Requirements to be a Deputy: know the Functions, Benefits and MORE

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Requirements to be a Deputy they are crucial for promote democracy in the country. That is, if you consider that you have the capabilities to be the next representative of your province within the Chamber of Deputies This article is for you.

While these political figures must have the values ​​of the responsibility and commitment to stimulate the development and well-being of the country.

Do you want to know how you can represent your province in the next elections? Keep reading this article! Here you will find all the necessary information to register in the Electoral System.

Requirements to be a Deputy

In Argentina there is a Chamber of Deputies which is responsible for exercising legislative power throughout the country. In addition, this legislature is made up of 257 Contested.

As well as, this power is important for the Nation to pprotect and manage the laws specified in the Argentine Constitution. Likewise, this legislative entity makes it possible to represent and reinforce the democratic system that identifies the country.

Certainly, if you wish to assume The responsability To be the next legislator in your City, you must comply with the Requirements to be a Deputy.

The latter is essential to start the processes prior to the elections of the Chamber of Deputies. Do you want to represent your City? Read all the Requirements to be a Deputy!

  • Be in the range of the minimum age (25 years)
  • Having exercised four (4) years being resident in the country
  • Born in the province that they will represent in the next elections (or have resided in the city for at least two (2) years)
  • Not possess benefits that originate under the Executive Power
  • Avoid having a job dependent on the Executive Branch
  • You cannot have two political positions at the same time that you exercise the functions of Deputy
  • Ecclesiastical representatives are also vetoed from being a Deputy
  • Nor will he be able to be the current ruler of his province

In the same way, in order to be a representative of your province, you must not only comply with the Requirements to be a Deputy. That is, you will need to submit a series of documents to be able to register for the Electoral System of the country. Here we will tell you each one of them!

Required documents

  • National Identification Card or DNI
  • Paper that records the record of penalties and judicial inconveniences
  • Registration at the Public Notary
  • Birth certificate
  • Document issuing monthly and annual income
  • Verification in the registry of the country’s Electoral System
  • Passport of the country of origin in the case of a foreigner (Verification of at least two (2) years of residence in Argentina)

Presentation of documents

  • Place all the documents in the order mentioned above
  • Brown or manila folder with hooks
  • Folder identification
  • Original and two (2) photocopies of all the papers to be consigned
  • Two (2) photographs of the candidate for the Chamber of Deputies

Do you have any doubt? Check the Electoral System of the country!

How are the Deputies chosen?

Now if you are interested know how the choice works inside of the Chamber of Deputies this is the section for you. In addition, we remind you that this step is crucial to comply with the democratic system that identifies Argentina.

As well as, the certification by international organizations of the reliability and excellence of the Electoral system.

Certainly, the Chamber of Deputies is chosen under the D’Hondt Methodology. The latter represents the highest average of the votes and is divided by the total of them to be distributed in a decreasing way for each party.

Likewise, in this process the 24 districts that make up Argentina. Next, each of the steps to choose the future Deputies of the country:


  • Campaign of each of the Deputies
  • On election day the people choose the representatives of the Chamber of Deputies
  • They make the various lists to have support in the event that one of the chosen deputies cannot exercise their position due to force majeure
  • Voting procedure
  • Each vote is divided by its own divisors
  • The results are organized in descending order
  • Election Results Report
  • Ready! Argentina already has new representatives in the Chamber of Deputies

Number of deputies according to each province

  • City of Buenos Aires 25
  • Buenos Aires 70
  • Catamarca 5
  • Chaco 7
  • Chubut 5
  • Cordoba 18
  • Currents 7
  • Between Rivers 9
  • Formosa 5
  • Jujuy 6
  • La Pampa 5
  • La Rioja 5
  • Mendoza 10
  • Missions 7
  • Neuquen 5
  • Rio Negro 5
  • Jump 7
  • Saint John 6
  • Saint Louis 5
  • Santa Cruz 5
  • Santa Fe 19
  • Santiago del Estero 7
  • Tierra del Fuego 5
  • Tucuman 9

Who cannot be a Deputy?

On the other hand, people who sadly cannot belong to the Chamber of Deputies, are those who fail to comply with the Requirements to be a Deputy previously mentioned. Certainly, meeting these requirements is essential to preserve the order of the Electoral system from the country.

