Requirements to be a Grenadier: how is the Process, Obligations and MORE

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The requirements to be a Grenadier contains different steps, somehow we know what the army is, but in a general sense, each country has a different structure.

Such is the case of Argentina, its structure, missions and equipment, it is the point where we can know the work that these officers do. Come and meet part of the country’s grenadier corpsBeing a national symbol, join in and write down some of the requirements to be a grenadier.

Requirements to be a grenadier:

It is important to note that in order to enter the regiment of grenadiers on horseback, a series of requirements must be met:

  1. Have Argentine nationality
  2. Age between 18 to 24 years
  3. Being a marital status: single. They have the opportunity to enter with children.
  4. Another requirement to be a grenadier is to have obtained approved primary studies
  5. Show criminal record certificates (National Recidivism Registry)
  6. Have good health and physical conditions.

Necessary documents

The documents to present are the following:

  1. Photocopy or proof of DNI
  2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
  3. CUIL certificate
  4. Photocopy of the certificate of primary and secondary studies.
  5. Yellow folder
  6. 4 × 4 photos with a blue background.
  7. Include details of parents, siblings, and grandparents.

How is the process to be a grenadier?

It is important to emphasize that, to be a grenadier, citizens who are and remain until they are 28 years old, fulfill their mission and then must retire.

But in time, they can enter the NCO School or the Military College to choose to be officers. It has been found that 15% follow a military career, since, the rhythm of the work becomes demanding as the years go by.

This is a process where young people are formed with the character, physical and emotional capacity that many are unaware of. Also, this military body tries to instill a sense of honor towards their career. In addition to courage in all its areas, self-denial and spirit.

Since according to military ethics, the set of these ideas is the most important and two things are worth highlighting: that part of the regiment is above those interests and personal desire.

In each activity, obedience, for any specific order, the maximum effort must be given because discipline in a military field matters in the nation for each situation or circumstance of a country’s crisis.

Not only the honor of being part of the army is important, the care of the horses is an outstanding part and a requirement to be a Grenadier.

The regiment has 300 horses that need to exercise or move these mammals, otherwise they can get sick. Each horse has its respective owner, but it is not so much exercise, the indispensable part of these animals is the need for breaks, after the big important finery during the year.

In this way, the physical preparation of cattle and riders is an extensive process that requires a lot of attention, since the great demands of the regiment are part of the work of the squads that work every day to maintain the honor and history in which they represent being a San Martin Grenadier.

Each acceptance process includes certain phases, among them are: Medical review, psychological tests such as the vocational test.

Remember that for more information it is good to contact the command of the Buenos Aires Military Garrison – “Palermo” Recruitment Office for registration with the address of: Autonomous City of Buenos Aires – Av. Intendente Bullrich 481 Telf: 4576-5537. Email:

Requirements to be a Grenadier: Advantages

When we know this type of volunteer soldiers, we do not know the benefits of being a Grenadier, since they fulfill demanding tasks for the protection of the country.

So hardly the young man who joins the Argentinian army has protection for social and health needs. They obtain a monthly payment that covers certain personal expenses plus the supplements that are given to them in the town where they provide the service.

They obtain a salary around $ 18,000 (ARG PESO) per month. Still, many grenadiers are proud of their work and have a certain popularity on the streets of Argentina.

They may have the possibility of living in the same area where you work, giving you all the support and freedom possible to complete your secondary studies, in case you have not finished it.

They can continue the career of noncommissioned officers at the Army Noncommissioned Officers school or as an officer in the Military College before reaching the age of 24, offering that option during the career.

What are the duties of a grenadier?

One of the important and remarkable objectives of the requirements to be a grenadier is the contribution of scientific development, the interests of the nation, technological, economic and social, in addition to cooperating to achieve the general welfare of the people.

People who want to choose to be part of the corps of the grenadier regiment base their conduct on the so-called San Martinian, Democratic and Republican values, while getting ready to defend the interests of the nation.

The army is deployed throughout the country, carrying out activities while keeping control of those natural catastrophes that affect the development of a nation.

The plan is to normalize through human and material resources in those countries where there are internal conflicts in the use of weapons, the army collaborates with the protection of the place and achieve peace. Currently, they are intervened by the UN, in this way, seeking tranquility worldwide.

What is the Regiment of Grenadiers on Horseback?

It is known as the “General San Martín” Horse Grenadier Regiment with the acronym: RGC, that cavalry weapon unit of the Argentine Army.

The ranchers carry out practices that allow them to be in good physical and mental condition, joining this group in order to end any threat being a requirement to be a grenadier.

A real training to defend the president of the republic during any situation of terrorist attack or hostage taking. There are about 150 grenadiers in the town of olive trees and the Casa Rosada.

On March 9, 1812 in Buenos Aires, the cavalry lieutenant colonel named José San Martín checks the difficult state in which the military body of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata is located (it is the name that is used by the state in 1810 after the triumph of the May Revolution)

In 1826 with the constitution, the provinces that were still part of the United Provinces changed their name to Argentina, They raised their arms against the royalist army in the May Revolution that had occurred in Buenos Aires in 1810.

During all this trouble, San Martín offered his services as a military man to the First Triumvirate (executive body that governs the Unity Provinces of Río de la Plata). And then, the first triumvirate named San Martín according to the rank of lieutenant colonel of the cavalry as Commander of the Grenadier Squad

San Martín formed the creation of a new body of cavalry with the plan to equip the precarious military of the revolution of the Río de La Plata that contained a larger number of troops to be able to arm the Royalist Army embassies and continue with the training, taking it far during its military career.

The month of May in the year 1812, it was made up of four squads of three companies under the tutelage of its boss and founder.

The vision of San Martín was to seek the professionalism and perfection of the military armed forces, thus it would remain as the birth of the Argentine Army.

The values ​​that San Martín sought were from capable men stipulating a strict code of discipline known as a name: The San Martin Code of honor.

Many do not know the importance of what Colonel San Martín was. This brought freedom and courage in those historic battles in the years of independence. The Grenadiers and their chief crossed the mountain range, battled in Chacabuco and Maipú, obtaining the freedom of Chile. And in 1821 with those men in suits they tried in a strategic operation to liberate Peru.

Part of this historic journey through South America required the support of San Martín in just 12 years.

For 77 years there was an interruption that resurfaced in 1907. Since that time they still remain loyal and united, guarding the presidents throughout the years.

The courage, the attacking and defending practices that he taught, guaranteed him the respect of his subordinates who felt great admiration for San Martín.

The grenadier regiment is located on Avenida Luis María Campos, Las Cañitas neighborhood. The building was built in 1909 and was declared a historical monument in the 1990s.

There is also a museum of the Regiment that is the historical place, since it contains artifacts of Lieutenant Colonel San Martín, paintings, etc. The museum is still open to the public.

For more information of interest about the grenadiers, you can enter in this Web page

Visit GESTIONALO.NET Argentina

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