Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia: know its Functions, What it is and MORE

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Those who aspire to be a Congressman in Colombia must know very well the Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia. Many Colombian citizens could be, but do not know how to get there.

Of course, in addition to complying with the Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia, They must have the desire to help, to listen to their compatriots, to practice honesty and responsibility.

If he is a leader in the community and knows the Legal System and the provisions of the constitution, much better. But you must take into account that the personal trajectory counts, the accompaniment in the community as well.

It must carry out plans that ordinary citizens aspire to. Then, direct them to later seek support from political parties, leaders, public and private entities that can contribute to the development of those plans.

Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia

To be part of the Congress in Colombia and become a Congressman, you must attend the following Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia:

In principle, to be part of Congress and be elected as a member of theYou must be an active citizen, in exercise of the duties and rights as a Colombian citizen.

The Political Constitution of Colombia in the Article 177, states that it should be over 25, who hopes to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives.

And according to the Article 172 of the Political Constitution of Colombia I know You must be 30 years old by the time of the elections, if you want to be elected as Senator of the Republic, you must also be Colombian by birth. In addition to this, you must join a political party or organization.

It is recommended that you have time working for the region you want to represent. Likewise, that he maintains leadership in his community. Also, that you have knowledge of the needs and requirements of the region or province you want to represent.

In addition, of projects that his compatriots have given him, to go towards the development of plans and projects in favor of the Colombian citizenship.

Duties of a Congressman

The Congressmen in Colombia and according to the Political Constitution, They are to exercise the representativeness of the people and they have to proceed in favor of the citizenry. Act with justice, and not take advantage of the privileges that the high investiture confers on you.

In Congress its members, Congressmen have legally and constitutionally established duties, conferred by the people in the voting.

Between the duties of Congressmen we have:

  • They have to do with exercising legislative activity in Congress on the one hand and carrying out activities of a political nature on the other.
  • Remain in constant communication and work with leaders of the regions and communities.
  • Also with the bases of the parties that support them, seeking to bring growth to the region and strengthen democracy.
  • Be part of the permanent Commissions.
  • Must comply with attendance at sessions of Congress.
  • They must follow the guidelines of the party and / or political bank.
  • To be an active member of the sessions of the chamber and of the corresponding commission.
  • Disqualifications and incompatibilities within the Law must be observed and taken into account.
  • They must carry out their actions developing projects presented by the departments and regions.
  • Likewise, seek the necessary support for their development and helping to solve the problems raised.

Period of a Congressman in Colombia

According to the Article 138 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, the constitutional lapses for Congressmen in Colombia are four years. In addition, there is in Colombia the possibility that Congressmen are re-elected successively and indefinitely.

On July 20 following the election, it is held on the second Sunday in March, the constitutional four-year period of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia begins.

This four-year term culminates four years later, on July 20 before the installation of the new Congress. In addition, Legislature is called the period between July 20 and June 20 of the year after. During this period, Congress holds ordinary sessions and performs its functions.

Each legislature has two legislative periods. In other words, during the four-year period of Congress, four legislatures pass. The legislative periods go from July 20 to December 16 of the same year and a second legislative period goes from March 16 to June 20 of the same year.

How are Congressmen chosen in Colombia?

Reviewing the Political Constitution of Colombia, it can be found that the voting of Colombian citizens is done directly. Colombian citizens go to the polls. This occurs on the second Sunday in March, every four years. They are elected by direct voting in free elections.

Voting by national constituency, for the Senate Chamber of the Republic. In addition to the total number of votes obtained, the representation of the indigenous communities is added. In this case, the Presidency of the Republic for the highest number of votes reached.

Now, regarding the House of Representatives, these are chosen by territorial constituency, In other words, it is given by the number of inhabitants of each department and also by the city of Bogotá as the Capital District.

There are also the so-called special constituencies, indigenous, Afro, and the one that represents Colombians living outside the country. In this particular, the one who obtains the majority of votes occupying the second place, is opting for the Vice Presidency of the Republic.

The FARC, after peace agreements in the last four years, have had five seats for the Senate of the Republic and five seats for the House of Representatives.

In Congress there are two classes of congressmen: senators and representatives to the House. Senators are of higher rank and are elected by national constituency and representatives are elected by departmental or special constituency.

100 national representatives and 2 special representatives corresponding to the indigenous community are elected to the Senate Chamber.

For the House of Representatives there are two per territory circumscription, for every 250,000 inhabitants there is one representative. Two representatives for the black community, 3 representing social minorities, one for indigenous groups and one representative for Colombian citizens residing abroad.

In consecuense, the existence of both chambers is transcendental. Not only for the good political exercise but also for the better development and management of the presidential president.

Making the country have better governance and reaching political and social maturity.

Functions of a Congressman in Colombia

Taking into account the Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia, we must primarily review the functions of a congressman in Colombia:

  • Participate in the Constituent Function of Congress, where both Chambers, either the Senate or the Representatives, have the authority to make reforms, if necessary to the Constitution.
  • Be part of the Legislative Branch of Congress, where they have the power to make laws.
  • Likewise, to form part of the Electoral Function of Congress, where they elect high-ranking officials of the Republic.
  • They also participate in the Judicial Branch of Congress, where they can prosecute the Head of State and other high officials of the Republic.
  • Additionally, they must participate in the Protocol Function of the Congress of the Republic.

What is a Congressman?

The congressman is a Colombian citizen by birth, who has been elected, in democratic and free elections to represent a region or province of the country.

The Congressman is a high official public. And as such it is due to the people, since it is elected by the citizens to be the voice and vote of the departments and regions in Congress. Thus, being able to air the problems that afflict the different sectors of the country, in the Chambers of Congress.

Each and every one of the congressmen, have the same power and therefore the same responsibility. It acts as a body that represents citizens, works in the construction of laws and in political control and oversight. A congressman must be aligned with the social, political and economic development of the country.


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