.
  • Permanency or support aid for $ 400,000.oo.
  • Students who meet certain conditions receive a grant for academic performance of $ 200,000.oo, for a minimum average of 3.5 semester.
  • They can take the various courses and programs of SENA.
  • Facilitates educational development, facilitating entry into the world of work.

What is Youth in Action?

Youth in Action It is a program of Social Prosperity, of the National Government, that supports young people in conditions of poverty and vulnerability, with the delivery of conditional cash transfers (CCT) so that they can continue their technical, technological and professional studies.

All this for the fulfillment of the commitments of the young people, specified in the program. Seeking to improve living conditions of young people in vulnerable situations and poverty.

Youth in Action It is aimed at keeping Colombian youth away from crime, vice and bad living. It is a service aimed at benefiting people with limited resources and opening the ways of free academic training.

It is a program that supports young people for a maximum period of 5 years. Offering them training in different areas, being able to obtain a university degree.


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