Requirements to be a Councilor: How to Elect, Functions and MORE

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The concilor represents an important authority for the municipality, because the official in this position has control of the municipality, in terms of administration, to provide the best service to citizens. For this it is necessary to know with the requirements to be a councilor of Colombia and thus apply to the position.

It should be noted that being a councilor implies having a good life history and providing the best proposals, plans and programs to promote the development of the municipality and thus contribute to the growth of Colombia.

In this article, all the necessary information is clearly shown so that the applicant can prepare and supply everything necessary for the candidacy for councilor of Colombia.

What are the Requirements to be a Councilor?

To be councilor, It is an important public position, which develops in the areas of culture, education, health, economy, transportation, finance, parks and gardens, works, and urban planning.

In order to be able to apply to be appointed councilor, the candidate for the cago, must supply a variety of requirements and requirements established by Colombian norms and laws, specifically in the article 42 of Law 136 of 1994.

In this article, the Necessary requirements to be a councilor in Colombia, which must be supplied by the applicant, they are presented in the following list:

  • To begin, one of the main requirements is that the applicant be a Colombian citizen, either by birth or by residence.
  • Belong to the municipality corresponding to the application, or the metropolitan area, for at least six months before the application or three consecutive years in the place at any time.
  • You must be of legal age.
  • Not have a criminal record.
  • Have an exemplary life.
  • Among others.

When the candidate goes to enroll, he must ensure that he meets the requirements to be a councilor in Colombia, to be able to apply to the position and avoid the rejection of the application or delays in the process.

For more information, enter the Colombian government web portal, by clicking here.

Who cannot be a Councilor in Colombia?

The Colombian law establishes a number of disabilities for municipal councilors, which alludes to those conditions that do not allow the candidate for office to be elected. Some of these disabilities apply to mayors as well.

Said conditions are established in Law 136, which was assigned in 1994. Each of them is presented below:

Disability I

The first disability refers to the fact that they cannot apply to be a councilor, those people who have been convicted of a crime, unless the court sentence is due to a crime of a political or culpable nature.

If the applicant meets any of these disabilities, he cannot be appointed councilor.

Incapacity II

The second case of inability to be a councilor, establishes that those people who remain occupying any position or public function, exercise jurisdiction or authority in civil, political, administrative or military areas, must submit resignation, to be able to apply to the position, otherwise, you cannot run to be a councilor.

Incapacity III

The third condition of disability, exposes the case that those employees or public workers who do not resign from their position or public function cannot be a councilor. The correct thing is that you resign from the position at least six months before of the application.

At some point, what was established was to enunciate three months in advance, however this rule was modified with the issuance of the Disciplinary Code or Law 200 of 95.

In conclusion, public employees who aspire to be councilors must submit their resignation six months before the election, without exception.

Incapacity IV

As a fourth disability, it is shown that any person talks about that if an individual has contracts with some type of public entity within the period of six months prior to the date of application, the applicant cannot aspire to the position of Councilor.

Disability V

The fifth aspect of disability corresponds to the fact that those individuals who have been sanctioned in the work of their profession cannot aspire to be councilor. Otherwise, the applicant should not apply.

Disability VI

Also as the sixth cause of disability, there is the condition that those who possess some kind of relationship or kinship with officials of the municipality that are exercising jurisdiction or administrative, civil, political or military authority, cannot apply to be a Councilor.

In order to be appointed as a councilor, officials must resign from their positions six months prior to registration. Applies for the second degree of consanguinity.

Incapacity VII

This inability refers to the fact that those who are related up to the third degree of consanguinity with any of the candidates to be councilor cannot be councilors.

It is important for candidates to ensure that they are not within the considered disableds for the position of councilor, and thus avoid misunderstandings and complications.

Incapacity VIII

The eighth inability expresses that the public servant who has been convicted of crimes against the patrimony of the State cannot apply to be a councilor at any time in his life.

It is important that the applicant is in charge of taking care of his actions and knowing these inabilities, so that he can apply to be a councilor of Colombia.

How is a Councilmember elected?

The councilor, as well as other officials, such as mayors, are elected through a vote of the population. Within a plane of democracy, in order to be able to please the citizens. This process is within the regional elections of Colombia.

Within these votes, The governors of the Colombian departments are also chosen, mayor, deputies, and ediles of the national assembly.

Generally, these elections are held during one day, where all citizens access the voting centers and vote for the candidate of their choice.

At the end of the day, the results are issued and new officials are assigned, including the Councilor.

Functions of a Councilor in Colombia

The charge of Councilor It is a very important public function for national development, since it has the authority to formulate and execute social and cultural plans. They allow the integral growth and development of Colombia.

Among the functions assigned to the position of councilor, those that are presented in the following list can be highlighted:

  • The councilor must comply with his attendance at all sessions from the day he begins to exercise. If the official needs to be absent, he must put the cause in writing and present it to the President of the Republic.
  • He must also join and attend the meetings arranged by the commission.
  • As established by Colombian law, the councilor must present his corresponding declaration of assets.
  • Regulate the provision of services of the municipality.
  • Establish plans and programs that promote the development of the municipality.
  • Intervene in budgets to be able to provide the best administration of finances and favor the population.
  • Direct the administration of the municipality.
  • He must supervise the work carried out by the mayor.
  • It should be in charge of providing the best prevention and safety proposals for the municipality.

The main function of the councilor is to ensure the safety and well-being of the population of the municipality.

What is it like to be a Councilor in Colombia?

The councilor he is a member assigned to control the political administration of a municipality. He is also known as a councilor, or as a regidor, and is established in the municipal council, also called the town hall, or corporation.

He is the member elected by the population, through votes in the regional elections of Colombia. The councilor exercises his mandate for a period of three to four years.

Your mission is to take care of generate the best solutions and plans to promote and favor the development of the municipality. Thus contributing to the progress and development of the Colombian nation.

Each applicant must be in charge of supplying all the requirements to be a councilor in Colombia. In this way, he will be able to run for office and be elected, if the people so desire.


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