Requirements to apply for Political Asylum: Causes, Advantages and MORE

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If you are from the United States, and you need to apply for political asylum, stay and read the following content, where you will know, what are the requirements to apply for political asylum and how to carry out the corresponding process.

This article is aimed at those who have not yet completed a year in the United States or who already have more than that time. We will show you what to do in each of the steps to obtain asylum.

Without further ado, we hope that this content will help you to carry out your procedure easily and simply.

What are the Requirements to Request Political Asylum in the United States?

In order to apply for political asylum in the United States, it is necessary to meet certain conditions to apply and also perform certain steps and supply various requirements.

In this part of the content you will be able to know what requirements you need, to be able to opt for this help and political protection.

Below are the requirements to apply for political asylum, based on the types of asylum, whether it is an affirmative or defensive asylum.

For affirmative process

In this case, you must comply with the following:

  • You must be present in the United States, be it at a port or border, while you are within the United States you can request political asylum, regardless of the way you enter the country.
  • If at the time of entering the United States you do not request political asylum, it must be processed before reaching one year within the United States.
  • If for some reason you already have more than one year in the United States, the only way to request and obtain political asylum is if at that time there is a change in the government of the country of origin that affects the applicant very negatively.
  • In case the person has a direct family, they can include them in the asylum application.
  • Present each of the documents required by the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

For defensive process

Now, in this case, the following must be complied with:

  • You can continue the process defensively, when the affirmative process has been denied, doing it before a judge.
  • It also applies to those who have entered the United States, illegally and undocumented. In this case, the asylum is evaluated by the corresponding authorities and the person’s case is observed.
  • It is very important and fundamental that the difficulty and risk of life in the country of origin be verified due to the political situation that arises.

Requirements to apply for political asylum: Documents and forms

Below are the documents and forms requested by the Citizenship and Immigration Service to process political asylum:

  • Among the forms are: Form 1-589 (English), Instructions for 1-589 (English).
  • Written statement, which is a statement of reasons. This document must demonstrate the need of the applicant to obtain asylum, detailing the danger that he runs in his country of origin.
  • Asylum application with personal data of the person.
  • Passport in valid state.
  • Information on the individual’s legal background.
  • Information that proves the political situation in the person’s country of origin.
  • ID photo of the asylum seeker.
  • Submit a photocopy of each of the documents mentioned above.

Types of Requests

It is important to know that there are two types of application for political asylum, and something very valuable to know is what each one is about in order to know which one to apply to. Each of them are explained below:

  1. Affirmative process: It is an application that is made when the Immigration and Citizenship Service itself decides.
  2. Defensive process: When the application is evaluated in a judicial court to be approved.

Causes for Requesting Political Asylum

It is important to note that anyone can apply for political asylum in the event that they suffer any danger or difficulty and real persecution.

The causes for requesting political asylum must be related to persecution in any of these aspects: Race, Nationality, Political Opinion, Religion, belonging to a group in the specific society.

If you apply to any of these aspects, you are considered an eligible individual to obtain political asylum in the United States. Meets the requirements to apply for political asylum and carry out your process.

Requirements to request Political Asylum: Where to request it?

The political asylum It must be requested within the territory of the United States, and it must be done before reaching one year in the nation. The important thing is that it is present within the United States.

There are some exceptions to this. The first is that the application of an applicant who has made an application for asylum in at least three other countries is accepted, without any success.

And the other exception is that the person can request asylum in the United States, without having to go to other countries first, if he or she suffers or has been a victim of human trafficking and can verify it.

Advantages of Requesting Political Asylum

Be in the condition of asylum in the United States provides many benefits and advantages, which are presented and described below:

Job Opportunity

If you have asylum in this nation, you are fully authorized to opt for legal employment within the country.

You can choose different jobs and you have the opportunity to use the different tools to search for employment in the United States.

Social Security Card

Another benefit of finding yourself in asylum status within the United States is that you have the opportunity to apply for a social security card without restrictions.

Family benefits

A great advantage is that you can in your asylum status in the United States, opt for asylum for direct relatives such as children and include them.

Green card

The Green card, green card, or permanent residence is the status that a person obtains, which allows him to live and work permanently in the United States.

Those with asylum can apply for green card, complying with certain requirements and in a very easy and simple way. If you want to know more about the green card, click here.

These are some of the benefits or advantages of obtaining asylum in the United States.

What is it?

The political asylum It is a right that a person possesses which allows them not to be extradited from one country to another that requires it. It is a permit and authorization to stay within a nation to provide protection.

It is an assistance that is granted to a certain foreign person who had to leave their country due to some type of major problem, risk or persecution or who was expelled from the country for political reasons.

This help allows the individual to remain legally for much longer than established in the country where they are.

In order to apply for political asylum, it is necessary to comply with the Requirements to apply for Political Asylum and also follow a procedure, which is proposed by the entity in charge.

Important data

Below in this section we show you some important information of interest, which you should consider when applying for political asylum. They are:

  1. For the asylum application in the United States to be a success, you must apply to one of the established causes and you must also be able to verify it.
  2. Write your statement of reason with the utmost sincerity, without omitting details, but not exaggerating either.
  3. Do not let more than the time limit to make the request pass.
  4. Keep in mind that obtaining asylum is a short and direct path to the Green Card.
  5. If you apply to the affirmative process, it is carried out before the Immigration and Citizenship Service and in the case of being the defensive process, before the Immigration Court.
  6. Include your immediate family members in the asylum application.
  7. Please check the requirements before submitting, to avoid mistakes and delays in the process.
  8. Stay on top of the news from your country.
  9. Make a photocopy of all requested documents and do not submit the originals.

If you follow these recommendations, the process for obtaining asylum in the United States will be a success.

Remember to comply with the Requirements to request Political Asylum to guarantee success in your process.

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