Requirements to be a Deputy: Election, Functions and MORE

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Requirements to be a Deputy they are key to promoting democracy in a nation. That is why, if you consider that you have the skills and abilities to become the next representative. Take note, this writing is for you!

The position of the deputy is extremely important because they are chosen through popular elections to be part of the Chamber of Deputies.

What are the Requirements to be a Deputy in Mexico?

According to article 55 of the Political constitution (1917) highlights which are the requirements to be a deputy in Mexico which are the following:

  1. Be of nationality Mexican by birth, in full exercise of their rights.
  2. The applicant to become a deputy must have fulfilled 21 years before Election Day.
  3. The citizen must be a resident of the federal entity where the election is to be held or a resident with more than 6 months prior to the date of the election.
  4. The deputy to enter the register of electoral jurisdictions multi-member as a candidate for the position. It must come from some of the states where the election is held. Or neighbor with whom you are living at least 6 months before the stipulated date of the election.
  5. Being a neighbor of a jurisdiction is not lost by abandonment for being performing and working in the public office of popular election.
  6. The applicant must not be in the federal exercise of his functions. Furthermore, it cannot have the dominion of the police or the rural gendarmerie in the district where the election is to be held. At least 90 days before said election.

Other Requirements to Be a Deputy

  1. The applicant cannot, due to any circumstances, be superior to the entities to which the Constitution grants autonomy, nor can he be secretary or undersecretary of State. Nor can he act as superior of some of the decentralized entities of the Federal Public Administration, in which case he makes independent definitely of its functions, 90 days before the election takes place.
  2. The applicant must not perform functions as a minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, or magistrates, among other positions, unless he is detached from his occupation in a definitive way at least 3 years prior to the election.
  3. It is important to note that each governor of each state or district and the incumbent who makes it up in Mexico City may not be elected in the entities that make up their jurisdiction, during the period of their occupation, even if they definitively leave their post. .
  4. The aspiring citizen must not exercise the position of minister of some religious cult.
  5. The deputy cannot be disqualified as indicated in article 59.

Election Process

The Chamber of Deputies will be made up of representatives of that country, who have been elected for a period of three years. Each main Deputy will have a alternate.

It is important to note that the Chamber of Deputies It will be made up of 300 deputies elected by majority vote, according to the system of single-member electoral districts and 200 deputies who will be elected on the basis of proportional representation, through the regional list system.

The national delimitation of the 300 single-member districts will be established by dividing the entire population of the nation among the different districts indicated.

The allocation of single-member electoral districts through federal entities will be carried out taking into account the latest statistics of the inhabitants, taking into consideration that it cannot be less than two deputies representing the federative entity.

It is important to note that to choose 200 deputies it will be through the origin of proportional representation and under the method of the regional electoral roll, it will be formed 5 jurisdictions multi-member electoral elections in the nation.

Requirements to be a deputy in Mexico: First stage

In the first phase of the election procedure, a series of activities will be carried out, such as organizing electoral campaigns. Will last 90 days if the election coincides with the presidential one, otherwise it will last for 60.

Campaigns must end three days before the day of the election, from that moment on any type of disclosure of political propaganda, as statistical analysis on the elections.

The elections will be scheduled for the first Sunday of July of the year in which the election will be held, the voting booths begin at 8:00 am. until 6:00 pm. uninterrupted.

When the voting process has been completed, the counting of the electoral ballots will begin and the remaining ones will be disabled. Each of the minutes where the results are evidenced must be completed and must be signed by the members who form the polling stations and the representatives of the political parties.

Once all the minutes of the results have been collected, they will be sealed in a package and then the president of the box must deliver it on District council, which is the entity responsible for counting the electoral packages.


When applicants meet the Requirements to be a Deputy, they must take into account the functions and obligations that are the following:

  1. The deputies are entrusted to collect and listen to all the needs that citizens require, and then make decisions in favor of society.
  2. Its main function is to defend social rights and as well as to seek possible solutions to the problems raised. They must process the resources to improve the quality of life of citizens and must raise it before the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies. They must attend all ordinary and extraordinary sessions, complying with the obligation of the committees to which they belong.
  3. Elaborate, modify, and repeal laws that allow brotherhood and harmony to be lived.
  4. Inspect, rectify and redirect the executive government budget.
  5. Observe and condemn deviations in government public spending, referring to the state, municipality, through a surveillance commission.
  6. It must communicate and inform the entire Mexican territory, the declaration of the president-elect.
  7. Order and determine, without prejudice to its technical and managerial autonomy, the functions of the superior audits of the federation as determined by law.

Salary of a Deputy

According to what was approved for the increase for the 500 federal deputies who will have a total annual remuneration of 1,148,447 Mexican pesos, after taxes they will retain an amount of 408,713 pesos for Income Tax (ISR) .

Requirements to be a Deputy: The breakdown of earnings

The breakdown of federal deputies’ earnings for 2020 is:

  1. Base salary or diet is 1,264,536 pesos.
  2. Benefits is 292,624 pesos.
  3. End of the year bonus is 140,504 pesos.
  4. Social security contributions is 61,274 pesos.

Important Legal Aspects to Be a Deputy in Mexico

According to him article 61 of the Political Constitution of Mexico (1917) the deputies are immune for the opinions that they declare in the functions of their position, they will never be admonished by them.

The President of each Chamber shall guarantee the respect of the members that comprise it and for the protection of the premises where they meet to hold sessions.

At article 62 highlights, that the deputies during their cycle, may not exercise another participation or employment of the association or any federal entity where they enjoy the salary, without Prior authorization from the Chamber, therefore, it will end its representative functions while it has the new occupation.

According to article 64Deputies who do not appear for a session without apparent cause and without permission of the Chamber, will not have the right to the appropriate salary for that day.

What is it?

The deputies are citizens who are elected by popular vote to form part of the Legislative Chamber or in general of a parliament. Its occupation is to argue and authorize the laws that govern the behavior of a society.

So if you want to access this charge, you should not forget to collect all the Requirements to be a Deputy.


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