Requirements to adopt in Colombia: how is the Process, Duration and MORE

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The Requirements to Adopt in Colombia more and more, in order to ensure the protection and well-being of children. Besides the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare it allows you to access to all the information you need during this process.

If you are thinking of applying to the adoption process, we invite you to read the entire article. According to the above, you will be able to find all the requirements, step by step of the process, documents for residents and foreigners, important aspects, among others.

What are you waiting for? You can change a child’s life!

Requirements to adopt in Colombia

The adoption process has existed in Colombia for 20 years, where people are offered the opportunity to integrate a new member into their family. In addition, it is an experience that radically changes life to all the children who are looking for a home.

In the same way, children have the right to be adopted to be part of a family that guarantees them economic and affective stability; Also, each one of their rights is respected, and protected during their development and growth process.

Now, as is well known, every legal process needs to comply with a series of documents and therefore, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) requires applicants a set of Requirements to adopt in Colombia. The latter is crucial to ensure the well-being of children in the adoption process. If you want to request the adoption process in Colombia, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be able to assume this type of responsibility: Physical, mental and moral conditions
  • To be over 25 years old
  • Have so less 15 years more that the adopter
  • Offer the economic and mental conditions necessary for this process
  • Demonstrate sufficient capacity to offer a loving and stable home for the child for adoption

Similarly, the documents to be consigned will vary depending on the place where you request the adoption. So, once you comply with these documents and with the Requirements to adopt in Colombia You can continue to process your application to Family Welfare in the country.

Don’t you know what documents you need? We tell you each one of them!

Permanent Residents in Colombia

  • Document that certifies the commitment, evaluation and participation of the adoption.
  • Application form: This point will be explained in the following sections.
  • Applicants’ birth certificate.
  • Copy of the National or Foreign Identity Card.
  • Certificate of Medical Insurance.
  • Proof of monthly income.
  • Commitment letter once the process is finished.
  • Legal and judicial background.
  • Civil registry of marriage (spouses).


  • Letter of commitment that certifies the participation and selection of the adoption.
  • Application form.
  • Civil document of birth certificates of the applicants.
  • Civil marriage certificate.
  • Photocopy of personal identification documents.
  • Hiring of medical insurance.
  • Economic pantry letter.
  • Certificate of proof of the applicants’ work.
  • Paper that demonstrates post-decision commitment.
  • Authorization for the child to enter the country of the applicants.
  • Psychological and social report.
  • Photographic record.
  • Act that declares the authorization of the international adoption.
Attention! If you want to consult with more details the Requirements to adopt in Colombia, enter here.

Agency in charge of Adoption in Colombia

Likewise, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare works every day for to guarantee the safety and protection of children. I also know commissions to provide the necessary support to encourage the development of children and adolescents in family settings.

Currently, this Institute has different programs that ensure the well-being of all Colombian children and youth.

  • Early childhood
  • Protection
  • Nutrition
  • Childhood and adolescence
  • Families and Communities
  • National Family Welfare System (SNBF)

Now one of the most recognized programs for this institution is «Adoption Program».

If you meet all the Requirements to adopt in Colombia previously mentioned, we invite you to follow the Next steps to access the online «Adoption Assistant»:

  1. Login To the next one link Y Choose «Visit ADA.»
  2. Once the pop-up screen opens, you will find the four (4) steps to request your adoption.
  3. Schedule your legal talk: You must enter all your personal data and accept all the conditions and legal terms of the request
  4. Start your application online: Enter your username and password.
  5. Check the status of your request: Select your country of residence
  6. Take the introductory course

Important! If you have questions about the online procedure, you can contact the Institution’s Official Headquarters: Av Carrera 68 # 64C – 75 Bogotá, Colombia.

How Long Does the Adoption Process Take in Colombia?

On the other hand, adoption is a process that requires great caution, control and above all, study of each of the cases and applicants. The latter is done with the aim of ensure well-being of each of the children who are under these conditions of adoption. So, in various countries of the world this procedure is more common than we think, however; have a long study time.