As well as, stimulating democracy and the participation of the vote for the Argentine people. We will tell you what are the conditions under which you cannot present your candidacy for the Chamber of Deputies:

  • Be under the age of 25
  • Be a candidate from a province in which you do not have a residence of at least two (2) years
  • Be an Argentine non-nationalized foreigner
  • Possess dependency on benefits by the Executive Power of the country
  • Currently not exercising
  • Hold other political positions within the Chamber of Deputies
  • Be an ecclesiastical representative
  • Initially be Governor of the Providence to which you belong
  • Not possessing National Identification Documents or DNI
  • Have judicial and legal problems
  • Monthly and annual income higher than what is required to be a Deputy in the Chamber
  • Be blocked in the Electoral System
  • Not be registered in the Electoral System
  • Of course, those who do not have the necessary votes to be a Deputy

Then, Do you want to be part of the Legislators of the country? Meet all the Requirements to be a Deputy!

Likewise, it is important to mention that all Deputies have a term of office within the Camera for four (4) years, according to the National Constitution. Also, the Chamber is Renovated every two (2) years.

That is, all the elected deputies can change the tasks within this governmental entity to evaluate their efficiency and responsibility.

Functions of a Deputy in Argentina

Although, this political position is a great challenge for those who wish to be part of the Legislation of Argentina. As well as, the great task that the Chamber of Deputies has to try to issue, enact and fulfill the laws of the Constitution, prove the great responsibility that each of their representatives have.

Therefore, the Deputies during this period (4 years) have a series of obligations and functions that they must continue to stimulate social welfare.

Do you still not know what are the functions that you must fulfill as a Deputy? Here we tell you all!


  • Together with Congress and the Executive Power legislates on administrative, fiscal, tax, employment and public goods concepts
  • Promulgates the laws of education, culture, health and environment
  • Consider public safety, police and prison laws
  • It dictates the laws of commercialization, supply and defense to the consumer
  • Approves those that send more works, public services and transport infrastructure


  • It is the voice of all voters who present problems in the province it represents
  • Regulates the complete operation of more Communes
  • Promotes measures that allow social equality between women and men


  • Evaluates and studies the budget of the Executive Branch
  • Analyze the actions of the National Government to guarantee social welfare

Other functions

  • Study the treaties, conventions and agreements of each Governor
  • Consider the commitment and resignation of its members
  • Regulates the budget of the organizations that make up the country’s financial system

Benefits of being a Deputy in Argentina

On the other hand, after so many responsibilities and obligations that the representatives of the Chamber of Deputies, Your effort will be rewarded over the course of your tenure.

Although, representing the country’s Legislation can be an arduous job but it will bring social prestige to the person who decides to be a member of this next administration. Do you want to know all the benefits you can receive once you meet the Requirements to be a Deputy?

  • Social prestige
  • Outstanding economic reward
  • Protection and / or Security for each of the members of the Chamber of Deputies
  • Commissions on holidays
  • Satisfaction of collaborating with the Argentine people
  • Stimulation of knowledge of social, economic and international events
  • Be one of the main representatives of the country

This and much more you can receive if you are a Deputy! If you want to be part of the next Deputies and receive all these benefits, we invite you to prepare to hold office.

What is a Deputy?

In short, a Deputy is a political figure that represents each Province within the Chamber of Deputies. As well as, these individuals must comply with a series of Requirements to be Deputies in Argentina.

Therefore, to comply with the aforementioned is to consign a series of documents that will allow future candidates to enroll in the Electoral system.

Later, on the day of the elections, each of the representatives are chosen democratically by the vote of the Argentine people. Likewise, during voting they are chosen 257 deputies that will make up and represent the citizens of each of the provinces.

Certainly, legislative representatives receive Benefits during the four (4) years qwho exercise the office of Deputies. Finally we want to tell you some suggestions that you can take if you want to be the next candidate for the legislative elections:

  • Prepare your campaign and proposals so that citizens know you
  • Good reputation with other candidates
  • Keep in mind the values ​​of leadership, commitment and responsibility
  • Assume the welfare of the people as one of the main proposals

What are you waiting for? Sign up and become a Deputy!

Argentina is counting on you!

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