Requirements to be a Deputy in Colombia: How to Choose, Functions and MORE

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If you are passionate about politics and want to prepare yourself for a position as an important member and incorruptible spokesperson in your town, in this article we will be talking about the requirements to be a deputy in Colombia.

There is much to know about this position, in it a great responsibility must be assumed and there are a series of requirements to fulfill in order to apply. If you comply with all this and add your faultless judgment, you will be ready for the elections.

We will talk from what is requested to the limitations, that is, what a deputy cannot have, among the necessary documents, the required age and the definition and functions of this position, we will be describing, just continue reading carefully and carefully so that you feed on all the information.

Requirements to be a Deputy in Colombia

If you want to take this challenge and take on this great responsibility, you need to know the requirements to be a deputy in Colombia, now we will talk about everything requested. The irrevocable conditions established by the constitution so that you can participate are the following:

  1. At the time of registering for the elections you must have from twenty-five (25) years old onwards.
  2. You must be Colombian by birth.
  3. You are required to be a practicing citizen.
  4. In no way can you have been deprived of liberty at any time, you must have a very neat resume in that regard.
  5. Residing in this department for a year before the elections is also another of these requirements.

Who cannot be Deputies in Colombia?

We say that those who are in the conditions to be mentioned will not be eligible in any way:

  • Those who are part of the components of the Constitutional Court.
  • Those who are in high positions of State Administration, this excepting those who are part of the Government. This includes magistrate judges, professional military personnel, ombudsmen, and members of the so-called force and security forces.
  • Nor is it allowed that said applicant has had a criminal past.
  • You may not be less than 25 years old.
  • If you are not a practicing citizen, of course you should not participate.

To conclude, if you do not meet the requirements and correct documentation, in addition to everything already mentioned, there is no way you can participate in the elections.

Functions of a Deputy in Colombia

We know very well that the deputies are elected in order to be part of the Departmental Assembly, which is the one that makes important decisions for the country, we will mention all the functions that a deputy must perform:

  • Mainly we have to emphasize that the objective of these must be defend social rights.
  • Give, do and Approve different proposals that allow harmony between citizens.
  • They also function as a type of administrator of what is the government budget, thus keeping certain accounts and being able to modify, check and approve them.
  • These are the money keepers that the government stores. For this reason, if there are incongruous or unjustified transactions, the deputies must sanction said error immediately. This is applicable with the Municipalities, the Government and the local congress.
  • They are in charge of appointing some positions of certain officials.
  • Provide help to citizens to provide a wise resolution to the problems that arise.

One or rather, another very brief way of defining the main functions of the deputies is to say that they legislate, represent and supervise.

In the entire country of Colombia there are approximately 420 deputies, counting of course each region of the country. In each department there are always more than 11 deputies but less than 30.

How do you choose a Deputy in Colombia?

After meeting the requirements to be a deputy in Colombia there is a choice. The way to elect a deputy in Colombia is very simple, this process consists of only four (4) steps, which are:

  • First of all, an assembly of citizens will be convened in order to inform the entire community about the process to be carried out, which will be about the beginning of a change or update of the spokespersons and also a Permanent Electoral Commission of the Communal Council is elected .
  • However What is this commission in charge of? It has the responsibility of keeping the electoral process in order. It should be noted that the people who are selected must identify themselves with their first name, last name and the number of the identity card.
  • You must have the Permanent Electoral Commission updated. After that, the electoral schedule is made in which the date to make the nominations is determined.
  • It has to renew the census of the communal council, prepare the respective notebook and the voting ballot and, apart from this, call a process for the election of spokespersons. If for some reason some transformation occurs in what is the polygonal of the Communal Council, it is necessary to draw up a new sketch of the territorial space.
  • You have to do an election process to choose the new spokespersons. You have to give information to the entire community about the results of the update process and make a folder with the following documentation:
  • The Copy of the identity card of all elected spokespersons.
  • If there has been any modification in the sketch, referring to the territorial scope, a copy of this document should be taken.
  • A copy of the minutes of the citizens’ assembly in which you can reflect the name, surname and also the identity card of the people who are part of the Permanent Electoral Commission.
  • Print a copy of the tally sheet of the electoral process.

The last thing you should do is go to any Popular Power Registration Point, whether fixed or itinerant, and after that, present the requirements that we have already mentioned. Having followed each of these steps, the spokespersons that are part of your Community Council should already be updated.

Duration of a Deputy in Colombia

The duration of a deputy in Colombia is the same time that municipal councilors, governors and mayors have. They will have this position for four (4) years, upon passing this time they will have the immediate option of being reelected or, failing that, the possibility of withdrawing from the Assembly. But as we mentioned that is the time, what happens from there without the deputy having been reelected, let us be very clear that it is a mistake.

What is a Deputy?

His task in his country is extremely important and necessary, and if he exercises his position in righteousness and fulfills his obligations, he helps to further form the basis of a functional government.

Let us be clear that the deputies are in charge of both listening and doing something to address the general complaints of their citizens.

With all this they do, they have the purpose that each and every one of the problems that arise are resolved at the root and that this reality is attended by an authority figure, in order to be eradicated.

The deputy must be in charge of making decisions that benefit the people. To be understood even more, this is a kind of loudspeaker that must be in charge of making the government aware of what is really happening in its streets.

The deputies are essential in the Assembly since they are a needy counterweight to the so-called Executive Power. Why?

The reason is that it is in charge of monitoring that all public policies are being complied with and, if this is not the case, implement a deserved sanction for it.

The deputies have a division of two types:

  1. Federal: These represent all regions of the country and are a considerable number that make up what is the Chamber of Deputies.
  2. Local: In these, their authority is limited to a single local area. They are elected by fully single-member districts.

These were the requirements to be a deputy in Colombia and everything you need to know so that when you apply, you have everything you need.

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It is clear that You have been interested in this topic of the deputies, we decided to look for a page that will give you some advice on how to be a successful politician and get to have more reach.

This refers clearly to the public that you obviously must have before applying for the position.

If you are generally good at listening to others (to a large number of people), and apart from that you are gifted with the ability to solve the problems that are presented to you, we believe that you are qualified to be a great deputy.

For more information enter here.

Follow the steps indicated and aspire to the position of Deputy in Colombia with success.


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