From the above, in the European countries the adoption process is managed approximately in three (3) years. While, in the U.S adoption can be approved from one to two years.

However, in the latest decree made by former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on family safety and well-being, it places the judicial process of adoptions with a limit of 18 months, that is to say almost two (2) years.

It is worth noting that these two (2) years will be fulfilled depending on the case and the type of adoption requested. Similarly, it is essential that know the details of this procedure:

Who can be adopted?
Who can request it?
  • Under 18 years old that are fit to be adopted. Also, have the consent of your parents or family representative to guarantee the process
  • The older than 18 years as long as they have had at least two (2) years of relationship with the adoption staff
  • Query the Technical Guideline of the Adoption Program to see under what other conditions an adopted child may be

How is the Adoption Process?

In another vein, the adoption process does not only consist of recording the Requirements to Adopt in Colombia. Also, go through three (3) processes crucial to ensuring the full well-being of the child and the family you wish to adopt. If you are thinking of going through the adoption process, you have to be aware of each of its stages:


  • The application and commitment for adoption is formally submitted to ICBF
  • Informative talk about the whole process
  • Presentation of all documents and applicants requirements
  • Study of the documents by the defender assigned to each family
  • Workshops (approximately 3) to prepare applicants
  • First interview with the social welfare agency
  • Visit a psychological specialist
  • Application application
  • Interview other family members
  • Second interview with the family by Social Welfare
  • Psychological approval
  • Visit to the spaces of the home to evaluate the survival conditions
  • History of applicants to the Adoption Committee
  • Analysis and Certification of the adoption request
  • Waiting list
  • Adoption assignment


  • Case exposed before a judicial court
  • Judgment of the adoption case
  • If you want to know more about the judicial process, select «Judicial Stage»


  • Post-option verification
  • Checking the well-being of the child in the adoptive home

During the adoption application process, many questions often arise. Therefore, we want answer each of your concerns:

Who can Adopt in Colombia?

For him Colombian Institute of Family Welfare the situation in which the adoption applicants find themselves is very important. For this reason, they have created a regulation to know what type of people can access to request this procedure:

  • Single people
  • Spouses who present the legality of their marriage certificate
  • Relationship in concubinage (At least two (2) years of accompaniment)
  • Colombians or Foreigners
  • Same-sex couples
  • Remembering that each one must be over 25 years old

Likewise, it is important that you take into consideration the following points. These will undoubtedly allow you to have more knowledge about the adoption process.

Important points

  • The adoption process is irrevocable
  • The adopted child will lose any degree of consanguinity and will bear the surname of his new adoptive parents
  • The documents and procedures carried out in ICBF related to this process are totally free
  • You give permission to be the subject of a full investigation, as this will determine if you are suitable for adoption and if you can provide a protective environment

Although, the processes carried out in this Institute are totally free, but there are other «Adoption Houses» that serve to be a link in the whole process. Consequently, you may have to accept these costs during the adoption process:

  • Pisingos Foundation: With all the administrative and psychological expenses you will need $ 7,164,000
  • Mother and child house: Approximately it has a cost of $ 6,857,300

What is Adoption?

In conclusion, adoption is a system that allows you have the right to belong to a family financially stable and that promotes the development of the child. This family will be in charge of offering affection, support and ensuring their well-being. As well as, he must respect the rights and accompany the adopted child in the duties.

Similarly, Colombia is a country that increasingly promotes the development and well-being of children. For this reason, the «Adoption Program» is one of the most requested in its Family Welfare Institute.

However, to apply to the program you must comply with a series of Requirements to adopt in Colombia, and go through a series of steps necessary to have a safe process for the child.

Finally, there are several associations and institutions in various regions of the country that promote the adoption process:

  • Pisingos Foundation
  • Abandoned Childhood Assistance
  • House of the Mother and the Child
  • Center for the reintegration and care of the Child
  • Casa de María y el Niño Corporation
  • Nicolas house
  • Bambi Home

A child with protection is a happy child!


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