Requirements to be a Horizontal Property Administrator: What it is, Functions and MORE

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Part of requirements to be a condo manager It is to have experience and knowledge in this type of work and of course to be chosen by the owners’ assembly, in some cases.

In addition, it is responsible for the control and maintenance of the property, taking care not to exceed its functions.

Then, the property manager becomes one of the most significant authorities of the same, since his great objective is to direct a group of owners.

However, in some cases this role is granted to anyone without any training on the subject.

Now, we must ask ourselves a question:

Is really a person without experience in horizontal property issues is suitable to take responsibility?

There appear to be great risks, since no experience For property management, you can make wrong decisions due to ignorance.

Which can represent fines or non-compliances that end assuming the owners, due to erroneous hiring, for example the closure of areas.

For the aforementioned, it is necessary look for an admindor with managerial knowledge, with experience in management and administration of human resources.

What’s more, with experience particularly in accounting and horizontal property management, company leadership, knowledge of the labor regime, among others.

In summary, to hire a condo manager, you must take into account the great responsibility that the owners they would be delegating to this role.

It is important to mention that all family or friendship ties with the administrator should be avoided, although legally there is no problem but ethically it is not convenient.

So, it should be considered, that not only by legal regulations the administrator should be required to be trained but for the transformation of society itself.

This professional also contributes to a stable communication in the property.

Requirements to be a Horizontal Property Manager

Although by law there is no profile for this role, over time and social development can be defined Requirements to be a condo manager:

  • You need the experience in direction or management.
  • Great competition for steer when working and organizing human resources.
  • Have a good understanding and experience in accounting and horizontal property management.
  • Excellent handling for lead naturally the communities.
  • Have knowledge in topics related to labor regime and with the laws that regulate horizontal property, as well as the property it manages.
  • Great ability to solve problems and disputes promptly.

The aforementioned requirements should be taken into account when choose an administrator, since he is the person who will ensure the conservation and care of that property.

Is suggestion It is done in order to avoid obstacles in the future, since it is a role that some retired people or people with empirical knowledge have assumed.

On numerous occasions these people do not have training in administration issues and finally they turn the activity into things that do not add value to the administrative management of the property.

These cases are generally chosen by members of the owners assemblies, who ignore the importance of the property manager.

In this sense, the administrator must know, among other things, laws and regulations that regulate the administration of horizontal property, in order to guide its management to:

  • The utility on the property.
  • Understand that all adaptation or remodeling work requires an urban permit.
  • As well as, be aware of the fundamental rules of contracting personnel, commercial and civil, in this way to evade the labor intermediation established by Law.

Duties of a Condominium Property Manager

The duties or functions of the horizontal property manager, as well as the owners andThey are regulated according to Law 675.

The following will briefly explain the duties from the condo manager:

  1. Call the owners to assemblies or meetings, in order to discuss and submit to decision issues such as: income and expense budgets, balance of accounts for the period, among others.
  2. Take care of minute records of assembly, of co-owners and tenants, and of the communications that reach the property.
  3. Report to the co-owners of the property on the minutes of meetings and assemblies.
  4. Plan, organize and carry out annual approval of the assembly, budget of expenses, accounts, balance of the previous period, among other points.
  5. Take care of accounting management of the property.
  6. Preserve and guard the property.
  7. Secure the collection charge indistinct obligations of the owners or residents of the property.
  8. to register before the competent entity the changes made to the horizontal property regulations agreed in the assembly.
  9. It is also the duty of the condo manager to be the legal representative of the property, when necessary.
  10. Inform the co-owners by the means agreed in the assembly, of the fines against them, dictated by the general assembly due to the disobedience of their obligations.
  11. Enforce the fines for disobedience of the responsibilities described in the law and regulations of horizontal property, approved in general meetings of owners.
  12. Issue a balance of accounts together with the administration of the property, whenever a change is made in the administrator or co-owner of an asset.
  13. In addition, the other duties that will be defined by the assembly of co-owners.

It is important to mention that these duties will be performed more efficiently, by a person with knowledge of issues related to property management.

Because it is important?

Administrators in horizontal property are considered a fundamental base for the timely maintenance and proper operation of the property.

Consequently, it contributes to a stable coexistence and harmonious from the owners.

Also, with its functions it contributes to a communication and participation productive of each and every one of the co-owners and tenants.

The co-owners, because they are the highest authority of the property, in owners’ assemblies can carry out the administrator appointment of the property.

All this without forgetting that it is necessary for the administrator to have a skill set and capabilities that will contribute to efficient property management.

In this sense, the administrator must know laws and regulations that regulate the administration of horizontal property among other things, for example:

  • Be aware of the fundamental rules of recruitment, commercial and civil, in this way to evade the labor intermediation established by Law.
  • It is important that the administrator is fully aware of the requirements that must be requested in order to agree with the surveillance company.
  • It is also essential that the administrator is fully aware of the requirements that must be requested in work at height, in property pools, among others.
  • The administrator must also be aware of the guidelines that fall within the jurisdiction of horizontal property demanded by the national accounting council.
  • Likewise, the administrator must know about insurance so that it makes a convenient hiring for the co-owners.
  • Additionally, the administrator must know of the lease classifications That can be done on the property, for example for recreation, room and others.
  • You should also be aware of police regulations, pets, laws that prohibit the consumption of tobacco in public places, among others.

What is a Condominium Property Manager?

The condo manager is the representative authorized property. He is the one who exercises accounting responsibility.

It is in short the property manager, who watches over, maintains and protects to the property for its proper functioning and conservation.

In this sense, it is granted the power to carry out, maintain, represent and carry out the charges corresponding, in compliance with the law and civil and commercial regulations.

Therefore, his role focuses on duties and attributions to manage the budget of the property in order to conserve and protect the property, within the framework of the laws.

Finally, there is a duty that, although it is not associated with the administrator of the horizontal property, germinates from its essence, it is the community education.

Which leads to constant communication with the owners to inform them about topics related to:

  • Cohabitation of the owners and their environment.
  • Safeguard of common property.
  • Regulations and laws.
  • All topics that are the concern of the owners’ society, which promote the stability of communications and the participation of all.

In that sense, the experience required to assume the responsibility of a condo manager, it is really necessary and convenient for the owners.

Is suggestion It is carried out in order to avoid future obstacles, since it is a role that retired people with empirical knowledge have assumed.

In fact, cases where the administrator is assumed by a person without experience in administration issues, they finally turn the activity into things that do not add value to the management.

These cases are generally chosen by members of the owners’ assemblies, who ignore the importance of the property manager.

The requirements to be a condo manager, guarantee a stable and harmonious coexistence of the owners.


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