Requirements to be a Federal Police: Steps, Work and MORE

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The Requirements to be a Federal Police They are stipulated by the State, so that all those who wish to be part of this security body know what they must abide by. These in themselves are of great importance, as you will see in this article, and you must take them into account when starting the procedures to become a Federal Police.

By Federal police It is understood as a police force focused on fighting organized crime, preventing and combating crimes, so that the integrity and integrity of people can be guaranteed, as a way of ensuring their rights. In doing this, what is sought is to maintain order and public peace.

In this article We will be talking to you not only about the Requirements to be a Federal Police, but also the steps you must follow, what is the salary, the functions, who can apply and much, much more .. Don’t go!

What are the requirements to be a Federal Police?

Let’s start by telling you once and for all what the Requirements to be a Federal Police, so that you have no doubts and you can continue the rest of the articles keeping them in mind. Let’s see what they are:

  • First of all, you must be a Mexican citizen.
  • You must be enjoying your full rights, both political and civil.
  • The accepted age range is 18 to 37 at the time of submitting the Application.
  • Documents evidencing having completed the secondary, high school and higher cycles. The latter if you have.
  • The minimum height for men is 1.65 m and 1.60 m for women.
  • Health certificate where you can see the body mass index (BMI), which should be less than 34.9 kg / m2, and the percentage of body fat (% BMI), which should be less than 22% in men and 30% in women. These will be verified at the institution.
  • Tattoos and skin inserts are allowed in areas not visible with the uniform on. This does not apply to permanent eyebrow, mouth and eye liner.
  • Body piercings are allowed as long as they are small and are not expansions. Earrings cannot be worn.
  • Not be in the middle of a criminal process or be convicted of a malicious crime. The candidate must have good conduct.
  • Not be disqualified, dismissed or suspended to hold public office.
  • Count on National Military Service Card released, in the case of men.
  • Do not use illegal substances or suffer from alcoholism.
  • To be able to comply with any established schedule, as well as the possibility of changing residence to any part of Mexico.
  • Attend the interviews, evaluations and exams that the Institution does.
  • To pass the Training Course.
  • Sign consent to all the terms set forth above and a few more that will indicate you at the moment you are almost finalizing the application process.

That is all! If you meet or feel that you can meet the Requirements to be a Federal Police, whether you are a man or a woman, you can proceed to the collection of the necessary documentation, which we will talk about in the next section.

Necessary documents

The documents that you will have to present to be a Federal Police are few, but all very important. Also, remember that these must be duly completed and current in order to be accepted by the Institute. Let’s see:

  • Applicant’s birth certificate, original and certified copy.
  • Current driver’s license.
  • References, which will be: 3 personal, 3 work and 3 family.
  • Proof of studies, if applicable, or certificate of having completed secondary or higher education.
  • Valid passport or voting credential (with photo).
  • CURP.
  • Military Service Card, in the case of male applicants, with a release sheet.
  • Address Certificate where the postal code is reflected. It can be a receipt for some basic water service, such as electricity or water, and it must have been issued.
  • Resume signed, without attachments and current.
  • RFC.

All these You must present them in original and two (2) copies, without fail, when you are instructed to do so. In addition, the information it contains will be verified, and if there is any inconsistency, it will be reported to the competent authorities.

Steps to Follow to Become a Federal Police

Once you have the necessary documents and are in compliance with all the requirements, You must follow a series of steps to be a Federal Police. Let’s see:

  • First of all, you must Sign up. You can do this in three ways: the first, by going to the website of the Federal police > Calls, the second by addressing the State Coordinations and stations of the Institution, and the third, through the Call center, calling the phone
  • You should wait for a date and place to be notified for you to have a interview and a series of physical and psychological tests.
  • In case of meeting the profile they are looking for, you will be asked for the documentation so that you can deliver it in a scheduled appointment, in which you will also be given toxicological, medical, socio-economic and psychological evaluation, and polygraph tests. In addition, you must sign a statement indicating that all the information you provided is true.
  • Finally, if approved, you can start the Initial Training Course, which lasts for one year and you must successfully pass before becoming a Federal Police.

The Salary of a Federal PoliceFor 2019, it was an average of more than $ 167,000 pesos per year, although depending on the hierarchy they could receive between $ 85,000 to more than $ 173,000.

In the first instance, after having completed the Course, you will start in the hierarchy as Third Police, which is the pyramidal base and on which you can go up depending on your achievements over time.

In addition, you will receive a economic compensation during the time you are doing the Course, which will be determined by the Institution.

Finally, it is important to mention that they can remove you from the program at any time of the process if you breach any requirement, regardless of the stage you are in, and that the entire procedure is completely gratuitous.

Work of a Federal Police

The work of a Federal Police It is of great importance, since it is he who is in charge of preserving public order and preventing others from committing crimes. In this way, it is in charge of safeguarding the integrity, security and freedom of the people who daily walk through the streets of Mexico, at the same time that it imposes the necessary sanctions so that an act does not happen again.

They are also in charge of carrying out the investigation process in order to avoid any harm to public safety or to get to the bottom of a case that is underway, conducting interviews with witnesses if necessary, and, if it falls within their limitations. legal, impose ordinances on infractions.

Who can be a Federal Police?

If you have doubts about who can apply to be part of the Federal Police, here we explain it to you in a more compact way:

According to Art. 17 of the Federal Police Law1, Chapter 4: Of the Professional Police Career Service, all Mexican citizens, with no other nationality than this, of legal age who have the psychological, physical and medical requirements, and who are enjoying full freedom can be federal policemen.

What’s more, must pass the entrance course and training courses, successfully pass the interviews, have completed the required preliminary studies, depending on the area to which they aspire, and have the approval in all the tests they do. In the case of studies:

  • Higher education or equivalent for applicants to the research area.
  • Higher average or equivalent for aspiring to the prevention area.
  • Basic average for aspirants in the reaction area.

Almost to finish, people will not be accepted who suffer from some type of addiction, be it to alcohol or other narcotic and psychotropic substances. Likewise, people who are, in the process of, or have been convicted of a malicious crime will not be able to apply for the position, as well as all those who are disabled in public practice.

To be a Federal Police It is required to have good conduct, not a criminal record and a respect for the laws and provisions that derive from them, without fail.

What is it?

The Federal police it sought to preserve public order and prevent others from committing crimes. In this way, these police officers were in charge of safeguarding the integrity, security and freedom of the people who daily walk through the streets of Mexico.

With great respect for the laws and being people with a complete preparation, their functions were developed successfully during the time they were in force.

This was a very important job, as well as any other inherent to public order and the security of the country’s inhabitants. Nevertheless, unfortunately this police force was removed at the end of 2019, so it no longer works in the country. Their resources were transferred to the National Guard for this date and they no longer have summons.

However, if you are interested in working in an area like this, We recommend looking for other options and we wish you every success.

See ya!


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