Requirements to be a Carabinero: Process, Stages and MORE

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Security in a country is essential for the people to be safe from dangerous situations and to have someone to turn to in case of trouble. That is why each country must have established a security body prepared to protect and defend. In Chile, part of this body is called Carabineros and here you will find out about the Requirements to be a Carabinero, the process, the stages and more.

Before choosing this job as your day-to-day, it is important that you know both the requirements and the tasks to be fulfilled, the duration of the course, the salary you will earn and the exact definition of the term «Carabinero» and in the following paragraphs we will describe in detail each data necessary for the position.

What requirements are needed to be a Carabinero?

To be a Carabinero in Chile it is necessary to go through a process and also issue and supply a series of requirements, which are necessary to apply to this. In this content, the requested requirements will be known.

Requirements to be a Carabinero

All the requirements to be a carabinero with which you must comply are:

  • You must be Chilean by birth.

  • You cannot be married, you must to be single or single.
  • In the case of being a woman, height minimum to enter must be 160 centimeters (without wearing shoes).
  • As for men the height minimum must be 168 centimeters.
  • Your age if you are man must be between the 18 and 25 years old.
  • If you’re woman you must have between 17 to 23 years.
  • Your secondary education will have to be completed at least until the fourth year.
  • If the individual possesses tattoos, must be little ones or not visible at all when putting on the uniform.
  • If you have problems in the viewYou have to check yourself when making the request, this in order to verify that you comply with the limits that were established in the Carabineros school.

The documents Requested to be part of the Carabineros corps are the following:

  • Carry two (2) passport size photos. You must identify them.
  • You need submit your RUT (Unique Tax Role) or the RUN (Unique National Role).

  • Have the medical certificate both original and copy of it. General medical examinations are required.
  • Deliver your legal certificate that you have completed your studies. The original and the copy.
  • The certificate of your criminal record (original and copy).
  • For men the military status certificate up to date.
  • Present two acts of recommendation. They should not be carried out by the individual’s relatives.
  • A notarial declaration that you accept the conditions that have been established in articles 54, 55 and 56 of the Organic Constitutional Law of General Bases of the State Administration.

Process to be a Carabinero

Before describing the process to be a Carabinero, it is necessary to talk about How should a Carabinero be? The essential characteristics that you must have to be part of this security body are:

  1. Must be supportive and empathetic with society.
  2. A carabinero must be studious and know the laws to make others also comply with them.
  3. It has to be a server excellent that can help locate people and indicate paths.
  4. Cause a environmental impact and promote national integration.

The process What you must pass to be a Carabinero is the following:

  1. First you will be registered and psychological evaluation.
  2. Realization of your curriculum card.
  3. Some will be made to you medical exams.
  4. An evaluation is done to know what are your knowledge (math, logistics, spelling, etc.
  5. Finally a personal interview.

In the following texts we will explain in detail each of these steps (stages) that you must pass.

Stages of the process

First stage

In the first stage which is the pre-selection, the following evaluations are carried out:

  • Initial test of Health: Of course, you must check how good your health is in each area, in order to avoid problems when carrying out activities that are complicated.
  • Evaluation to check your Middle education, here your grades are taken into account from the first year to the third. Your average can only be a minimum of less than 20% of the scale.
  • You psychologically evaluates, that you have an aptitude and an ideal attitude, it will make way for you quickly.
  • Perform a dental exam.
  • The physical ability Through exercises, when doing this test you must reach a minimum percentage of 20% onwards.
  • Finally a group interview and this must be approved with a minimum of 30 points onwards.

Second stage

The steps that make up the second stage are:

  • A personal interview. Someone will evaluate you to see if you are eligible to enter and your percentage must be at least 30%.
  • There is a PSU test (University Selection Test), which is done in order to check your knowledge and also your mental agility through various exercises that reveal the level of your speed. These tests contain questions about history, math, science and language and the result must give a minimum of 20%.
  • The check of the approval of the first stage. At least you must have passed it with 40%.
  • Again you will be made a personal interview. In this case, the evaluation will change a bit since it will be with 3 people in a task presided over by a Superior Chief of Police. The yield should be 30%.
  • Finally, you will have a swimming test in which you will have to do the different tasks that are ordered so that they can check your level of performance, this according to the needs of the institution. Your score should be 10%.

Once this is done, your process will have finished and you will only have to wait for your results to know if you approved everything or not. With an intense and hard preparation you will surely succeed.

Duration of the Course to Be a Carabinero

The time that must be studied to prepare as a Carabinero consists of 1 full academic or school year. There are different cycles and divisions in which to stay. Everything will depend on the group in which you are placed, this as required by what is established by the institution.

  1. The first group begins its activities in January, in these schools: El Arica, Ancud, Grupo de Concepción, Grupo Santiago, Ovalle, Valdivia and Caballería de Santiago.
  2. The second group opens activities in June, in schools: Grupo Temuco, Santiago, Puerto Montt, Grupo Antofagasta and Viña del Mar.

Moving up the ranks will take years depending on the position. To be a Second Lieutenant you have to work for 4 years; for Lieutenant from 6 to 9 years old, to be captain from 10 to 17 years old; Over 18 to 23 years old; for Lieutenant Colonel from 22 to 25, for Colonel from 25 to 30 years and finally reach the position of General Officer.

Carabineros salary

There are different salaries depending on the position you are obtaining as a Carabinero, of course the one with the lowest hierarchy is the one who is paid the least and as you move up the ladder, your pay increases.

  1. Being a Carabinero Student your salary reaches 133, 78 $.
  2. The Second lieutenants they have a salary of $ 435.
  3. Lieutenants they earn approximately $ 616.
  4. The captains they earn $ 829.
  5. The Higher He earns a salary of $ 1906.
  6. What Lieutenant colonel, you will win $ 2,200.
  7. The Colonels they earn $ 2,400.
  8. The general you can win up to $ 3,000.
  9. The Inspector Generals they earn about $ 3,100.
  10. And the General Director you get 3,300% for your work.

What is it?

To know exactly what a carabinero is, we must first know the meaning of the word. Carabineer comes from the term, which means «firearm shorter than a rifle ». And they are policemen or soldiers armed with a carbine.

The carabineros in the Republic of Chile are a police force that constitutes the Forces of Order and Security. The symbol of this body are two crossed weapons (carbines) and its slogan is «Order and Homeland.»

This body was created in 1927, on April 27, with the purpose of making the protection of the rights of the citizens of Chile extremely effective.Another of the tasks that the carabineros occupy is to fulfill the mandates that are entrusted in the Constitution and the Law and in turn preserve public safety and public order throughout the territory of the Republic of Chile.

This body must be obedient at all times and not deliberate. Their work must be carefully professional, disciplined and hierarchical. These personnel are subject to the mandates established in the Organic Constitutional Law, the code of justice, its statute and internal regulations.

These are the Requirements to be a Carabinero in Chile, With the entire topic explained and having explained the process, you will be able to successfully complete each step to be completed. Of course, this is a job that requires a lot of effort and courage, for that reason you must have those two values ​​quite ingrained and a desire to protect your country, the citizens.

You can access the following link to learn more. click here.

Prepare your requirements and become a Carabinero de Chile!


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