Requirements to be a Firefighter: Documents, Process and MORE

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If you are thinking of applying to be a Firefighter, here we show you all the information you need about the Requirements to be a Firefighter in ChileYou will also find other information such as the steps to follow for the application, what you can do if you are a minor, the salary of the Firefighters and much more.

With this information, you have the opportunity to meet all the required requirements and present them at the closest Company.

What are the Requirements to be a Firefighter in Chile?

One of the Requirements to be a Firefighter in Chile, is that you are at least 18 years old, do not present a legal record and be in good health to optimally perform the respective functions.

The first thing you should do is approach the company you would like to enter, which may be the one closest to your home or work address, and indicates that you want to join.

After passing the application process and being admitted by the company, you have to take a series of courses that will prepare you to actively serve.

Secondly, if you have not reached the age of 18You should know that in some companies there are teams that are responsible for bringing together young people who want to become firefighters. These teams train in the firefighting part, however, they do not intervene in the calls that are made.

By the time the cadets are 18 years of age, they have the opportunity to enter the organization responsibly, and fulfill their volunteer work. It should be noted that the brigades are essential for the Firefighters of Chile institution, since most of the members who run the companies started in them.

Documents needed to be a Firefighter in Chile

You must present a series of documents, to complete the Requirements to be a Firefighter in Chile. Which you have to gather, these are detailed below:

  1. Consign the medical certification, which must show that the applicant is healthy and able to perform fireworks (this has to be issued by a surgeon).
  2. The title of the studies carried out or according to the state of record of studies.
  3. Present 3 passport-size photographs with a white background and with formal attire indicating your full name and Unique Tax Role (RUT).
  4. The criminal record issued before the 30 days of the presentation.
  5. Certification where the blood group is indicated.
  6. The certification of the room or address (in some cases, receipts for electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc. are received) with up to 30 days from its issuance.
  7. A permit granted by the parents, which must be notarized if the applicant is not 18 years old.
  8. The certification of drug use.
  9. If the applicant has previously performed work as a firefighter, he must notify to request his Service Record.

Process to become part of the Firefighters

Once you have all the requirements and documents necessary as an aspiring firefighter to enter the Chilean Fire Brigade, it is essential that you complete your application for admission.

For this purpose, we will detail below the steps to follow for you to make the request:

The first step is to collect the required documentation and attend the fire department closest to your home or work address.

In the place they will give you an application form that you must complete and deliver together with all the requirements and corresponding documentation.

After performing this step, you must wait for the approval of the fire department. If you duly complied with everything required, you must be sure that you will enter the fire department as a volunteer.

Note that it is possible that you do some courses to complete and strengthen your skills as an aspirant. For this reason, the steps to gain entry to the institution may change depending on the situation.

Can foreigners be part of the Fire Department?

Foreigners living in Chilean territory have the opportunity to enter the fire department in this country.

In the same way, you must comply with all the requirements and documents requested as an applicant, in addition to having residence in Chile.

Firefighters Salary in Chile

Firefighters in Chile do not receive a salary. It is a completely voluntary work.

Brigades for minors

Most children express their desire to be a Firefighter when they grow up, but they must wait until they are 18 years old. And comply in the same way with the Requirements to be a Firefighter. Nevertheless, there are Youth Brigades of the Chilean Fire Brigade (CBS), which receives and provides training to children between the ages of 12 and 17.

This allows them to enter as Firefighter aspirants. Some companies have this Brigade with the objective of giving apprentices the virtue and ethics necessary to be the best Firefighter.

With the tasks they carry out, stimulate some values such as: solidarity, service to others, friendship, brotherly love, cooperation. Likewise, persistence, etc., which are essential in the integral formation of all those young people who want to belong to this brigade.

This also includes going out to specific spaces, to carry out activities such as competing between groups, guided visits, and some of the functions such as Firefighter. These include climbing, rescue, and water activities, which are part of the training.

Young people and children who aspire to enter this training process must have the minimum ages required and a notarized and signed authorization by their parents.

Today, the people who volunteer at CBS were trained in the Youth Brigades, and are currently volunteers recognized for their great work, and who are capable of sacrificing their lives for the good of the community.

Firefighters in Chilean territory, is an entity that brings together all the Fire Brigades of the country. Mainly made up of volunteers with the firm conviction of wanting to serve others.

This institution celebrates its anniversary every June 30 of each year. Since on that date in the year 1851, the first body of this type was founded, which was the Valparaíso Fire Department.

With regard to ethics as a Firefighter, it refers to the rules regarding the behavior and good manners that these members fulfill, both in their Firefighters life and in their personal life.

Among the rules that direct the Fire Department are the following:

  • The General Regulations.
  • The statutes.
  • Permanent Board Agreements.

The Fire Department is the main center of the Fire Department of Chile. And each Body is a particular body with its own legal character and rules.

These Corps are established throughout the national territory, but at the same time they are managed in different ways. Everything will depend on the emergencies that must be attended and the number of residents in the community.

They acquire volunteers from each community, who are a very valuable resource for this service.

They are organized according to two main rules. One is the free election of management positions with the vote of the firefighters members, and the other that goes hand in hand is the rank that is in charge of respond to needs during emergencies they come forward.

On the other hand, each Corps uses uniforms. For example, the uniforms of the Santiago Fire Department are the ones named below:

The Work Uniform

This consists of a work cot, a planter or diver, safety boots, also a case and safety gloves.

Parade Uniform

This is used in special and specific events such as funerals, pilgrimages, parades and private ceremonies of the Companies. It is made up of a red, green, blue or black cotton cloth (company colors), white or black pants depending on the call. Also black socks and shoes, the Company’s helmet and white gloves.

Likewise, there is the National Board of Firefighters of Chile which is in charge of gather, organize and direct administratively all the Fire Brigades of Chile. In such a way, it provides the economic resources so that the functions can be carried out for the benefit of the community. It also coordinates and divides fiscal funds.

If you wish to make a contribution to the Santiago Fire Department, you can call the following telephone number: 800 360 132. Also, if you wish, you can always sign up for the Economic Campaigns that are carried out periodically.

In case you want to consult more information regarding the Brigades for minors in Chile, we recommend that you enter the Online portal of the South Metropolitan Fire Department. In the same way you can get more related articles in the Santiago Fire Department website.

It should be noted that this is a commendable work which is exercised by vocation of service. Being part of this group, where personal and professional values ​​are involved in favor of the community, is the pride of many Chileans.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to be a Firefighter, and you can make your application as soon as possible.


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