Requirements to be a College Inspector: Process, Duties and MORE

This article will explain what the Requirements to be a College Inspector where the step by step will be highlighted. So take note and read on!

A school is a community of people dedicated to teaching children and young people of either sex, where they learn about different subjects.

In Chile, education is represented by the following preschool, primary and secondary levels. These are mandatory and necessary with respect to the law, considering it as one of the most classified educational systems in Latin America.

It is important for there to be order in an establishment as important as a school, there must be an important authority such as a school inspector, who helps coordinate activities so that there is harmony among the students in the institution.

Therefore, for people who aspire to obtain the position of inspector, they must comply with a series of requirements to be a college inspector.

Process to be a School Inspector

The Ministry of Education of Chile (Mineduc) emphasizes that an inspector contains good performance and compliance because the organization that arrives must help every educational corporation.

That is why the Ministry of Education organizes and plans courses for management teams, which have a duration of two years where he will explain all the content that will benefit a better organization.

Today this position is chosen through a contest that is notified by law. For example: municipal organizations in the case of institutions that are directed by this financing system specify and decide the conditions that people must carry out to fulfill this position.

Requirements to be a School Inspector

To obtain the position of inspector, individuals must follow a series of requirements to be a college inspector which will be explained below:

  1. The person must be a teacher.
  2. People should be part of the meeting regarding the management team of the institution.
  3. The citizen who gets the position must have completed fourth half.
  4. You cannot have a criminal or child abuse record.
  5. It should be approximately three years in office carrying out educational work activities, coordinated to help support the teaching mechanism with what is established in the norms.

Duties of a College Inspector

The inspector must be clear about their specific occupations among which they face, from worrying about contributions, to making the regulations of the organization. In addition, it must finalize the rights and duties of each student.

In accordance with the responsibility of a school inspector in front of his work team, he must stipulate tasks so that it is developed in the best way considering the administrative and pedagogical needs of those enrolled.

The inspector must care for and protect the loyalty of each student that makes up the educational institution, admitting and lasting the values ​​in it.

Also, the inspector has the responsibility to comply with the document of good teaching, where it highlights the steps to achieve a convenient process.

This document helps the inspector to establish internal systems that accept students and teachers in achieving the best performances.


People who want to obtain the position of inspector must fulfill the following functions:

  1. The inspector must fulfill the functions through the orientation department of the establishment, because it relates to students who need help solving their problems to carry out and comply with the rules.
  2. Whoever occupies this position must comply with the coexistence manual.
  3. Organize and plan class schedules.
  4. Monitor work hours of all the people that make up the institution.
  5. Organize, match and determine the occupations of the floor inspectors.
  6. Project the functions of nursing.
  7. Protect and take care of all the facilities and cleaning of the school.
  8. Accommodate and inspect occupations provided by external companies.
  9. The inspector should be in charge of the attendance control for the students.
  10. Constitute the evaluation team of the exercise of each teacher and of the administrative position.
  11. Participate in the management coordination group.
  12. The inspector must ensure that the inventory is renewed.
  13. Carry out and comply with the pedagogical technical mandates derived from the rectory.

College Inspector Certification

The purpose of the certification is the formal inspection of the people’s job skills by means of the way in which they have been achieved or whether or not they have a title with respect to law 20,267.

People who wish to acquire the certificate of labor skills in the job being developed, must face an evaluation period that it will be verified if they comply with their responsibilities, knowledge and skills in relation, this time through the profile of Inspector Educational Institution.

Among the tests that are used, there is the test of the direct boss, through suggestions and comments, study of evidence to culminate with the knowledge test.

The certification of labor skills is an advantage for the worker to examine the acquired competence. Through the experience obtained from each one and not restrict the explanation of their work skills. To what his academic life has achieved.

The most progressive template Through the case of competencies, they emphasize to give certification the same benefit of academic degrees, undoing the conception of first and second scale education.

The Center for the evaluation and certification of labor competencies CECCOM is related to the exclusive modality of granting certifications and the value of this service is of 120,000 pesos.

At present the Sence will deliver scholarships to get certifiedTherefore, the National Council of Education Assistants made the decision to request all the people who make up education assistants in each community in the country.


In order to certify the educational inspectors, a request has been made to open the application process for an evaluator, which leads to certifying the personality and skills of the educational inspector.

requirements of applicants to evaluators

It is very important that citizens who want to aspire to the position of school inspector must comply with the requirements to be a college inspector, However, in the event that people want to apply as evaluators, the steps are as follows:

  1. The citizen must be over 18 years of age.
  2. The person must have in their curriculum 2 years of experience linked to the occupational profile.
  3. It must not be registered or registered in the Sence, for at least two years.
  4. The professional must not have a criminal record.

Habilitation course

  1. It lasts for 3 days.
  2. It is totally free.
  3. The cost of the transfer, lodging and food must be covered by the applicant to assessor.
  4. Must have a good attendance in the course.
  5. Perform all tasks that contain a grade in the course.
  6. The citizen has to obtain at least 75% of the final exam.

What is a college inspector?

A college inspector is the senior manager who has the commitment and responsibility to structure, order, plan and inspect the agreed and effective work of the inspectorate department, taking care of the outstanding activities of the school so that they are carried out in a safe environment of harmony, comfort and healthy relationship between the parties.

This managerial position develops between the parties with the orientation department that disobedience can refer to the most intense problems needed from a professional leader such as a college inspector is.

The authorities of the schools and high schools have the not insignificant commitment and responsibility to develop the steps applied by the Ministry of Education (Mineduc), to enforce their own.

One of those positions is that of the school inspector, who must carry out administrative functions and associate directly with the students, who in many cases must take measures for the disobedience of the students.

If you consider yourself a leader where order and harmony endure, you can aspire to be an inspector, but you must comply with a series of requirements to be a college inspector.


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