Requirements to Be a Firefighter: Roles, Skills and MORE

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Are you interested in becoming a firefighter? In this article you will highlight the Requirements to be a Firefighter . Take note!

Firefighters are important people in society because they help protect the community against emergencies. This work involves the use of a repertoire of equipment to solve the situation.

If you are interested in aspiring to this job, you must meet a series of Requirements to be Firefighters that will be explained below.

What are the Requirements to be a Firefighter in Mexico?

The Requirements to be Firefighters are the following:

  • The citizen to aspire to be a firefighter must have approximately 18 to 30 years.
  • The applicant must have a height of 1.65 mt or more.
  • He must have completed his Baccalaureate studies or own the basic course to be a firefighter who has a time of one year
  • The citizen must prove that he participated in the National Military Service.
  • The citizen must not have a criminal record, or police for at least the last three years.
  • You must not ingest illegal substances. In addition, you must contemplate of good mental and physical health.
  • The citizen must drive a car.

In the community in Chihuahua most of the time they open calls to be part of the fire department. When the dates are published, the interested party must register to be in the selection and recruitment procedures. In addition, they will have to bring their resume or application .

Also in the town of Toluca they broadcast a call to be part of the fire department of that entity, you must bring your curriculum. Applicants take exams of the type:

  1. Physical
  2. General culture
  3. Skills and values
  4. Psychometric

Requirements to be a Firefighter: Necessary documents

After being admitted, they must submit the following documents

  1. Voting lisense RFC.
  2. Receipt of the maximum degree of studies.
  3. You must attach the updated receipt for your address.
  4. CURP.
  5. Notebook SMN, in the case of men.
  6. At least three PhotographySa color with the measure 2.5 by 3.5.
  7. Documentation regarding criminal records.
  8. Your credential from your updated medical service.
  9. Bring your birth certificate.

Requirements to be a Firefighter: Experience

The applicant must contain at least 2 years to 4 years of experience progressive in the area of ​​firefighting and also for rescue.


The functions performed by firefighters are as follows:

  • Firefighters attend emergencies caused by the nature or by recklessness made by man.
  • They perform in extinguish fires.
  • They help to rescue the inhabitants in accidents.
  • Firefighters offer safety courses or workshops against emergency situations for example: if a fire is generated, a landslide, etc.
  • People who aspire to this job can also rescue the animals.
  • Firefighters must always remain calm in adverse situations.
  • They have the ability to follow instructions in an emergency.
  • Firefighters have the ability to perform you vehicle maintenance firefighters and the equipment they use to put out the fire.
  • They use the equipment that carries the radio transmitter to establishments that need it.
  • Firefighters also check water supplies so everything is under control in an emergency.

What Skills Should a Firefighter Have?

The skills that a firefighter must have are the following:

  1. A firefighter will have to be able to work in places high or in dark, closed places.
  2. Must have hand skills for practical activities.
  3. A firefighter must have the dexterity to work under pressure. I mean, keep calm.
  4. You must have the ability to communicate effectively with other firefighters and especially with people who need help.
  5. The firefighter must have the ability to teamwork, to solve and solve adverse situations.
  6. You must have the ability to resolve and make decisions.
  7. The firefighter must be fast with good organization and balance.
  8. The firefighter must convey confidence so that the victims are not nervous.
  9. You must be very observant of what is happening at the moment.
  10. Anyone who aspires to this profession must have a sense of color.
  11. Ability to drive.

Salary of a Firefighter

In Mexico the profession of firefighter is one of the most respected, although it is considered the lowest paid occupation in that country. In other words, a firefighter usually earns approximately 18,540 pesos per month in Mexico CityHowever, approximately half of the applicants are volunteers and are not paid for their work.

In this country there are 496 fire brigades of which 318 are Civil Associations that appeared through citizen and private initiation. At least 36% of the fire brigades are in charge of a government entity.

Minimum Education to Be a Firefighter

Importantly, most fire departments have citizen volunteers. New applicants undergo training in fire institutions.

The minimum education that a firefighter must have is at least to have graduated from high school or have the basic course to be a firefighter that must last at least one year.

What is it?

Firefighters are the people who work to put out fires and rescue the inhabitants who are in difficult situations. Professionals advise the community about preventing fires or dealing with emergencies, be it accidents, landslides, floods, etc.

Applicants who want to become firefighters must provide sufficient information about fire prevention measures for citizens who work in establishments such as: factories, offices, hotels, etc.

In addition, they carry out routine control and surveillance for the authority that they are complying with the requirements. For instance: have the relevant equipment and necessary for escape routes.

Firefighters also go to all schools to increase general knowledge about the consequences and danger generated by fires. They prepare the children and youth on what to do in emergencies.

If there is an emergency, firefighters move to a high speed in the vehicle to the place of the event. Each one must bring his reports that protect him from the fire.

Working tools

It is important to note that firefighters use instruments suitable for all types of emergencies such as: ladders, instrument of breathing and intercoms. In addition, firefighters can use thermal cameras that help people who are trapped and perform first aid if required.

When it comes to emergencies, whether due to air, road or rail accidents, firefighters use special instruments to cut the brasswork of damaged vehicles and removed from the road. Before these situations, what firefighters use the most is lifting equipment. heavy objects.

They also extract water from flooded homes and rescue animals in situations of risk.

The profession of firefighters are often volunteers and perform in other trades, but they are always vigilant in being connected with the fire station to prevent an emergency.

Requirements to be Firefighter: Mexico

The fire brigade or as they are called the Heroic Fire Department of Mexico City and they work to protect all people and resources from fires in the 17 mayors that make up the city of Mexico.

They provide emergency medical services, mainly the inspection and disappearance of fires, as well as developing techniques to save people who had accidents of all kinds and events with chemical reactions.

It is an entity distributed through the Government of Mexico City. In 2015 this fire department dealt with approximately 160 daily emergencies. Heroic Fire Department is located in the Leonardo del Frago Station, located on Avenida Fray Servando Teresa de Mier.

The Heroic Firefighters Fire Department, citizens can aspire to carry out programs such as: basic functions to save life, fire prevention, portable fire extinguishers, first aid. For more information, the citizen can enter the institution web portal .

If your dream is to save lives, you must meet the requirements to be a Firefighter, Do not waste your time.


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