Requirements to be a Customs Agent: Studies, Functions and MORE

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If you aspire to work as a Customs Agent, you have come to the right place. Here you can find out about everything related to Requirements to be a Customs Agent in Mexico.

Being a Customs Agent implies having a job of high responsibility and also representing the State in customs. This experience will undoubtedly bring you a lot of learning and this will allow your professional growth.

If you want to do it, prepare yourself for this profession or consider that you already have the right conditions, go ahead read and dare now to enter the world of customs agents.

What are the Requirements to be a Customs Agent?

The Requirements to be a Customs Agent in Mexico are as follows:

  • Be from Mexican nationality by birth.
  • Be a civilly fit person, that is, in full exercise of their rights.
  • You must have good standing as a person.
  • He must not have any public official position, nor active military personnel, except for elected positions.
  • The applicant must not have any kind of relationship with the person who administers the Customs. In a straight line, any degree and collateral of consanguinity up to the fourth degree, neither kinship by affinity.
  • Must have a title professional that it accredits it within the regulations that govern the matter to practice as such.
  • To have knowledge of trade laws and treaties.
  • Likewise, the years of experience in the customs sector are considered, this must be greater than 36 months.
  • Be registered in the Federal taxpayer registration.
  • Be an applicant who has not committed any crime, or has suffered a conviction. Nor must he have committed an act of fraud working in customs or that his patent has been annulled.

What must be studied to be a customs agent?

The Requirements to be a Customs Agent tell us that to carry out the work in customs as a customs broker, you must have university professional training in the area.

The university studies required for the Customs Agent are those related to the Foreign Trade or also International Trade. Likewise, it can also be Master’s degrees in Foreign Trade, Bachelor’s Degree in International Logistics and Customs, International Business.

In Mexico at the local level and also at the international level, there are short non-university training courses, which allow students to act as agents in customs. This type of training is dictated by technical institutes, the duration is less than the university but allows you to enter the labor market of customs.

These professionals are trained to have a high analytical capacity when addressing problems in the area, which allows them to diagnose and analyze trends in international business. In addition, it is recommended possess more than one language.

Mexico has a large number of trade treaties and agreements with abroad, so a customs agent will always be in demand, with a high percentage of job opportunities. This is a career that has a good, safe and stable future.

Be a Customs Agent is an attractive profession and is generally profitable, providing a very valuable experience, which can then be used by the private company or independently if you want to create your own company or business.

Duties of a Customs Agent

Within the Requirements to be a Customs Agent, it can be found that the functions of this professional are the following:

  • Make the merchandise dispatch which is for both import and export.
  • Customs agents are authorized by patent to dispatch different objects according to the customs regime established in Mexican law.
  • He is in charge of manage the exchange and make everything flow the right way.
  • Is he conducive intermediary for backing up transactions with clients, given his knowledge of trade laws and treaties.
  • They must manage very well with a second language, it is recommended that this be English.
  • It is your responsibility to establish excellent communication relationships.
  • He has to attend to the public and solve the problems that arise.
  • You must have the ability to observe and be analytical.
  • Be guarantor of the application of Mexican regulations.
  • Give all the assistance required to those involved, to be efficient in business operations.
  • Has to check import permits before the corresponding General Secretariat of Economy.
  • Perform the validation of certificates of origin, within the Official Standards of Mexico and those established by the Customs Law in its article 162 respectively.

Customs agents not only carry out authorizations and permits, but are currently the experts in the area and are therefore responsible for advising those who require it.

They must propose how to obtain the most appropriate conditions, the best rates and the best services. Undoubtedly, today they help in the work of the authorities.


Reviewing the Requirements to be a Customs Agent, it is necessary that the customs agents get a authorization from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to serve as a representative of the exporter or importer at a customs office, as a customs clearance function. This authorization or permission is called a Patent.

The new Customs Agent is assigned a numerical identification. It should be noted that the patent is absolutely non-transferable and personal. The requirements to obtain the Customs Patent are determined in article 159 of the Customs Law, they are the following:

  • Comply with the requirements established in the official Call for Customs Agents.
  • You must have more than five years of experience in the customs sector.
  • Of course, you must have the registration in the Federal Taxpayers Registry.
  • You must be up to date with the performance of tax obligations.
  • The knowledge sufficiency test must be approved by the customs authorities.

Customs authorities publish a call in the Official Gazette of the Federation, where they indicate the place and time for the delivery of the documents. After reviewing the documentation and once the requirements have been validated, the date for the presentation of the knowledge sufficiency test is set.

After passing the exam, the applicant is called to take a psychotechnical exam. After a maximum of four months they give the results obtained by the applicants.

It is important to review the convocation of the Official Gazette of the Federation, since the requirements, the documents to be presented and the cost that must be paid for the procedure are sometimes modified.

The application of the test has a value of 7,795.00 Mexican pesos and the patent has an associated cost of 15,581.00 Mexican pesos.

What is it?

In the export and import processes it is necessary to representative that serves to assist, attend and resolve the processes between the customs agent and the office customs agency, thus systematizing the development of all the activities carried out.

In accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law, article 159, the Customs Agent It is who is designated by the Customs Service, through the granting of a patent and a number, to carry out the various activities related to the dispatch of goods in the different customs regimes.

A customs broker it is authorized to operate in up to four customs offices. In the customs office that is initially assigned and in three additional that are assigned by the competent authorities.

A customs broker is the one designated as legal representative of exporters and importers for the following cases:

  • Customs clearance of goods within the fiscal area.
  • Reports derived from the customs clearance of the goods.
  • In the cases of an act that is mentioned in articles 150, 152 of the Customs Law.
  • The works and reports that arise from the review of merchandise while they remain in the tax sector.

It is valid to say that a customs clearance includes a series of formalities and acts with the extraction and introduction of merchandise from the national territory.

These formalities and acts must be fully carried out by those designated by the authorities. That is, customs agents, holders, holders, consignees, recipients and customs agents.

Customs agents, customs agents and employees are the only ones empowered to carry out customs procedures, personally and legally related to the entry and exit of merchandise from Mexican territory.

Customs agents are the ones who can be in front of the authorities when carrying out the corresponding procedures.

You have already read all the Requirements to be a Customs Agent, is more aware of the responsibility of this activity so important for the country. You can now make the decision to be an applicant knowing if you meet the requested requirements.


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