Requirements to Adopt: Process, Application and MORE

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If you are thinking about having a home and starting a family, and you want information regarding adoption, we will tell you about it here in the Requirements to Adopt in Chile.

Sometimes there is a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to starting a home, a family and in the case of children, there are those who hope to have them through adoption. But, couples are faced with the uncertainty or dilemma of an adoption process due to their ignorance of the process.

There is always in couples a little fear of starting the adoption process, it generates doubts, whether they will be suitable, if they will succeed, in short there are many questions. Read this article to be more clear and convinced to join this incredible adventure of being adoptive parents.

How to start the Adoption Process?

Within the Requirements to AdoptIn this section we will address the beginning of the regulated procedure for adoption in Chile.

The first stage of the adoption process starts here, where the applicant (s) hope to enter a waiting list eligible for adoption.

  • It must be started before the National Service for Minors (SENAME) or also any other entity assigned or accredited to SENAME.
  • Citizens who wish to adopt must call the adoption section of the area of ​​residence to which they belong.
  • You must request a appointment for a hearing with the social worker.
  • SENAME listens to the request or request of a family through an individual meeting or appointment. This appointment must be requested directly on web portal.
  • Once you enter the portal, you must do the filling out the form, selecting the one that corresponds to people residing in Chile, indicating the exact location of the residence. In addition, now being part of a list of residents in the country, interested in adoption.
  • SENAME will answer to the corresponding request within a period of one week or five business days. It will tell you where to go and who to contact to continue with the procedure.
  • You should have all the documentation ready, if the applicant (s) are eligible, after the interview.
  • Subsequently, you must attend the interview or initial meeting for the required adoption procedure. Social analysts make their family study.

Then in the second stage begins the preparation of applicants who are seeking to obtain the qualification of suitability for adoption.

Applicants must complete four-session preparation workshops, involving six single people or married couples. Obtained the approval of the workshops, they receive the qualification to adopt.

In the adoption certification process, essential precautions are requested to carry out the evaluation, these are the following:

  • They must attach photographs of applicants.
  • The birth certificates of the marriage or applicants.
  • Also, present a family report where it shows the family characteristics both economically, socially and morally of the would-be parents.
  • Also they psychological reports, which will assist in the aptitude assessment.
  • Deliver the Medical history related to infertility, if applicable.
  • Likewise, demonstrate the ability to have sufficient financial resources.
  • To have letters from relatives and friends that they give evidence and serve as endorsement of the good repute of the applicants.

Applicants qualified as suitable for adoption, are registered. Then it is up to them to wait for the Registry to assign a boy or girl. This may take 12 to 30 months.

Subsequently, a child is admitted to the Adoption Unit and they look for a place among the qualified applicants or potential parents. It starts then, encounters, links gradually between the child and the applicant family.

Then the proposal is made to the Court of personal care of the child. Once the Court accepts the request, it is given start of concrete adoption management before the corresponding Family Court.

Requirements to Adopt in Chile

If you want to be part of those eligible for adoption, regardless of the reason that leads you to want to do so. Equally, it is a wonderful opportunity for the child to grow up in a home, full of love and understanding. It is a wonderful option that you want, so take into account the Requirements to Adopt in Chile that we expose you next:

  • Applicants to adopt must have ages ranging from 25 to 60 years. There may be flexibility on the part of the judge in this case, if the case is presented.
  • There must be a age difference of 20 years or more, between the aspiring adoptive parents and the possible adoptee.
  • If the applicants for adoption are married, they must have a minimum cohabitation time of 2 years. In the case of infertile couples, this rule does not apply.
  • Have result suitable for adoption, after the comprehensive evaluation carried out by the National Service for Minors (Sename) or another accredited entity to implement adoption programs.

How Do You Know Which Children Can Be Adopted?

According to Requirements to Adopt in Chile, the boys and girls who are considered eligible for adoption are those that have the following characteristics:

  • Boys and girls with under 18 years old.
  • Children of parents who express their inability for responsible parenting and voluntarily express the desire to give them up for adoption before the competent authorities.
  • Also, those blood descendants of one of the adopters.
  • Likewise, those cases in which the parents of these minors or the representatives are in situations of physical or moral disability, to take care of the minors.
  • When they do not provide the required care, either from a personal or financial point of view for two months. In the case of children under one year of age, they do not offer the necessary care for 30 days.
  • Also those minors who have been left in protective institutions child, with the intention of getting rid of parenting responsibilities and duties.

Application to Adopt in Chile

For prospective adoptive parents who wish to begin the process, they can review the Requirements to adopt in Chile, mentioned above. Likewise, if you want to obtain direct information on how the procedure is being carried out, enter the web portal of the National Service for Minors.

It may be that you are interested in adoption, or you also need to do the regularization through adoption if you have a minor under your care and care, which may be a relative, a spouse’s child, or another particular situation.

Remember what has been said before: you can be single, divorced, widowed, Chilean or a foreigner with permanent residence in Chile. You must enter the application registry, meet the requirements and pass the evaluation of conditions of suitability for the adoption program, to be chosen as a possible adoptive family.

Adoption Laws in Chile

In Chile, the discussion regarding adoption has been going on for quite some time. The modification of the Law is proposed, to adapt to the new times and to the changes that occur in society.

However, the result has not been optimal or fluid, so it is currentlyand discusses the modifications that the legal norm must have related to the issue of adoption in the country.

In the country only children under 18 years old are eligible to enter an adoption program. This according to Law No. 19,620 that regulates the adoption of minors in Chile. Within this context, the law divides the minors who can be adopted into three groups.

The adoption system in Chile is regulated according to Law No. 19,620, dated August 5, 1999. Likewise, it was regulated according to Supreme Decree No. 944 of the year 2000, of the Ministry of Justice. However, Chile by 1993 had already endorsed the Hague Convention on Child Protection and Cooperation in Matters of Intercountry Adoption.

This group of norms are those that govern the relations regarding the issue of adoption between the countries that have sanctioned the Convention. All this has the purpose of conceiving secure adoption relationships between the minor’s home country and the country that receives the minor, where the final residence will be.

Both in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and in Law No. 19,620, what prevails is the best and highest benefit for the minor to be adopted.

The orientation that is pursued is the superior benefit of the minor, this is the vision that every adoption process has, either on the part of the entities in charge of the procedure and the legal norm. The well-being of the child must be protected above any other consideration that the applicants or persons interested in the adoption may seek.


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