Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot in Colombia: Documents, Cost of the degree and MORE

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This article will talk about a topic that draws a lot of attention and is about the Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot in Colombia.

To be Commercial pilot It is a wish longed for by many young people. It is a desired career and according to some it gives a lot of money to pursue it and also gives social status.

However, becoming Commercial Pilot in Colombia It is not easy, since it is necessary to have sufficient financial resources, because it is an expensive career. But the satisfaction at the end is very great and the reward too.

In Colombia, commercial pilot studies can be carried out in two ways, one is to start a career in the Air Force, later the flight hours are validated with a private institution or academy, to be received as a commercial pilot.

Likewise, they can do the full degree if they have the resources and the opportunity in a private commercial academy.

Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot in Colombia

If you intend to enter an academy, school or training center for Commercial Pilots, you must take into account the Requirements to be Commercial Pilot in Colombia:

  • You must have a 17 years old, since the minimum age required to obtain the APA License (Airplane Pilot Student), after the course is 18 years old.
  • Can have like maximum 28 years of age, if you are older you must request approval to enroll.
  • Parental authorizations, in the case of minors.
  • Management of English language is necessary and indispensable.
  • You must be of a height between 1.58 meters the minimum and 1.96 meters the maximum height.
  • Have completed high school studies.
  • Have specified the military situation or proof of the corresponding procedure.
  • Attend the exam at the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education (ICFES).
  • The aspiring Commercial Pilot must be affiliated with a Health Promotion Entity (EPS).
  • Have the psychophysical aptitude test and required medical.
  • Availability of time for training.

How is the registration process to be a Commercial Pilot in Colombia?

Within the Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot in Colombia, implies a similar process in the different institutions where they give training:

  • Complete the registration form or form.
  • Submit all documentation for registration.
  • Perform psychotechnical tests, which are made up of tests of spatial and abstract reasoning, vocabulary test, mechanical aptitude, mathematical aptitude, personality test, concentration test, memory test and many more.
  • The tests last the whole day, or several days, depending on the academy.
  • Carry out the psychological interview.
  • Once the student passes the tests and is accepted, the academy must deliver a letter that is needed to obtain the second class medical health certificate. This certificate can be obtained with the doctors of the Aerocivil institute in all cities.
  • The tests carried out to obtain the medical health certificate: glycemia, alcohol, drugs, blood count, lipid profile. Stress test, electrocardiogram.
  • Also the evaluation of Otolaryngology, Audiometry, Optometry and Ophthalmology.
  • Perform an EEG.
  • Do the psychiatric evaluation.
  • Carry out the neurological evaluation.
  • Perform the general medical examination that indicates weight, height, body mass, blood pressure, among others.
  • Likewise, spine and chest exam.

Necessary documents

Once the Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot in Colombia, it is found that the required documentation is the next:

  • Submit the approved admission application.
  • Copies of citizenship card and identity card for minors.
  • Photostatic copy of the military card or certificate of processing.
  • Attach a photostatic copy of the driver’s license.
  • Likewise, a copy of the Baccalaureate Degree and Diploma Certificate and / or Professional Diploma, if applicable.
  • Also, if you have it, bring a copy of the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education (ICFES).
  • Make payment to the National Air Force, in the authorized Aerocivil agencies.
  • When the APA license is granted, then you can start the aviation course.

Cost of the Commercial Pilot career in Colombia

In Colombia there are several aviation schools. So the cost of studying the career of Commercial Pilot, presents variations.

The cost ranges from 80 and 194 million pesos. It all depends on the cost of the courses that must be taken, as well as the cost of the flight hour, the hours spent in the simulator, the necessary instruments such as flight cases, uniforms, expenses of the cruise phase and more.

While you are studying to be a commercial pilot, you must bear the expenses of going on a cruise for example. Since the student must pay for food, lodging, sometimes and depending on the school, even the instructor’s per diem.

In Colombia, an hour’s flight is approximately between 380,000 and 620,000 pesos. It not only depends on the aviation school in question, the type of aircraft to be used influences. Of course, the most modern and high-tech aircraft are more expensive.

In addition, the essential requirement of 200 flight hours, with a cost of about 620,000 pesos every hour. According to experts in the field, the first 100 hours are made of local flight, runway work, navigation principles, air work.

The hours called cruise refer to trips outside the city, towards the coast or towards other places in Colombia.

Without first mentioning, what corresponds to the tuition cost of the training semester, which is going to be taken.

According to data from the Colombian Ministry of Education, the first stage costs more or less 18 million pesos, the next stage 16 million, then the third 48 and the last 78 million.

It is necessary that the student also pay APA license fees, which is issued by Civil Aeronautics and has a cost that ranges between 156,000 and 395,000 pesos, to carry out a psychotechnical test.

You must consider the periods of inactivity, which affects additional hours and expenses.

How long does it last?

A very frequent question when thinking about starting studies, How long will it last? How long will I be in the training activity?

In the case of commercial aviation in Colombia, the course lasts approximately between 18 months and two years, in a normal situation.

It may take longer, but that is something very specific, which will depend on each case.

However, the recommendation is not to delay more than the average time used by all students. Since that will generate more expenses, in addition to taking into account the stipulated times to attend the subjects that make up this training activity.

Likewise, health certificates also expire. So the decision to stay much longer should not be taken so lightly. It will depend on what best suits you or suits you.

What is a Commercial Pilot

Pilots are in charge of driving aircrafts, also helicopters, among other ships.

They can carry out private transport or those that fulfill their functions for airlines that transport passengers or goods.

Those who carry out their activity for airlines are called Airline Pilots. On the other hand, there are those pilots who drive small planes or private planes and are called Pilots. Commercial. Commercial Pilots work for individuals or also for companies.

Most flights and aircraft require two or more professionals to conduct the flights. This is a very appropriate standard, which is also recommended to avoid fatigue, rotate the functions, thus providing greater security. It requires extensive training to drive aircraft, as well as experience and skills.

Within the daily functions of the pilots there are:

  • Give all the details of the flight made to the staff.
  • Carry out preliminary review at takeoff of the ship.
  • Make report of failures in the different systems.
  • Ask for permission and follow the instructions to take off and / or land.
  • Do the piloting of the aircraft.
  • Maintain communication with the control tower and other aircrafts.
  • Do alternate activities with the co-pilot.
  • Periodically check the fuel consumption based on the weight of the aircraft and the distance of the flight.
  • Use required flight tools in low visibility.
  • Follow the pre-established routes.
  • Perform maneuvers according to the appropriate altitude and speed.
  • Propose modifications to the design of the route and the flight pattern, if necessary.

After seeing all the information, you will surely be motivated to be part of the indescribable adventure of what it means to be Commercial pilot. You will certainly make the decision to join the ranks of commercial piloting.


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