Requirements to Approve a Degree: Process, Duration and MORE

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Do you need to match an international academic degree with Ecuador’s study plans? Do you need to validate your studies in order to get a job? In this article you can find the solution to your problems; since we will talk about the requirements to approve a degree in the educational system of the country.

In the following lines, you will find information about the process to homologate a degree in Ecuador and how long do you take to carry out the process. So, if you are interested in completing this procedure, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What are the requirements to approve a degree in Ecuador?

The first step to carry out any type of procedure is know the necessary documents and requirements, which are requested, to start the process you want. Thus, you make sure not to find any obstacle, for the lack of a document or for the breach of any requirement.

Therefore, to help you do this procedure without many problems, we will present below the requirements to approve a degree that you will need to do this task in Ecuador.

  • If it is an Ecuadorian citizen, you need the national identity card and the voting paper (Copy).
  • If it is a foreign citizen, you need present passport or the refugee card, depending on the situation. (Copy).
  • The Document that proves the Pensum studied and certified notes. (Legalized or apostilled copies).
  • The job title duly legalized and apostilled. (Copy).

Now once you know the requirements to approve a degree in EcuadorThe next step you must follow is to gather and prepare the requested documents and requirements; to present them, later, before the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.

After you present the documents to the SENESCYT, Your application will go into a consideration process and you will have to wait for the resolution of the aforementioned educational body. The waiting time for which you must pass is 45 business days; since it is what usually takes the approval process.

Process to Homologate a Title in Ecuador

After meeting the requirements to approve a degree, you must enter the application for the procedure, in order to start the entire pertinent process. Normally, these types of procedures are often confusing for people and they end up having a bad time or making mistakes, which delay the development of the process.

Therefore, to prevent you from falling into obstacles that waste your time, we decided to present you the step-by-step that you must follow to carry out this procedure. In this way, we hope to be able to help you speed up all the tasks that you will have to do, to obtain the homologation of your degree.

  1. It meets the requirements requested to homologate a degree.
  2. Present these requirements before National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.
  3. The SENESCYT will designate an institution of higher studies to analyze the curriculum of your degree.
  4. Then, the institution designated by him SENESCYT will compare your study plan with the curriculum provided.
  5. Once the institution finishes comparing the pensum, it will issue a report on the equivalence that both pensums have.
  6. Depending on the percentage of equivalence that is dictated, the applicant must present a knowledge test.
  7. If the applicant ends up passing the test, the title homologation process is approved and the SENESCYT.

Note: The minimum equivalence percentage to present the knowledge test is 80%. If the percentage is less than 80% or the person does not pass the knowledge test, the subjects that the person must still complete will be established and present, to validate their title.

How long does the process take?

An important issue about the homologation of degrees is that its process is a very long process; In addition, you have to do many tasks and processes to be able to carry it out. In other words, it is not an easy procedure, it requires patience and commitment.

In principle, do this type of procedure it may take 45 business days; however, these 45 days are only considered for a single step. These days go into the pensum equivalence procedure that the institutes carry out under the orders of the SENESCYT.

Therefore, there are other days that are used to carry out the entire process in general, which are not counted. For example, the days of the knowledge test or the subjects you must take, if you do not reach 80% equivalency of pensum to take the test.

This leads to It is difficult to calculate the time that each person will take to carry out the procedure of homologation of academic titles.

Each case will be different and will take a different time than others. The only thing that can be counted is the 45 business days that the institutes have to compare pensum and send the report to the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.


We have talked a lot about National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT), in this article about Requirements to Approve a Title, but we have not delved into this governmental institution. Then we will.

SENESCYT is the Ecuadorian government institution that is in charge of exercise public policies in the sectors of Science, Technology, Innovation and Higher Education from the country. Above all, it exercises coordination functions between the Executive Power and the Higher Education Systems.

Furthermore, along with the Council of Higher Education (CES) and the Council for the Quality Assurance of Higher Education of Ecuador (CASES), the SENESCYT makes up the Higher Education System of the country.

Therefore, if you need to do a procedure about your higher education studies, you must go to one of the offices of the SENESCYT. It is for this reason that the procedure to approve a degree must be done under the supervision of this institution.

Homologate a Foreign Title

Another option that this procedure has is to homologate a foreign title, this allows foreign citizens to be able to equal your studies in Ecuador. In the same way, it can also be used for Ecuadorian citizens who have an international degree and want to do the equivalency in the country.

This time, the processes are not so different. Homologate an international degree is similar to doing the procedure for a national equivalency of studiesthem. The differences are small.

So, if you are interested in homologate a foreign degree in Ecuador, here we leave you the requirements to do so:

  • You must start the approval application process in the SENESCYT website.
  • Deliver a copy of the valid passport.
  • You must present the original title that you want to homologate and, also, a legalized and apostilled copy. Now, in the event that the title is in another language, it must be translated into Spanish.
  • Finally, if the SENESCYT considers it, other documents can be requested to validate the application and homologation of the degree.

Note: In the case of wanting to homologate postgraduate degrees, a series of different requirements must be presented. These are: a certificate of the study modality -issued by the corresponding institution-, a copy of the final thesis and the contact information of the institution.


To homologate a foreign degree in Ecuador, through the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, you have three different cases; which are:

  • Automatic registration: The title can be registered automatically, if the institution has an agreement with the country.
  • Automatic recognition: If your degree is obtained in some of the institutions that are on the international quality list, issued by the SENESCYT, you happen, automatically, to have an approved title.
  • Analysis Committee approval: This possibility is activated when a body outside SENESCYT takes charge of the analysis of the case of request for approval.

What is Homologate a Title?

Finally, to end this article on the Requirements to Approve a Title, we will explain a little about what this procedure is about, in case you still do not know what it is.

To begin with, homologate a title is equal the pensum of an educational institution with another institution, to check if your degree is valid or not, according to the country’s study plans; in this case, from Ecuador.

This type of procedure is done very normally, since it allows people, especially foreigners, to have a greater chance of having better job offers. Therefore, it is a very useful and useful process.

So, if you are interested in matching your studies with other institutions, we recommend you start gathering the requirements to approve a degree, so that you do not present inconveniences during the procedure.


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