Requirements to be a Firefighter: How to Enroll, Features and MORE

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The requirements to be a Firefighter, how to register, the functions of these professionals and much more, is detailed in this article.

In summary, the occupation of firefighters is save human lives, that may be in danger from any cause.

Besides the firefighters they also fight fires, attend emergencies, rescuing people from any accident.

These fighters are characterized by presenting an attitude very serene, hard-working and effective at the moment in which lives are in danger.

That is why the Fire Brigades in all countries, help prevent or mitigate large catastrophes, of any nature, putting their lives at risk.

Likewise, another of the functions of firefighters is teach the community, in everything related to the predisposition of accidents, in order to establish an awareness of prevention.

Requirements to be a Firefighter

To join this rescue body, you need to comply with various conditions, since physical and psychological preparation before admission is essential.

In this sense to requirements are listed below to be a firefighter in Argentina:

  1. Age between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years, compliments the instant of incorporation to the rescue team.
  2. The applicant must be native of the country, if not, have a period of two years domiciled in the country.
  3. To have completed the tuition high school.
  4. Certify that the physical and psychological fitness that is in line with the activities to be carried out, this requirement is validated through evaluations carried out on the applicant.
  5. Issue under oath, the faithful fulfillment of the articles of the National Constitution of the nation.
  6. Guarantee a faultless behavior, in the social environment where they will carry out their specific work established by the regulations.
  7. Achieve the way approval meaningful, of the pedagogy of formation and preparation designated by the organism.
  8. To be resided within an area of about eighty (80) kilometers from the Capital.
  9. demonstrate the qualities you have to run the occupation, within the nation’s fire department.

Requirements to be a Firefighter: How to Register?

The registration process starts every year, usually at the end of each trimesterAt that time, the admission process for applicants begins.

It is important to mention that the call for inscriptionsIt does not have a permanent schedule, so it should be pending during the first quarter of each year.

Once the call occurs, applicants must go to the offices of firefighters of their provinces, to validate dates and requirements.

It is also important to mention that registration is organized in two phases, which are detailed below:

First phase, in this you must present the identity document, certificate of secondary education and higher studies if it was obtained, in addition to:

  • In this phase also it is necessary to take the first exam group psychotechnical examination, individual psycho-technical examination and pre-occupational physician.
  • Also in this phase, the vaccination record, where the application of the following doses is required: chickenpox and the three doses of type B hepatitis.
  • In case of not having the required vaccinations, the applicant must find a way to apply them, at least for the first dose.

Second stage, is the part of delivery of documentation or requirements to be a firefighter in Argentina. In this phase, the documents are delivered and other tests are carried out:

  • The certificate of residence.
  • The CUIL or CUIT certificates.
  • The authenticated document of background criminal.
  • The evaluation Physics, in this case the applicant must wear comfortable clothing to perform sports activities.
  • The evaluation functional, For this test the applicant must appear with comfortable clothing to perform physical activities.
  • The proof socio – environmentalAt this time, the applicant’s home is evaluated, which must appear on the residence certificate.
  • There is also a type evaluation culture and knowledge in general.
  • In addition, a personal interview to the applicant.

Requirements to be a Firefighter: Benefits

As is known to the general population, the fire department protects the community of unsafe conditions at home, at work, on the street, among others.

It is because of that they also provide advisory services to citizens for the prevention and correction of unsafe conditions anywhere.

In emergency situations they risk their lives for others, that is why they enjoy certain benefits that contribute to better remuneration.

In this sense, the law establishes in its article N ° 7,164 a series of benefits for Firefighters, which are mentioned below:

  • A safe life, accidents, death or disability.
  • Health insurance
  • A guarantor of risks of work.
  • Utilization of public transport totally free.
  • They have various types of pensionsAmong them are: Retirement and disability or death.

In addition, firefighters in Argentina have other benefits of which some are mentioned below:

  • It is estimated that the average salary of a Firefighter that he exercises in Buenos Aires is $ 45,988.
  • ANDthere are programs to benefit the rescuers, so the COTO company established a specific day where they will have a 10% discount for the purchase made.
  • With said program around 43,000 benefit Firefighters of the country, in which the volunteers are included in this initiative.
  • The mission of this foundation is to recognize and to value the great task that these missionaries carry out every day, among other benefits.

However, there are certain conditions that are required to the firefighters so that they can enjoy the aforementioned benefits and others, which are indicated below:

  • Serve as a volunteer firefighter or belong to the board of a firefighters association in the country.
  • Establish that it is part of the single registry of firefighters in Argentina.
  • They are also benefited by having priority to be treated in hospital centers, if they come to have a health problem while executing their service to the community.
  • In addition, they also have special attention in residence assignment plans.

How to become a Volunteer Firefighter?

The volunteer firefighters differentiates of the other group of firefighters, why not sign a contractual agreement if they do not perform the functions of the rescue team without receiving payment.

This group of firefighters are volunteers who offer their services to the community without demanding a regular payment.

However, at the moment who wish can apply to be part of the firefighting team, to enjoy all the benefits as public servants.

In this sense for formalize entry to the fire department, applicants must follow the steps below:

  1. The aspirants, they must go in person to any office local fire department or they can also request the information by phone.
  2. All this in order to know the requirements to be a firefighter in Argentina, specifically in the locality to which you want to belong.
  3. That is why it is also necessary request information about vacancies of firefighters, meeting dates and training schedule, among other details.

It is important to mention that in Argentina, it is estimated that there are nine hundred (900) teams volunteer firefighters, with an estimated 43,000 volunteers.

These volunteers They are distributed in twenty-six (26) federations throughout the country.

Functions of a Firefighter in Argentina

As stipulated in the regulations and Argenitas laws, the firefighters have as a fundamental objective:

Avoid and put out fires, as well as active participation in the custody of lives and property that are affected by accidents caused by nature, unforeseen or intentional.

Likewise, the particular objectives of firefighting teams throughout the country are summarized in the following aspects:

  1. Unification, endowment and formation of a fire department oriented to deliver services to the community.
  2. Avoid or control accidents of all kinds in the community or city where they are.
  3. Teach the community, Through the mechanisms available to them, in everything related to the predisposition of all kinds of accidents, in order to establish an awareness of prevention.
  4. Rely on power civil custody operations in the provinces, municipalities and throughout the country.
  5. It is also documentation fundamental of all participation of the firefighters team in any eventuality.

What is a Firefighter?

A firefighter is an individual who is in charge of extinguishing fires, assist people in this type of incident and any other such as:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides.
  • Car accidents, among other claims.

Firefighters they plan very methodically, your intervention in every emergency situation.

It is worth mentioning that rescuers are organized in groups that belong to public procurement.

In addition, there are also groups of people who perform the function of firefighter, voluntarily without receiving any salary or remuneration.

Volunteering alone performs the work because they feel motivated to be useful to the community and contributes to preserving the lives of others.

That is why worldwide, firefighters they play a very important role since they contribute to personal safety in different situations or cases of risk.

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